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What are some websites about San Diego, CA hotels?

I might be going to San Diego, CA over summer break, and I was wondering what are some good hotels to stay at?

Also, any site with information on San Diego vacations would be great! Thanks!


Answer (5):

1. Kathy H
This website has info on hotels, pictures and links to their own websites:

You will also find lots of ideas for fun things to do in San Diego on this same site.

Have a great San Diego vacation.
2. tony_soprano24
Check out the following site to compare hotels and view the lowest rates from multiple travel sites. San Diego is great in the summer time! You can also try the cities close to San Diego like Coronado which have some nice hotels. Good luck!
3. jessette58

That's the answer to your question. The good thing about this website is that you can watch all kinds of videos about San Diego and so you have a better overview of what San Diego is all about. You can also have access to news, and travel tips to San Diego and you will be given a list of booking engines where you can compare prices, see maps, analyze distances, hotel star classifications and even actual reviews of previous hotel customers.

By the way, can I carry your bag for you? he he he!
4. Larry T
NewToSanDiego.com has listings of hotels and motels by name or by neighborhood, with links to the hotels' own websites. You can also see a map of all the hotels in the San Diego area.
5. JTTravels27
The Marriott Rewards Insiders community has a whole section of reviews and reports on hotels in San Diego: http://www.marriottrewardsinsiders.marri...

don't know how long you're planning on staying, but make sure you start racking up rewards points when you are there!