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"Express Checkout" at a hotel?

Please explain how express checkout is different from regular checkout (at a 150 room hotel in Jacksonville, FL) How is it faster ?


Answer (3):

1. Pincio13
Express checkout does not require you visiting the front desk. Some hotels will drop off a print-out of your bill and as long as you do not have anything you need to question or dispute, you simply pack up and leave. Some require a phone call before you leave.
2. SillyRabbit...
Well the hotel that I work at has express check outs and it just means that when the guest comes down to check out, their receipt will already be ready for them in the mailbox...so they won't have to wait in line or wait for me to authorize their credit cards...it's already done!!!
3. DoUreallywantme2answerthat
Cynthia, answer is entirely correct. nothing else needs to be said. Well done Ms. K.