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What's your worst hotel experience?

As we speak all I can hear is the boom boom boom of someones stereo blaring through the wall. Now normally this wouldn't bother me, but being on the road for 2 days straight i'm beyond annoyed!

Guess it'd be too much for the staff to ask them to turn the music down eh?


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1. Shades of Grey♥
Sorry you're next to such annoying hotel guests!!!

When my kids were 2, we did a cross-country road trip from San Francisco to Denver and back, via the Grand Canyon on the way there and Salt Lake City on the way home. Sort of a big loop.

So we're on a budget. I make reservations at Motel 6 in Bakersfield, CA, Provo, UT, and I don't know... Winnemucca, NV (?).

The room in Bakersfield had cockroaches on the wall, and the floor was so filthy, my white socks turned black in no time, so we wouldn't let the kids play on the floor... ever try keeping a couple of rambunctous 2-year olds off the floor? I was kinda pissed & just let 'em do whatever they wanted... jump on the bed, etc.

And then the one in Provo looked like someone had been working on their motorcycle in the room... big grease spot right in the middle of the floor. By this time we're a little burned out on Motel 6, but it was Parents Weekend at BYU, and we were lucky to have a reservation *anywhere*, as I found out by overhearing a traveler *begging* for a room while I was checking in. So we stayed.

One more day down the road... we get to Winnemucca early, around 3, and want to stop for the night & take a swim in the hotel pool. Well, I don't know if you've ever travelled the great basin area of the US ~ Utah and Nevada ~ but it's pretty barren. The Motel 6 is next to the freeway on-ramp, no trees/bushes, etc. and the pool is full of kids.

Their cancellation policy is 6pm, day of arrival, so we head into town and go looking for somewhere else to stay. Found a nice hotel (with a deserted swimming pool), for less $$. Yay! Was so happy to call Motel 6 & cancel our reservation!!!

But then... and we'd looked the room over before signing in... we found out that when the water in the shower was turned on, all these little flea-like things came pouring out of the drain! What a bunch of BS!

After that, we just pony up the bigger bucks and stay at nicer places when we drive!
2. MelissA*
Certainly would be too much for those hotel staff. Imagine the annoyed looks! Lol

Well, we asked to be put on the non smoking floor, the staff said no problem. Then while I was unpacking, I started smelling smoke. It smelled like there were 50 smokers in the next room, and it was coming through the vents. I tried to phone down to the lobby, but the phone didn't work so I went downstairs and asked if they could do something about it, since it WAS a no smoking floor, but all I got was a look of pure annoyance. It wasn't professional at all.
3. jenna3778
That is so frustrating. Like you said sometimes humorous, but not constantly.

When I was 12 (oh yes going back in time) I was in the Girls Scouts (yup I admit it - was kicked out a two years later - LOL) and we took a bus trip to Washington DC. Got to this "Hotel" - it was something out of Friday the 13th. Sheets were dirty and moldy and the place should have been condemned about 20 years earlier. Of course, being that young we all freaked out. It's stupid now, but I still remember it like it was yesterday.

**Have to add this I was listening to the local radio station and the DJ, who is a tripy sort of person, mentioned brain vaportrails and I instantly started cracking up and thought you you. Thought I would throw that out to you. I had never heard that expression before....

EDIT: Hope this is your roadtrip to see Rush - if so - have a blast and enjoy!! \m/
4. Huevo
II have a few as my work has me on the road a lot but the definite worst was at a motel in Mountain Home, ID. I managed to fall asleep at about midnight, only to be woken up at 3 a.m. by a couple who the night manager had rerented the room to. Luckily they turned on the light and saw me, then left, as I was ready to jump on who I thought was breaking into my room, until I figured out what was going on.
5. Pirate Girls Kick Butt!
Went to Florida (in 5th grade) and my family was so cheap that we stayed in this "motel" that offered discounts to the 'friends' of Good Samaritan Village (a elderly facility that my Grandmother knew someone in). There was a restaurant in this motel that opened at like 5am. My sister and I had the room right next to the back door of the kitchen... the workers did not have any consideration for the guests. every day we awoke ...and stayed a wake.... at 5am! We also had to change our own sheets that smelled like moth balls. And there was nothing near this place so we were surrounded by old people. One guy sat fishing for hours in a fake pond. LOL Making fun of him was our only amusement. Thank God we got to go to Disney and Sea World! Otherwise I would have had to shoot my parents.
The whole family still loves to joke around about this trip..... although it wasn't so funny then.

Sorry to hear about your 'neighbors'...... that sucks. Maybe you could change rooms to be farther away from them.
6. Clayton K The Ace Of Spades!!!
At the La Qinta hotel,I almost got stuck in an elevator.