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What is a good cheap hotel to stay at in Daytona Beach, FL?

I am planning on going on a little vacation to Daytona Beach, FL in about two weeks. What is a nice hotel off the beach for around $100 a night in Daytona?


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1. Snowman1234
The features and benefits of each hotel are different, so it's hard to do your thinking for you. But this search tool may help :

Daytona Beach : http://www.cheaperthanhotels.com/United-... - It compare 35 Daytona Beach hotels with instant confirmation on bookings up to the last minute from $80 per night per room - that's $50 each for 2 of you.

The benefits are that you receive discounts on the normal rates which means you can stay in better hotels for less price, but you may need to be a little flexible on the price.

Think about the location and facilities - these are the offsets of value which may help you raise your budget a little.
2. tony_soprano24
Here is a list of hotels in Daytona Beach. There are plenty under $100 but you just have to see where you want it to be located. Good luck!

Daytona Beach:
3. Amanda M
I have a list of the top Daytona vactions here. They are all under $100. Check them out
<strong>Cheap Daytona Vacations</strong><br>Looking for a great vacation spot without going bankrupt? Well, check out these amazing affordable spots in the world famous Daytona Beach. 5 great locations for under $115 per night.<br><a href="http://www.associatedcontent.com/a... more ยป</a>
4. .-.
There is no cheap in Daytona beach
5. OK
If you go to http://my.hotelroomie.com/City/Daytona_B... you can compare the hotels by price, location, stars, user rating etc.

Have a nice vacation!
6. wizzard
During my last trip I came across a website called http://www.cheaphotel-s.com . It has quite a large variety of hotels. You might wanna give it a try.
7. Richie
i would recommend checking out http://www.discounthotel-s.info. the site is an aggregator affiliated with hotels. com which means it searches other sites and presents you with the best deals available. good luck and i hope this helps!
8. kellystraveltrips



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