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What is a really fun but cheap hotel in Miami, FL?

I need to find a hotel that is fun where we can go to the beach or lay by a nice pool for a mini vacation in late may/early june. I want to drive or fly down to Miami for my 16th birthday...but i want the hotel to be near fun stuff at night...any suggestions ?


Answer (2):

1. Sownboard
just make sure you stay in a hotel located in Miami beach and primarily located south of 17th street. That is where most of the action is.

As for hotel types...there really are so many. I would recommend pulling up Google Maps for Miami beach and just type hotels. They all show up. A decent hotel with beach access will be around $200/night for that time of the year. Anything below that, and chances are they dont have a pool or they are not located right on the beach.
2. Alice
You'll find several Miami hotels with rates under $100/night:

Howard Johnson Plaza Dezerland Beach & Spa
Carlton Hotel South Beach
Deauville Beach Resort
Prime Hotel La Flora