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What is the cheapest hotel in losangeles (van nuys)?

the cheapest hotels or motels near van nuys los angeles ca


Answer (6):

1. Sara L
Try the Voyager Motor Inn on Sepulveda just north of Victory. $55 a night.
2. Capt. Obvious
Motel 6, corner of Roscoe and the 405. Definitely the cheapest in Van Nuys. I hope you like the smell of hops cooking, combined with the aroma of chili burgers.

Definitely the cheapest. You ask for it here, you get it, my friend.
3. banjoman
I'm not sure you will want the cheapest hotel. You'll want the cheapest one that you will feel safe in. You won't want some fleabag where all the derilicts hang out.
4. wizzard
During my last trip I came across a website called http://www.cheaphotel-s.com . It has quite a large variety of hotels. You might wanna give it a try.
5. Homer
be careful what you ask for, you will get it. There is a Marriott Courtyard around 15000 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks
6. Giovanni D
try on sepulvada blvd