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What is the best hotel to stay at in disney FL?

i was thinking either the animal kingdom or coronado springs.
I've never been before, so any suggestions?


Answer (5):

1. Kgirl
I have stayed at mostly all of the hotels and they are all amazing

key west: cute...further away and more seclusive...the hotel rooms are in sepatate buildings...and they have a mini center...it is the most relaxing in my opinion

boardwalk: in the center of it all...you can walk to dinner and shops and there are always entertainers on the boardwalk...you can walk to epcot ((really nice after the fireworks no rush to the bus))

animal kingdom: you have to get one of the rooms that the animals aproach to get the full expiriance. Really nice makes you feel like you are in africa

Coronado Springs: one of the newest.....horseracing themed and really layed back

Grand Floridian: really nice...slighly more expensice though

Camp grounds: great if you love to camp in style

Modern: just like it sounds..very modern..the monorail goes through it!

these are the major hotels there are a few others as well....along with these hotels they do offer less expensive hotel rooms. These rooms are themed. Ex. Pop, sports. etc.

I hope this helped! Have fun in the happiest place on Earth!
p.s. you have to go see spectro magic in MGM ((the night show))
2. kelzo10
The Grand Florridian is a nice resort hotel in Magic Kingdom
3. MamaTee
depends on what you want

The Grand Floridian is mega high class, and hideously expensive. Fab, is you want luxury.

Animal kingdom is neat if you're into the animal thing - personally, my first choice

If you like Epcot and the Magic Kingdom, the Swan or Dolphin are neat 'cause you can take a boat over to the park and go in the back way.
4. milton b
if you want to spend an arm and a leg you can stay at any hotel in disney. all the smart people just rent a vaction house and save mucho bucks. think of it 3bedrooms two bathrooms garage, living room kitchen, use your head.
5. inlovewithlife08
if you have the money, any resort inside WDW is nice