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Where can a 17 year old get a hotel room in or around Orlando, fl?

Me and my friend want to go to the universal studios in Orlando but our parents can't come. I'm 17 and he's 16, and we want to stay for at least 3 nights. We have the money and everything but all the hotels say you have to be 18 to check in! We're not really worried about quality and stuff, just a...


Answer (6):

1. Indiana Jones
sorry to burst your bubble but NO motel/hotel in the usa will rent to a minor.
2. Billy Jack
If you ditch the BF I have a spare room...lol, seriously i doubt any decent hotel will rent to you...you could check some really grimy ones on orange blossom trail (drugs, prostitutes) but I wouldn't advise it...check the koa camp ground off I-4
3. dogsfan_y2k
u must be 18 or 21 some even 25 u can stay at a no-tell motel but you will most likely pay with cash and have hookers knocking on ur door
4. reinaldok_2000
I agree with all the previous answers - No Way !! Also, do not even think about getting someone else to check you in. You could be accused of defrauding an innkeeper ( a very serious act in Florida)
5. B B
all hotels require that the person be at least 18 and you also have to provide a credit card
6. NemoRanger
Sorry your just not old enough to legally rent any hotel room. You are legally not an adult yet.