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Why don't hotels have a 13th floor?

The hilton in Minneapolis, MN doesnt


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1. cerebral onus
Soo many buildings out there dont have a 13 floor.Thts because its pure bad luck....thats what everybody believes in.
This trend actually started way back in ancient 12 century times!People would avoid having battles on 13,avoid 13 rooms,avoid 13 fridays.....just anything to do with 13!!
legend goes that the first hotel in the world put up exactly 13 floors.Devil serenaded in that floor,and around 13,000 people died there.Since then even when prominent hotels put up 13 floors ,they landed up with no takers,and incured millions in losses!!
also,orthodox christians know how ominious 13 is.
Even in this modern era,try erecting a 13 th floor on a building, you will be swatting mosquitos there and nothing more!!
2. Courtney
A lot of buildings, not just hotels, don't have a 13th floor. They say the number 13 is bad luck. Most streets don't have a 13 for an address either.
3. justcurious
13 is a bad luck number. I've heard that some people will not stay in a hotel that has a 13th floor. But if you stay on the 14th floor isn't that really the 13th floor
4. violet
All hotels with at least thirteen stories actually have a 13th floor. They may skip it in the numbering due to superstition.

Thirteen is also commonly avoided in house and room numbers, and airplane seat rows.

The fear of the number 13 is called Triskaidekaphobia.
5. FallDownGoBoom
13 is an "unlucky" number, and a lot of older places just don't have that floor. Not sure if any new one's are following this superstition, but it used to be a big deal back in the day.
6. dukalink6000
7. Jim K
The number 13 is considered bad luck.
8. teashy
A lot of places don't. They are superstitious and consider it to be unlucky. But, come on...you know the people on the 14th floor KNOW they are actually on the 13th floor!!
Ever hear of unlucky number 13?? Well than that's your answer. Total superstition.
10. Debbie C
Most hotels don't have one, because of superstition about the # 13.