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What is the best cleanest economic hotel in Orlando?

I will be going to Orlando, Fl in the next couple of months and I am looking for an extremly economic hotel that is also very clean. It is okay if it is basic but needs to be clean and economic. Anyone have any ideas?


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1. Jennica
We went for 10 days. The first 3 days were spent in Universal and we stayed in a Best Western that was within walking distance of the parks. The following 7 days we stayed in a spacious condo resort and did Disney and rented a car, but we didn't cook much.

To save money look for a hotel that includes breakfast, that saved us lots of money, also, one with more space in the room we had 2 queen beds and a fold out couch in our room. You can also, eat in buffets, and off value menus at the fast food places its much cheaper than cooking, lol. Also, if you leave the parks for lunch you save money and the food tastes better. You can take snacks, sandwiches and water in with you. We used little backpacks for that reason. Parks stay open late so you don't have to worry about losing time by leaving for lunch.

What I did was book the very lowest best western price online and used coupon codes I found online to bring the price down further. Then I bought Best Western gift cards (you can get them of gift card retailers online) which are usually 10-20% of the value and paid with them at the hotel. And to make it even more affordable we split the cost 4 ways, because we had such a spacious room.

Whatever you do don't stay in a Days Inn, I haven't seen a decent one anywhere yet, they are usually gross. We picked Best Western because I haven't encountered a gross one yet, they are pretty much the same everywhere we go.
2. AliDawn
I have only stayed in a few different hotels in Orlando, and there are many that are very economic and clean, so it would be extremely difficult for me to tell you the "best." I can, however, say that the most economic way to have an Orlando vacation is by staying in a condo or vacation home rental. Some of them are very well-priced, and the benefit is really having a fully-equipped kitchen, as eating in restaurants and theme parks for all of your meals every day gets REALLY expensive. You'd be amazed how much money you save going to Wal-Mart and buying some groceries, then eating most meals (usually breakfast and supper) at your rental place.

I only started planning my Orlando vacations this way last year, so the only resort that I can tell you about from experience is WorldQuest Resort. They have 2 and 3-bedroom condos will fully-equipped kitchens, washer/dryer, screened-in private balcony, plus they have a HUGE pool and free fitness center. It's a gated resort, so is very secure. And the rates are VERY reasonable, I stayed there in April and paid about $140 a night, although I believe in the summer the rates go up to about $160 a night. Still extremely reasonable for what you get, not to mention all the money you save on food. It's in a convenient location, just a mile from Disney World and about 15-20 minutes from Sea World and Universal Studios. Wal-Mart is less than five minutes down the road. The condos are VERY nice and VERY clean. You can check it out here:
3. TuShuTuTu
I have not stayed off site in a few years and things have changed since then. You do not state how much you want to spend so I am copy and pasting a webpage that lists Orlando hotels ~ with reviews and rates. The rates aren't exact ~ you can check for discounts and specials and probably get it for less. The hotels are listed in order of good reviews ~ again that is not exact. Trolls could give bad or excellent reviews that alters the reviews.


After you have reviewed all these hotels then check the Forum at the same webpage. Ask "them" about the ones you like. The posters there are glad to answer your questions. They can tell you if it is clean, inexpensive, comfortable, and if the area is safe.

Another thing to consider ~ will you be driving? You will need to find a place with reliable shuttle service if you aren't. Having a car is a major plus.

Good luck with your hotel search!
Quality Inn Plaza on International Drive was a decent hotel and very cheap stayed in Feb.
5. astutewoman
The comfort inn in lake buena vista is usually only about 50 a night, depending on season and rooms are clean and they are near a ton of stuff.