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Questions about the tokio hotel CD signing in Orlando, FL?

So im going to the Orlando concert and I'm also going to their CD sigining. Is it mandatory to buy a CD if you want an autograph? What if I already bought a CD but its not at the Virgin Megastore? Do they give us a pass/wristband or something when we buy our CDs? If they do, then can we just present them the CD...


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1. DoneWithThisPlace
It depends. I've been to one signing where the band (Asia) would only sign Asia stuff -- Carl Palmer wasn't signing Emerson Lake & Palmer stuff, Geoff Downs wasn't signing Yes material, etc. Other in-store appearances I've been to presented artists THRILLED to sign their "old stuff."

As for when you should get there: call the store and ask when the line will form. Other things I cannot tell you because it will vary based on the store and the band.
2. Trisha
Omigosh you're so lucky! I want to go to the concert in New York ( I live in NJ) But there's no signing there! The closest would be in PA but it wouldn't make sense to go to the concert in NY and then go to PA for the signing, plus it's too far away. (NY=30 mins PA-2 hrs) I'm not exactly sure but I got an email about the signing and it said you need to purchase the CD to get in. As for everything else, last year I went to a Jonas Brothers concert/meet and greet (I'm not really a fan but she wanted to bring me haha) and when we got there the bodygaurds instructed the crowd where to go for the meet and greet and we formed into a line. They were sitting at a table ( which most bands are, and Tokio Hotel probably will be) and we just went up, gave them hugs and shook their hands, they signed our stuff and we left. You will probably get like 5 minutes with the band but not that long because there are A LOT of people waiting behind you. You can probably take a picture with them and stuff too.

but OMG I'M SO JEALOUS OF YOU! I am obsessed with Tokio Hotel and would die to meet them. *sigh* maybe next time. haha

Hope I helped,
Trisha :)
3. Love Only Yourself ♥ Loves David
OMG! I'm going too! I have the same quetions! If you find out let me know!

PS> Do you think glomping them would be unacceptable? LoL jk (but I really want to...)
4. Flarg!
im going to it too! i want to bring my CD too! but wenever i try calling the record store they never answer. well i hope o see u there'!