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What is the best hotel to stay at in Walt Disney World FL (on property)?


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1. blue eyes
In the deluxe hotel category, my vote would be for the Beach Club resort. It has a very relaxed, friendly atmosphere along with a great pool, complete with water slide. Another plus is it's a short walk to Epcot and you can also walk to Hollywood Studios. That's significantly less time spent waiting for and riding buses, which can be quite crowded. There is a boat available to Hollywood Studios as well if you decide not to walk. There are also several restaurants located there and at the adjoining Yacht Club. A short walk around Stormalong Bay and you can be at the Boardwalk and all it's amenities.
2. Natterjack9
I have a bunch of favorites. Here are mine, in each of the price categories:

Value - All-Star Movies with Pop Century a close second. All-Star Movies has the edge over Pop Century for one reason, the decor and themes. We stayed here twice, once in the 101 Dalmations wing, once in the Fantasia wing. My kids loved staying here. Food court is decent as food courts go, rooms are small but very nice, service was above average.

Moderate - Caribbean Beach. The resort is a little spread out, but I thought this was resort was absolutely beautiful. I loved the beach theme, the rooms were bigger, service was outstanding, and there was a ton of stuff to do at the resort itself. There is also a sit down restaurant to go with the food court.

Deluxe - Polynesian. This is my favorite resort over all. The theme of the tropical village is unbelieveable. When you are in the lobby you actually feel like you are in the tropics somewhere, not a Disney resort. The rooms are huge, there are multiple choices for food including a character meal and a dinner show, and tons of things to do at the resort itself.

Vacation Club / Villas - Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa. This is my home resort for the Disney Vacation club. The resort is huge, but overall it is gorgeous. I love staying here. This is a very close second overall to Polynesian. Huge rooms, great food, plus having a kitchen in each room is better than I would have expected. Close to Downtown Disney shopping and restaurants, this is a wonderful place to stay.

If you want more info and advice, check out the disboards. The disboards is a message boards type website that is all about going to Disney. You can get resort reveiws, restaurant reviews, tips for avoiding crowds, and much more. I have been going to Disney for a long time, and I find something new on the site each time I visit. I put the link below.
3. ?
I guess it depends on how much you want to pay. A good all around resort with decent prices is the Port Orleans French Quarter. If you are willing to pay the money, the contemporary is GREAT. The monorail goes right through the hotel so you get the best and fastest transportation. Also, there are lots of shops and restaurants!
4. heartst
the disney hotels with the fish on top, not sure of the name but inside its beautiful
5. Indiana Jones
that depends on your budget and your preferences.
personally my favorite hotel from each price point is:
value resort- pop century
moderate resort- port orleans french quarter
deluxe resort- the contemporary
6. ?
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7. ?
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8. brittneylc
Boardwalk, has a great pool and LOTS to do!!!