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What r some cheap hotels for 3 families?

in los angeles ca
and thats close to disneyland
2 familys of 2 adults n 3 kids
n one family of 2 adults n one kid
please n thnks
but all families have seperate rooms


Answer (4):

1. mountaintraveler
Have you ever considered renting a vacation home instead of a hotel? You can find 4-6 bedrooms homes to rent.
At least you'd have a full kitchen, multiply bedrooms and baths and most come with game rooms, pools/hot tub and more.
I know Disney in Florida has hundreds+++ to choice from and it is very popular. I'm not familiar with Caifornia.

Here are a few sites that provide vacation home rentals all over the United States:


Good Luck and Have fun!
2. Capt. Obvious
I always recommend the Howard Johnson (HoJo) and the Candy Cane Inn. While some hotels are closer, these two are very close to the front entrance, so you can walk back to the hotel for a swim or a nap in the afternoon. They are a step above the other hotels in the immediate area in terms of rooms, service, pool, and value. The HoJo recently added a themed pool, the only one outside the Disneyland Resort property.

Check out the location below:
3. Jakob the Liar eats Gumbo Shrimp
Why not try to get a package from Disneyland that includes their accommodation and entry tickets in bulk. Can be cheap sometimes. Otherwise, best prices for any hotel are found here:

4. TheAimer
The best thing to do is find a best western or days inn or something along those lines...you don't want anything with the name "omni" in it!! Those are expensive.