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Where can i find the best hotel deals for San Diego?

I found this amazing one but those assholes double the price in one night! and now everything else is CRAP! and no i do NOT want motels.. i want somewhere safe.
ps. i did it from hotels.com so i would need other sites plz


Answer (9):

1. Kim
maybe try looking up on google.ca
2. bradyscat
This is easy, go to a travel broker, I used them before & they have a great package for San Diego. 3 days at a nice hotel (Hilton, etc.) for $199. It's good for 2 adults AND 2 kids or just 2 adults, plus they also have a San Diego Fun Pass where you can go to the Zoo & Wild Animal park & Legoland & everything else for FREE!

Good luck, here's the site :)
3. HA HA
Ive got a place in s/d u can stay with me! HA HA J/K
Try hotels.com good luck
4. andy s
You can find prices and information for a variety of hotels throughout San Diego, CA online at


I hope this helps!
5. Sarah
You can go to hotels.com haha
6. jake
awww:( haha maybe try www.fly2.com or maybe thompson holidays may have something:) otherwise maybe just search the web under google.
as a last resort, travel agents should be able to help you:)
hope i helped!
could you answer mine please?
7. Rachel S
Try Hotwire.com.
8. rooney
Call your local TRIPLE A, they will help you. I use them all the time. they found me great SD hotels.
9. lovinglife09
Wow, your attitude stinks.