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Savannah, GA hotels please help?

I am looking to plan a getaway April 2-3 in Savannah, GA and was wondering what hotels were near riverstreet that I could book for less than $80 a night. Thanks.


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1. Meredith
I'd be surprised if you can find anything in the heart of town at that rate -- especially while some schools are on spring break.

What we generally do is stay fifteen minutes away from town, off I-95, where there are a bunch of clean, well taken-care-of motels. (I was told this is a major stopping point for people driving from Miami up north.) The LaQuinta there is ~ $50/night during the week.

While a bit more, when we're in Savannah in a couple of weeks, we're staying at the Embassy Suites (which is by the airport.) Those hotels are always so nice - and include a great b'fast and happy hour!