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Trip tp hawaii, cruise or just a typical 7 days hotel pack?


My husband and I are looking forward to celebrate our first aniversary in Hawaii but we are not sure what would be nicer, if going in a cruiseline or just book one of those 7 days packages in a hotel?

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1. nanny411
I just got back from 9 days on Oahu. I can't imagine hopping from island to island or spending just a few hours in port on a cruise. There's way too much to see and do and I think you'll want to pick one island and spend a relaxing week. It's cheaper to do it without a travel agent if you do your research. You can eat really inexpensively if you eat "local". Get a rental car if you want to explore the island at your leisure- keep checking prices- they go down all the time! Our hotel was very economy, but only a block and a half from Waikiki Beach- we even had a view of the beach from our balcony.... all for well under a $100 a night! Shop at the International Market for souvenirs- it's SUPER reasonable and FUN! (We just got back last week from 9 days on Oahu- we climbed Diamond Head, saw Pearl harbor, Swam at Waikiki, Waimea, Ehukai and Kailua Beaches, explored Chinatown, saw Byodo-In Buddist Temple and so much more- all on an extremely small budget) Have fun!
2. Jennifer W
There are pros and cons to both. With the cruise you will find that the demographic is seniors mainly. While it is a way to see all the islands, you don't really get to appreciate each island as you are only there for the day.

My personal recommendation would be 3 nights on Waikiki beach in Oahu. You can do the Pearl Harbor museum, go to the open air markets, go to diamond beach. Then fly to Maui and do 4 romantic nights there.
3. Redhead
Probably more relaxing to stay in one place than hopping from island to island. Our favorite is Oahu as there ir more to do and see in our opinion. Go to the Maui Divers jewelry store to purchase a lst anniversary gift for each other. They have beautiful unique items and many are one of a kind. I have a gold coral ring purchased there 20+ years ago and they clean and polish it for me every time we return. You can take short cruises from there if you like to be on the water and enjoy the views. Visit the Arizona for sure and Hilo Hatties for Hawaiian attire.
4. kamoanapiilani
well everyone is saying oahu. which i disagree i think maui or kauai is beautiful yet each island has a there difference in beauty. But oahu is over-rated. to many tourist and buildings. i think a hotel will be better. there for you wont be stuck on a ship.
5. escapedmelodies
It's better to stay at a hotel. The problem is choosing which island to stay at.
6. Eagle Eyes
i say cruiseline because I felt relax on a cruise