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Which Vegas hotel: Monte Carlo or New York NY?

Staying as two couples for 4 nights in late January. They are priced the same, and right next to each other, so we can't decide which one to stay at. We are fun-loving but want to avoid too many children and obnoxious people. Which would be better for two couples in their late 20s?


Answer (9):

NyNy has nicer rooms because they are newer however there are tons of onbnoxious people that hang out there. Everytime I go there or to the Excalibur across the bridge, the crowd is always the same...loud, obnoxious, drunk and brass. I only go here because I always have coupons for the food court other than that, I wouldn't hang out. Too bad. The music there is good and the casino is nice but the slots are really tight and drink service or any casino floor service is totally slow and invisible.

The Monte Carlo may be an older property but it's nice the people there are much more behaved and service there is always good. I've never had a bad time at Monte Carlo. Maybe too old school for some but I think it's a great place and at a really good and safe location.
2. Chris A
NYNY is a dump full of tourists taking pictures of themselves going on the roller coaster, and the rooms are no better than a Holiday Inn

Monte Carlo is a more sophisticated resort with a 4-Diamond rating (same as Caesars Palace, Mandalay Bay, Mirage...)

They have also been reinventing themselves for the 20s crowd with Brand, Diablo's, and the new Pub.

I would DEFINITELY recommend Monte Carlo over NYNY.
3. Christine
I always stay at the Monte Carlo. NYNY is cool too but more crowded. The pool is better at the Monte Carlo, but get there early because they run out of lawn chairs pretty quickly. You can always go over to NYNY for drinks and come back to your hotel at night. The Monte Carlo also has a good food court that makes breakfast and stuff easy when you don't want to go to a sitdown restaurant three times a day.
4. lvgeno
Monte Carlo is more laid back and relaxed than NYNY. NYNY is more of a party atmosphere plus you have to put up with that noisy roller coaster outside your windows. Be aware that Monte Carlo now charges $11 a night resort fee on top of the rates they quote you. They just started doing it as several other MGM properties are doing. NYNY charges $3.00 for your entire stay resort fee so you better figure that in the prices.
5. Jacob W
I like the Monte Carlo much better but both are good choices. Just make sure, if you book New York-New York that you get a room away from that blasted roller coaster.

6. MarieP
Hands up for NYNY, I really like their room in the New York atmosphere in the hotel. Before you book I would check the hotel promotions on http://www.vegas-hotels-online.com for room add-ons and the best prices.
7. Penguin Gal
I would go for Monte Carlo....NYNY is full of kids and obnoxious people...I don't really care for it too much.
8. banananose_89117
Children are NOT allowed in casinos.

Obnoxious people can be anywhere

I would suggest NYNY, cool casino atmosphere, small but like being outdoors
9. Chip
I like them both but definitely go with NYNY. The rooms are nicer. Book at both hotels using discount promo codes to get additional freebies. http://www.lasvegas-how-to.com/las-vegas...