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Which hotel should I stay in San Francisco, CA?

I will be traveling to San Francisco in February and I would like someone to recommend me an affordable, good and safe hotel. Preferably somewhere if possible that is close to most of the attractions.Since I never been there and I will be going by myself. Thank You.


Answer (4):

1. Sanfrancisco
san francisco has lot of hotel there... what type of taste u need luxury or affordable hotels choice is yours... if u have any doubt please visit this one : http://www.sanfranshuttletours.com/sf_ho... u get very useful information ....
2. Hartman L
There are so many variables you need to answer. Maybe you should give some more details as to what exactly is affordable for you. Also what type of attractions would you most like to visit. Other than that for now you can check out the following directory.


You can search hotel by cities or attractions and points of interest and by budget.

Hope this helps :)
3. Amelia
I will recommend you to create an trip itinerary and then add hotel in it while creating it..so that you can get an idea which hotel is close to most of the tourist attractions.
I hope you will try it and also you can get concessions on it throught the link given below.
4. Flower
S.F. has dozens of hotels and since it is a small city, you are not far from any tourist sites by bus, streetcar or cable car. We would have to know how much you can spend before we can make recommendations.