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This picture was taken in Eureka Springs AR at the crescent hotel. Is this an "ORB"?


I have distorted the picture a little bit because i didn't get permission to put this on the internet. If you look to the left of the person you see a small blue circle. I didn't even know it was there until I printed out the pictures later.


Answer (11):

1. Theloverush
I'm pretty sure its something on the lense.
2. psiexploration
Orbs are caused by dirty lenses, moisture spots on lenses, flashes reflecting dust particles, and digital cameras not pixelating properly. Orbs have shown up since the beginning of photography and had never been associated with anything paranormal until the age of the digital camera when people felt themselves to be photographers because they could push a button and had no training or understanding of photography like lens reflections, flash reflections. shutter speed, f-stop settings, etc.

I am a firm believer in paranormal activity and advocate active research and investigation at every opportunity but orbs provide no evidence of anything paranormal.
Yes, that picture does show what many people would say is an orb.

3. *Tessie*
well I would say it is maybe something on the lense. It could be picking up the blue in his shirt. Were all the orbs blue or colored? Usually if they are more colorful and solid, they are considered orbs. This one looks rather transparent...I'm not entirely convinced. Hope this helps.

PS: Orbs are very much debated. They are usually considered balls of energy but no one is really sure if it connects to something paranormal.
4. Persephone! hates Trolls
It looks like something was on the lens of the camera. Nothing more. Orbs are not good , and credible evidence of the paranormal. There are just too many things that could cause the anomalies. Even if it could be proven that it was not dust, it can not be proven that it was a ghost.
5. luvlife1
Looks to me like a light reflection. Although some orbs may indeed be manifestations, always keep in mind that they usually have a natural explanation
6. FieldMouse
I've been involved with a ghost hunting group for eight years. That is definately an orb. Most people discount those because of dust particles which it could be if he'd just walked up there are there were some in the air.

But what I've heard about the Crescent Hotel, that could be a little manifestation. I saw a show on it the other day and didn't realize how haunted it really is. It's too far for us to explore unless we go on vacation there and I plan to one day. Good catch.
7. Naomi
it could be an orb , but also dust that's the problem you need to remember if you made something like a lot of movement that could cause that the dust rise
8. I'm just me
Oh yes, that would most definitely be an orb, I can sense this is a spirit immediately. When you take pictures of him, does he tend to have an orb or two around him? Cause I heard that would be his spirit guide, but whoever it is, it's a male, and a very happy, jolly one at that. Very happy to be seen and noticed. I swear I can almost see smiling and going, "cheeeese". lol
9. letsgo1010
Orbs are just balls of energy. You have them in your hosue, outside...almost everywere. But, just because you see an orb, doesn't mean that it's a spirit. But don't forget that it could be moisture in the air too. It's usually always hard to know if it is or isn't.
10. 2 makes 1
Your right in front of a fireplace, it is dust, possibly from the vent in the fireplace itself. Orbs don't hold much validity for being anything paranormal.
11. Reality Check!!
Could be, were there more pictures taken this day with an orb around you? I have several pictures with orbs on me, pictures with my sisters, with us in different positions on the same day, same camera but the orbs were still on me only, but in different places on me. It wasn't a dirty camera lens because we checked and the "spots' would have been on one of my other sisters if that were the case, since we change positions. I was wearing black shirt and blue jeans and they were in front of me, but in different places on me, about 3 of them. Next time, take more pictures in different positions and check all the pictures that day. If there are more pics like this. Then yes, they are orbs. we were also inside so they weren't bugs or reflections because I wasn't wearing jewlery and like I said, they were following me only.