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Where can an individual buy hotel furniture for residential use?

I saw some pieces of furniture in the intercontinental hotel in atlanta ga that interests me. Where or how can I purchase hotel furniture?


Answer (5):

1. Matt
I see a lot of it in consignment shops. Heaps of it, more there than any one single place that the general public has access to.
2. Tricia
if you don't want to wait until a local furniture liquidator has his next sale, why don't you contact the office at the hotel where you saw the pieces you liked and tell them you are interested in purchasing some the next time they remodel. they can tell you approx. when the next remodel is scheduled and perhaps will agree to contact you. can't hurt to try. there are more and more furniture liquidators popping up all over.
3. ?
Personally I would google it. Most of it would be wholesale as well so you would have to be able to purchase wholesale goods. In Australia we need an ABN to purchase wholesale goods. If you are in another country I wouldnt know but the website would lrt you know. Good luck. Ive allways wanted to purchase hotel stuff too. Great isnt it. Especially beds towels pillows sheets .........etc etc etc ha ha ha.
4. Sad Carney Suckass
A furniture liquidator, maybe.