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Suggestions of hotel/ shuttle service in Orlando?

My fiance and I are planning on getting married aboard a Carnival Cruise that departs from Port Canaveral, FL (by cocoa beach). Since we are getting married before the other passengers board, we need to be there early in the morning so we wont be able to use the cruise's shuttle service. Since the closest...


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1. K
Unfortunately, no. I live in Orlando and when I go on a cruise I pay my parents or a friend gas money to take me and drop me off. I have looked into shuttles and they are pretty pricey. Also, just and FYI the airport and port are less than 90 miles apart. Not sure of the distance but it's about a 40 minute drive, not too bad. Consider renting a van from the airport and dropping it off at the port. Right outside the port are several rental places like Alamo and Hertz. And they will take you the rest of the way once you drop off, or they may even have a deal where they will get the car from you at the port, not sure. But I drive past the port almost every day and I see those places. OR rent a van and go from the airport and park at one of the offsite cruise lots, there are some for about $6 a day. If everyone chips in you could get a could price doing it that way. Lastly, look into a taxi. They have vans that can haul several people with luggage. Just some suggestions, hope they help :)
2. Ms.Medium
I live near Port Canaveral and there are several shuttle bus services that you can call. The Radisson in Port Canaveral has shuttle service, but I'm not sure if it's just for guest. I would call Carnival Cruise lines and see if they have any recommendations. We cruise with Carnival every year and they are very helpful.I know there's a shuttle called The Busy Traveler. They are reliable. You can also contact the Orlando Airport and they should have a list of shuttle buses that would transport you and your party.