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What is the cheapest hotel in longbeach , but is also a good one ?


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1. A Hunch
You probably mean Long Beach, CA... There are your fair share of Motel 6s and Super 8s that are cheap and acceptable.

the Seaport Marina Hotel is in a GREAT location. Right next to the bay. "long" walking distance to one of the central areas of the area with easy bus service around to other areas. It's also right next door to 2 movie theaters, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Barnes & Noble, etc.
= but it's very worn down (although their website says they have done some upgrades recently). And it's inexpensive to stay there.
= there is actually a reason that it's worn down - developers bought it to put in a brand new place but based on where it is right in an environmental protection zone, they can't get city approval.
2. Alan
I do not know the city by heart. However when looking for low priced hotels you can see a entire list of options with prices up to 80% off. Head over to http://needhotelroom.com and enter the city and date you need the room. It will show you the best deals available at dozens of hotels. I always use this site when traveling, you can save a lot of money.

Be safe.
3. desertgirl
Long Beach is in NJ, not Las Vegas (where this question was posted). You are over 2000 miles off. Please repost it.