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What travel site offers the cheapest hotels?

Please Don't Give me answers like "Well it depends where you are traveling, or what days your traveling on" , or answers like "It depends what hotels you book with". Im looking for specific types of answers. Im going on a road trip and I want to book Hotels in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and Miami...


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1. ㄅ4и∂Я4ノ4и∑
I've always found Travel Republic the cheapest.

2. ?
Try Priceline. You get really great deals there and its very reliable. You don''t actually know what hotel you get until you book it, but you can specify everything, so how many stars it is, in what area, etc. You can get hotels for $40, $50 bucks cheaper than on the hotel website. Other than Priceline, Expedia, Hotwire and Travelocity have great deals. Also try Red Tag Vacations. All very reliable with great deals :) Hope you have a great trip.
3. Dan Man
You can get a good prices on hotels with this:

This is a search engine which checks all of the major hotel sites for deals. Links to the home page of the hotels show up right in the results.
4. ?
You can use http://booking.com, http://priceline.com, etc. and these travel sites can help you find good hotels, but if you don't want to search and compare all these hotel sites one by one, you should use hotel search engine, it is not google, it can only search and compare hotels, here is one,
it will combine many hotel booking sites and search all of them just by one click.