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Where can i find a rental home or hotel with bedrooms for vacation for a week in miami fl within 1000 a week?

I have looked and looked for a rental homes and some seem like a good deal but it's hard to tell if they are scams or not. I'm looking for a place wthin 1000-1200 or less for a week. I have found some things like --> ...


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1. nascar88gyrl
Have you tried any of the following: www.homeaway.com, www.airbnb.com or www.vrbo.com? These are websites that have listings of rooms, homes, apartments and condos in any given area.

I wouldn't trust any craigslist listing. I've heard of too many scams involving craigslist. The above websites are trusted by many. The renters provide the owners with feedback on the properties.
2. Jay
Hi Winter

Hotels generally show prices-per-night(as prices for one night)
Your thinking about staying about 7days right, so what you need to do is calculate
$1000/7 = $142 (that's how much you are willing to spend for a night tops)

Just look for a hotel room that is below that and you are golden.You don't even have to go so high, you can get a decent hotel room for like $100 a night

Here is a list of hotels in Miami
Click the stars on the left to filter (2 star hotel is cheaper then 5 or 4 star hotel)
3. Tedmeizster
I would get in contact with a local apartment finder, they also find homes for rent. i'm sure they can do this with no problem, some are more professional than others, you'd just have decide yourself. Broward is usually better but thats just my opinion.

Miami Apartment Finders
3250 NE 1st Ave #305, Miami, FL
(305) 305-2787 ‎ · miamiapartmentfinders.com

Miami Apartment Locators
550 11th St #104, Miami Beach, FL
(305) 846-9536 ‎ · miamilocators.com

Miami Apartment FInders
517 Arthur Godfrey Rd, Miami Beach, FL
(305) 305-2787 ‎ · miamiapartmentfinders.com
4. GreatNeck
We use, ResortQuest or Tripadvisor, they are Worldwide. Great open travel forums from people who have experienced where your going or stayed, just looking.
5. Pennstater
try vrbo.com