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Travel, Hotel costs in Toronto, Canada?

Hi. My friend and I are applying for a travel grant to Toronto from the US (Minneapolis, MN). We have to provide a detailed budget for our trip. We would receive notification if we receive the grant only one month before we have to travel. We plan to be in Toronto from July 9th - 16th 2013. How much would the...


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1. Ben Jones
You've got just about all the information correct.

No need to ride a taxi to/from the airport. There is an airport bus that runs downtown and stops at a route that includes many of the major hotels. $ 18.00 if you buy the tickets on " the net". (Taxi or limousine is ~ $ 65.00)


You can also take TTC (Toronto transit) There is a direct bus to the nearest subway station. Total cost $ 3.00, included if you buy the day-pass or weekly pass, only available at the subway station, not on the bus.

There is lots going on around that time. Therefore, I suspect your hotel room budget may be too low. Check here:


Safe areas? This is Toronto, Canada. Street crime hasn't been invented yet. Stay and go wherever you want to, at any hour.

2. Horatio
To determine flight and hotel expenses, click on the first source link I posted below.

To determine food costs, click on the second source link I posted below.

As for transportation costs, yes the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) does offer an unlimited travel day pass for $10.75 per person. And it can be used on all TTC buses, streetcars and subway trains.

As for taxi costs, click on the third source link I posted below.

Mad Pride Toronto has a web site. Click on the fourth source link I posted below. As you can see, it has not been updated for 2013. So keep monitoring.

Mad Pride Toronto has a Facebook page. Click on the fifth source link I posted below. As you can see, it has no updated info about the upcoming event for 2013 yet. So keep monitoring.

Finally, to contact the Mad Pride Toronto people, click on the last source link I posted below.

3. james
Toronto is the largest and most beautiful city of Canada.There are many comfortable hotels in Toronto.The taxis are also available every time in this city when you want.The rent of hotel depends on your visiting stay and your other expenditures.I hope you will enjoy the places of Toronto.