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What are some good, affordable hotels in Miami,Fl?

Im going to Miami next month with a couple of friends, and I need to find a neat, affordable hotel to stay in for a couple of nights. Please help!! thanks ;)


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1. ingmccleary
I'm in the middle of building an Editor's Choice trip called Affordable Girlfriends Getaway to South Beach, Florida, and was doing research for it when I found your question.

The trip is not quite ready for prime-time viewing yet, so I thought I'd steer you to the San Juan Hotel, which is an affordable hotel in the heart of the south beach art deco district & starts at $99, less if you stay Sun-Thurs. http://www.tripwiser.com/trip_hotel-Flor...

From that page, on the right, you can click Search Nearby Accommodations, where you can put in your exact dates & check the availability for the hotels in your price range. You can build your own trip from there and check out the other Things To Do.

I searched for Miami Beach, FL, with South Beach written in the "Know what you're looking for?" section and came back with 61 available hotels in the 1-3 star range.

That gives you lots of choices! Have fun & enjoy your trip!
2. Michael B
When I was looking at hotels in Miami I found Hotel Ocean on Ocean Drive. Look at www.hotelocean.com...beautiful hotel, no more than maybe $100 a night, on the beach and very modern.
3. dr_nigel_c
As Stacey said, "affordable" means different things to different people. Miami is very spread out, so where you stay also plays a big part in where you stay and how much you pay.

That being said, head over to http://www.resideo.com/us/florida/miami/ and click the "Check Availability" button. Choose your dates, then submit the form. You'll be able to sort the results by price (putting the cheapest ones first) or sort by distance from a local point of interest (if you need to stay in a particular area).

Good luck!
4. Stacey D
Please define affordable as that various from person to person.
Also, how many people per room.
I have found that we love Embassy Suites, Homewood Suites, Hawthorne Suites, and Staybridge Suites.
Jamison Hotel and Country Inn and Suites are also nice.
I would stay away from Holiday Inn, Days Inn, Microtel, Super 8 type of hotels because they vary in cleanliness and safety from area to area.
Most of the ones that I mentioned offer breakfast for free (and usually a decent one) and some offer free dinner (nothing fancy - but hey FREE is FREE). Additionally, several have "managers receptions" with free beverages for a few hours around happy hour.
5. Lily Diva ♥
It depends whether you want to stay at a nice hotel or a decent motel so go to www.hotels.com click on Miami and do the dates then there will be varieties of hotel and shows you amentities and stuff. Hope you have fun in Miami.