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Where WWE SUPERSTAR stay in SAN JOSE CA, Which hotel?

There is WWE smackdown show in San Jose Ca this tuesday. Does anyone know if any superstar going to appear somewhere? or which hotel are they gonna stay? Do u think they stay DOuble tree hotel because its near the arena? I m planning to follow their car after the show when they leave areana..So i can have picture...


Answer (2):

1. Torrey
Most famous people stay at the Ritz Carlton.
2. ranunculusviridis
Most famous people do not stay at the Ritz Carlton. There isn't one in San Jose! The closest ones are in Half Moon Bay and San Francisco, which is not a short drive from San Jose!

We really don't know where famous people stay because it is not announced. Hotels have the responsibility of providing safe places to stay for their guests and celebrity guests like to preserve their privacy. They are human, after all, and need rest and relaxation just like anyone else.

Following their car from the arena would, at best, be a wild goose chase! These performers have bodyguards, security guards and, most likely, a police escort. People following in cars to snap a photo would be considered as pure nuisance factors and would not get far, I assure you.

Perhaps you can buy a neat souvenir of the evening at the arena. That would probably be your best bet.