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Where is a hotel in FL that you can swim with dolphins?

Hello, Next year I want to go to FL I don't know what city yet please recommend. I have 3 kids and they are 13 11 and 17 by the time we go my 17 year old well be 18 but she well still go! we are going in June. My 11 year old is abused with dolphins and I want to surprise her :). Also i would like to go...


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1. SandwichGeneration
Most dolphin interaction programs are not located at hotels; a few are but I wouldn't limit your search to only hotels.

My favorite area would be Marathon, in the Florida Keys. Marathon is about an hour north of Key West. There are two great places to interact with dolphins in Marathon, Hawk's Cay resort and the Dolphin Research Center. Hawks Cay is a beautiful resort, with lots to do. Snorkling around Marathon is gorgeous.
Hawk's Cay Resort

Take a look at this web page for other options:
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2. Chris Vera
There are so many hotels in the state of Florida. As a tourist, your in for Miami. Miami Beach, is a island full of world famous hotels right near the beach. There aren't any hotels where you can swim with the Dolphins nor go snorkeling. Though you can rent a boat with snorkelers that will take you out to the ocean. But be fast. On the weekend, many of the hotels down the beach are full with residents from all over Miami metro area and tourist. So book fast.
3. ougrad86
I do not know of a hotel that offers dolphin swims - there are so many regulations taking care of animals and their habitat requirements it would be hard for a hotel to offer that.

SeaWorld Orlando has Discovery Cove where you can swim with the dolphins. I have not done it myself, but heard a podcast about it the other day. It sounds awesome and if your daughter is obsessed with dolphins, this might be perfect. It is pricey, like $300 for all inclusive access to all of the Cove, including the swim. There is also a Dolphin Nursery if there are any young dolphins, for an added price you can get right up there with them (although cannot swim with them as they are too young). There are hotels all around SeaWorld so you could probably find one within walking distance or with a free shuttle.
4. Cold
Swim With Dolphins in key west...

A Florida vacation provides the perfect opportunity to participate in a swim with dolphins program. Swimming with dolphins in their own lagoon is a very rewarding experience, experienced only by a small number of people. The excitement of the dolphin swim provides memories that will last a lifetime.

The Florida dolphin experience is not limited to just swim with dolphin programs. There are also opportunities to join 1-4 day Marine Animal workshops which offer other unique ways to enjoy a wonderful dolphin experience.
5. JaxJagsFan
Visit Marineland
6. Superguy1221
Why does it have to be a hotel? Just stay wherever you want and go to seaworld.