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What Hotel Will One Direction Stay at in FL?

Looking for an experienced directioner here... lol Anyways we can't get tickets to the show, because it's too much or whatever. And we really want to meet them! On June13 they will be in FT Lauderdale then on June 14 they will be in Miami. So do you think they'd head straight to Miami instead of...


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1. Moonshadow
I'm sorry, but even if you find this out and where in the hotel they are (which would be hard to do, they do everything they can to keep them safe) the band will not be thrilled to see you.
I know you mean no harm, but think of it this way
A guy from a different country walks up to your door and says "Hi, you don't know me but I'm a fan of yours and I really wanted to meet you, so I found your address!"
It doesn't matter if you're threatening of not, it's still rather creepy when someone finds out where you live without you telling them.

I learned this when Two Youtubers I like (John and Hank Green) made a website that said this:

If you are looking for Hank Green's physical address, we don't currently have a system in place for people to send us stuff, which we apologize for.

Additionally, as we've said previously, please do not seek us out as we live our private lives, because that's actually pretty creepy for us. Like, we love it when it happens at the grocery store or the airport, but my home is a very private personal place and while we've never had bad experiences with people who have knocked on our doors, it is nonethless unsettling. If we feel like the internet could bleed into our homes at any given moment, it changes the way we feel about home in a way that we do not like.

And yes, this includes leaving presents on our doorstep or in our mailbox.

Thank you for respecting our privacy,

Hank and John

So, I'm really sorry. For now just enjoy their music and watch their interviews, and hope for the best in the future.
2. Arrivederci
If you want to see them in person or perhaps meet them, go to their show or concert. I don't know why you teenage girls are so obsessed with meeting them at their hotel room. What's with this fantasy?
3. Indiana Jones
they will be going directly to miami and are staying at Hotel Beaux Arts Miami
4. hiroshimabomb98
hopefully the towering inferno
5. Matt