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What is the wost hotel/motel...?

That you have ever stayed at? Why?
What was the location?
Do you have a favorite?


Answer (5):

1. Ray J
Worst one was a little flee bag in Daytona Beach FL. It was not near the beach. My uncle and I had just driven down for bike weeks many years ago and went into the first one we came across that had a vacancy. I have seen better beds at the dump. I wouldn't use the bedspread for a drop cloth. It was NASTY. It made every Motel 8 Motel 6 even I have ever stayed in look like a luxury suite. We wound up finding a high-rise right on the beach (Howard Johnson I think) for less money.
2. 40 oz. Casualty
The worst motel i ever stayed at was a Ramada in Columbia, SC. The place was a dive, the bathroom was dirty, and the room was just completely dilapidated. The best I ever stayed at was Hawthorne Suites in Burlington, VT. The rooms were large and cozy and very modern, and there was even a resident cat named Butterscotch that loved attention from the guests.
3. Sportsterjohn
Judy Motel, Lake Lure, NC. feces on the bathroom wall, God knows what on the mattress and sheets. I like staying at Jamerson Inns. very, very clean hotels.
4. Ruth B
Hotel 8, all of them they are awful.
5. anna k
worst...Comfort Inn (it wasn't awful - it just wasn't a Westin)