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Which hotel is it in Tampa, Fl that has a duck ceremony?

My husband stayed at a hotel in Tampa about 10 years ago that had a little duck ceremony in the evening where they all came out in a row, walked down a path inside the hotel, and then went back to their home. Does anyone have a clue which hotel this might be and if it still exists?


Answer (5):

1. kadel
It's the Peabody in Orlando, not Tampa. They were still doing it a year or two ago
2. ms bell
The duck march is at The Peabody Hotel in Memphis. I saw the ducks come off the elevator from their penthouse suite several years ago. They are adorable. There's a Peabody Hotel in Orlando that does the same thing. I was in Tampa on vacation in January, and there's no Peabody Hotel in Tampa or I would've been there watching the duck march.
3. MomSezNo
I think it's the Peabody Hotel - not sure if that's in Tampa and/or Orlando....
4. paintfreek7
heyy i saw that on the travel channel the other day. im not sure where it is but i know its not in tampa, or any of the surrounding areas, or i would have gone.
5. dwh12345
I think you be talking about the Drake in Memphis.. They do it there..