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Why are almost all budget hotels in the USA managed by Indians?

Almost all small budget hotels in America seem to be managed by Indians (people from the country of India, that is). It doesn't seem to matter if it's Seattle, WA or York, PA, or Alliance, NE or Donalsonville, GA - the management is usually an Indian man and his family. Is there some network in India that...

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1. George L
it's a relatively easy way to qualify for a visa to live and work here. didn't you ever see Mississippi Masala with Denzel Washington?
2. Mike
I'm not sure how Obama got dragged into this. The Indians, who I think are all named Patel, have been everywhere in motels for at least 20 years. It's a typical immigrant pattern. A century or so ago, a German immigrant family opened a deli or a brewery. Later a cousin came over, worked in the family deli for a while and opened his own. Etc. Etc. An Italian family opened a fruit and vegetable stand and the cousins followed. A Chinese family opened a laundry. Same thing. A Jewish family ran a dry goods store. Half a century later, Koreans immigrated and took over the fruit and vegetable stores after the Italians' grandkids got better jobs and gave up on working 20 hour days. Afghans got jobs at KFC and branched out and formed Kennedy Fried Chicken. Now Indians or Pakistanis (sorry, I'm not certain) own motels and gas stations. Maybe 20 years from now some new immigrant group will move in.
3. Rejji
Don't have the answer to that, just like I don't have an answer as to why Middle Eastern people own all the gas stations.

I was told a long time ago that Middle Easterners were given a tax break for seven years and then they sign over the business to a family member. So every seven years there are new family members who own the business yet keep on getting tax breaks. Now I don't know if this is true and I've tried searching for the answer to this question before, with no luck, but I do find it odd that Middle Easterners are replacing Americans with 'mom and pop' businesses. Another theory is that Middle Easterners do no like working for Americans and are not good at taking directions from them either; they like to be their own bosses.
4. roadster9879
The answer is simple. Corporate America is hurting from the administrative attacks of the Obama administration. The seek and use they best possible resources at the lowest possible cost.

You need to stop worrying about the indians and their hotel management goals, and you need to start worrying about what is being done to our country.

If you focus on cleaning out the corruption in washington DC, the rest will take care of itself. The best way to do this is to focus on the individual politicians, not the party politics. There is dirt under the run with all the parties. Just never vote a straight ticket, and vote against the incumbent every time.
5. Uncle
They are investing in the USA and employing their family
Cannot get a better system that that .. I applaud them

In the Uk the bought all the local corner stores where I Iived
the stores went from 9-5 pm opening hours

to 6 -10pm with the families help and great for the consumer
6. Tara
They are trying to take over the world! Actually, I'm just guessing here, but I think it has something to do with the fact they own businesses in their own country, so it comes easy to them and they just go with what they know. It's the same with little gas stations as well.
7. Questions
Indians, generally the Punjabis and Gujaratis are very good in business, so I guess, it stems from that.
8. F Ale
India taking over usa.
9. Dani G
hahaha good question.