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What happens if i book a two person hotel for just me?

I want to book a hotel in Atlanta, GA, and thank goodness I looked at the room descriptions before just buying the room during the sale! It's a king room but it will just be me. The site says to enter one person staying there's name. If I book it though, what will happen when I arrive? Do they actually check?


Answer (4):

1. conley39
That's not a problem at all. I often stay in rooms that are for one or two people on my own. They care if you have more people than the maximum, not less.
2. ?
It shall be fine. They are getting paid for 2 people while they have to welcome only 1. This should not be an issue.
Just in case,If you book a room somewhere and dont go at all, they will charge you the fees for the room but cant sue for not coming to the hotel ;)
So,yes, plans for anyone can get cancelled at the last moment. As far as you are paying for what you are getting, it will be fine
3. Ganon
They will be fine with this. They often have limits to avoid too many people in a room, but as long as someone shows up to pay, they will not care about too few. It's just less of a mess for them to clean up.
4. Erik
it will be okay