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What are some fun hotels in southern california?

im looking for indoor pools..water slides..fun activities in the hotel and near by..doesnt matter where just be in S CA. ive already looked at welks in san diego and the two hotels by disneyland(the californian and disneyland hotel) are there anyothers...?? preferbly indoors cuz ill be goin in febuary? something...


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1. dr_nigel_c
Found 2 places that you might be interested in:

Long Beach Marriott
"...Outdoor garden-setting lagoon-style pool, Indoor pool and spa..."

Sheraton Suites San Diego @ Symphony Hall
"...12th-floor indoor pool..."

Hope that helps!
2. Capt. Obvious
FYI, the average high tempurature in February is about 70 degrees. That's why you find VERY few indoor pools. Even in the middle of winter, people go swimming in the outdoor pools, which are usually heated to 77 degrees.

I can also recommend the Howard Johnson (www.hojoanaheim.com), it has a fun pool, and is a great value. And you've already checked out the Grand Californian and Disneyland Hotel.

The only other one that comes to mind in the Rancho Las Palmas Resort in Rancho Mirage, next to Palm Springs.
3. SoCaliJ
I heard Knotts Berry Farm has a nice hotel.

It has a large out door heated pool. They also have Snoopy rooms for kids, where Snoopy himself visits. And its within minutes of the amusement park.


Its all I could think of, sorry.

Hope I helped.
4. ?
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5. ACORN Investigator
Some cheap hotel in Crenshaw.