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What is a nice, not too expensive hotel to stay at in Orlando, FL near Disney World?

Will be for 4 adults and 2 children. We can either go with an adjoining room - or a room that has a seperate bedroom or something - to a small condo ....? There is just sooo much to look at searching online! I am looking for a great deal. Any recommedations? We are going April 11th - 18th (the week BEFORE spring break)


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1. I heart avocados
Don't stay "near" Disney. Stay on Disney property. Disney's value resorts are around the same price as a LaQuinta Inn but they are nicer with additional money saving perks such as free transportation (or free parking if you have your own vehicle), and eligibility for the Disney dining plan, which saves lots of money on food. When we went during value season, the rates were around $82/night. There are also "family suites" that are made for up to 6 people in one of the value resorts (All Star Music). These cost more than a regular room, but your party can decide if it would be more economical to have everyone stay in a suite or to just book 2 regular rooms. There are also 6 person cabins in Disney's Fort Wilderness resort.
2. NemoRanger
Honestly, if you are just planning on going to disneyworld then I would really suggest staying ON disney property. They have the value resorts with may appear to be pricey but what you get will say you tons of time and money.

You can use free disney transportation around the park which is fast and easy. This saves you from renting a car or if you have a car and drive to the parks you pay 14 bucks per day. Disney Resort guest get free parking.

You will have the option of purchasing a meal plan. This is a HUGE savings and stress reliever. The meal plan includes a sit down meal, quick service and two snacks. Basically I did the math and for the cost of a sit down meal at disney. They give you two snacks and a qucik service meal for free by purchasing the meal plan. I was skeptical at first but now I always buy a meal plan and its saves my family a lot of money.

Guest of the Disney Resorts can take advantage of extra magic hours. These are specail times when only guest get early into the park or can stay a few hours after the park closes. So worth it.

If your arriving by plane then you can take advantage of Disney Magical Express. They pick you up from the airport and deliever your bags directly to your room. You dont even have to worry about going to baggage claim. Then when your ready to fly home you check in your flight right at the hotel and they take you right to your airline so you dont have to stand in line to check your bags at the airport. Its great stress free way of travel. This alone will save you a huge cab fare to and from the airport.

The hotels are themed so well and are so fun. Its a truly unique experience. I prefer the moderate resort Port Orleans Riverside. The small increase in price is worth the larger rooms and better amenities to me. However, I have stayed at the value resorts and they are still very nice. you can get two adjoing rooms or some even have family suites.

Yes you can find cheaper hotels near the park but you really run the risk of getting a flea bag motel if your not careful. Also dont be fooled by free shuttles to the park. This often means they have a van that will take you and pick you up at certain times. So usually you have to leave before the fireworks and parades. They also often just take you to the ticket and transportation center which means you have to hop on Disney Transportation anyway. So you just wasted an hour just to get a disney bus anyway, when you could have stayed at Disney and been at the park by then. Trust me, I cant stress enough how worth it is to stay at Disney for a Disney Vacation
3. Indiana Jones
it would help if you gave us your price range for a "not too expensive" hotel cuz my version of not too expensive may not be the same as yours.
i'd recommend getting adjoining rooms at pop century which is a disney world hotel. rooms start at $82 per night.
or i'd recommend getting a family suite at the all star music hotel which is a disney world hotel. you can fit 6 people which is the amount you have and rooms start at $194 per night.

and if you are a member of AAA you should book it through them cuz they automatically give you a 20% room rate discount. if you're not a member it may not be worth it to become a member just to get the discount.
You might want to narrow down where abouts you want to stay, as once you hv picked the area, this will help narrow down your properties. Location can be everything! Whether you want to be right on Disney's doorstep, close to Downtown Disney, bars and restaurants, or in amongst it all on International Drive. Most condos and villas are located a bit further out due to zoning regulations, but can still be a good choice, as there are 6 of you.

I agree with Drewbenski and Indiana Jones, if you want to stay at a Disney Resort, there are many pros to those properties and very few cons, the main one for me was higher prices for basic rooms, (tho the resorts themselves were brilliant!). If you wanted to stay off site tho, you could try a hotel that has suites, some with extra adjoining rooms, such as Hawthorn Suites. We hv stayed at 2 of their properties, on in Lake Buena Vista, right next door to the Downtown Disney area, and another 1 block off International Drive, near the Sand Lake/I4 junction, classed as the Hawthorn Suites Universal. Check their website http://www.hawthornlakebuenavista.com/ and use google earth to plot exact locations. Google Earth is a great tool to use as you can see exactly where you are in relation to everything else!. Both were reasonably priced for a large 2 room suite with 2 double beds plus double sofa bed, (or you can get adjoining room to make into a 2-bed suite, which also gives you 2 bathrooms, but you hv to ctc hotel direct for those rates usually), fully fitted kitchen with huge fridge/freezer, (great for cold drinks to take to the parks with you!) dining table and 2 TV's in the rooms, PLUS complimentary breakfast with hot items, cereals, breads pastries, fresh fruit and drinks (not gourmet but usually enough to set you up for the day), complimentary evening canapes and drinks, (beer & wine included!), pool and fitness room. I would say the Lake Buena Vista one is slightly better condition than the Universal one, which did look a little tired in places when last we stayed, and LBV is also closer to Disney, but both offer good value for money. Staff were great at both properties and both locations were a quiet haven, as not in busy areas, not really much thru traffic or noisy bars/restaurants really close by.

If you go for a villa, there are thousands to choose from, but they will offer you a home from home, with (usually) lots of space, and some even have your own pool. You can book them privately with the owners or you can book through booking agents that represent many owners, or complete estates.

Also, please don't underestimate the value of knowledge. You can do all the research yourself, which as you hv seen, can be mindblowing, or you can go to a travel expert, either your local travel agent or large or nationwide travel companies. You may save yourself a few dollars by doing it yourself, but if anything goes wrong, your holiday could be ruined (been there, done that!!). And the travel agents can arrange everything for you without any hassle, accommodation, tickets and extras!

Which ever you choose, I sure you will have a great trip.
5. Andy S
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