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Would stay in a hotel room number 13 ?

if you had the skeleton key to room 13 would you think it was hunted? evil? the devil?inside or god inside?


Answer (8):

1. EvieB
I wouldn't think anything strange about it
2. Robertina
Most hotels do not have a room 13 or a 13th floor
3. Rachhh ;]
Yea especially the 13th floor because someone i know when she was 5 was going up to her room on the 13th floor in the elevator by herself and the elevator got stuck so she had to wait there for a really long time and eventually someone came and she had to squeese out of a really small opening. She never goes on the elevator anymore.
4. Lucky
13 is just a number. All the rooms are similar.
5. *~Cinthia Luvs Ya~*
why wud i be scared of number 13?and only cuz you get a skeleton key dont mean nothing.
6. flowerchild
definitely hunted!
but probably not evil or the devil

and God stays with me everywhere I go....
7. California SunShine
what?? 13 is a lucky number.
8. βεℓℓα Spαdøni ♥'s The Joker
Naah, I am not superstisious, its just a number.