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What r some ideas that i can do after prom besides have a hotel party come on guys&girls think big what to do.

we live in los angeles ca dudes and girls


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1. InSmile
Lucky you! You line in Cali! Beach sounds fun. Take music, munchies and have fun dancing and talking. See if there's any clubs that are having Prom night that you guys can go to. Ours was in New Jersey but that month lots of popular clubs had prom night party. You just didn't get stamped for booze, you could drink soda or water. We went on a limo and had a blast. The limo driver knew of all the hot clubs and we ended up going to three of them. This was a long time ago. Don't know how drinking laws are now... I know in Jersey minors where not allowed in clubs if alcohol was being served even if the aged people were stamped, etc. They just did not allow it, but in NY it was ok DURING prom month.
2. smiles
Santa Monica pier
walk along the Kodak theater
late night bowling in your dress and suit that would be cool to see done
late dinner someplace cozy
House of Blues if age appropriate
Coffeehouse like Starbucks
Comedy Club for open mic
Tea Shops for poetry reading
Prom let out at midnight here in the midwest. My daughter and her friends had the limo drop them off at a friends and they had a bonfire and then all the guys stayed overnight at the guys house who had the bonfire and the girls at some other girls house.
4. jrenee
How about a late night meal. Everyone can change into comfortable clothes and meet at a restaurant. Or maybe someone can host a late night breakfast at their home. Serve breakfast foods, talk, take pics and create albums to remember the evening and sign them like a yearbook. Or if the weather is nice do it outdoors maybe with a luau theme - leis, tiki torches - the works!
5. lil_bitt21
hey i live in florida and theres a real sweet club here called club boca...and two of our senior guys rented it out and are having people pay 60 bucks a ticket to cover the price n ****...so maybe try to do that...or if anyone lives in a neighbrhood wit a clubhouse, try to rent that out...u culd have a sweet party poolside..idk just suggestions
6. Sweet Sixteener
ive known people that go take a limo to the city and go to a comedy club and theyall loved it! maybe you could try to do something like that?
7. Ender
Go to the beach and have a huge bonfire and alcohol if you wish.
8. chickz!
go to the beach bonfire!!=] drink go skinny dipping!!! flash the world it must be a night to remember!=]
9. Nikky P
go to a club
10. DTMJ is an Acronym
lazer tag lol jk
beach party