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Where is the Queen Mary Hotel (the boat in USA)?


Answer (10):

1. Polo
1126 Queen's Highway, Long Beach, Ca. 90802 (562) 435-3511

2. Owen
The Queen Mary Hotel is located in Long Beach, CA
3. ArRo
It's moored in So. Calif, in San Pedro, I think. It's a great tour and some even say the ship is haunted! You can really feel the fun that passengers used to have, and it's interesting to see the staterooms, galleys, etc.

Edit: Above poster is correct...it's in Long Beach. (I get all of the beach cities mixed up...sorry.)
4. Shelley L
Long Beach, California.
5. anonymous100
It's in Long Beach, California.
6. Zef H
The Queen Mary is in Long Beach. Below are a couple of photos of the Queen Mary in Long Beach ...

7. Hayz's Peach - أماندا & حسن
Long Beach, Ca.
8. houghton weaver
its n long beach and we actually phoned home from a red english authentic phone box they have inside the ship,great tour and a nice little shopping village at the side
9. Ian w
it is in Long Beach, Ca.
10. bLeSsEd
its here in CALIFORNIA.... Long Beach is the name of the city where the ship is...