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Palace Hotel & Bath House in Eureka Springs, AR

Palace Hotel & Bath House in Eureka Springs, AR

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.50

Address: 135 Spring St, Eureka Springs, AR, 72632

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    Comments (6):

    1. Lola L.
    While on a short vacation, I booked a massage at this historic hotel. It was a great package deal. I booked "the Works" with a 30 minute massage. Good customer service from the greeter and masseuse. You get a lot for your money.

    It was a very pleasant experience. I recommend it.

    13/08/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. Karmic B.
    The Palace is a historic, grand stone building sitting high on the Spring street. It is not a motel, therefore, you won't be able to park your automobile right in front of your room. That was not a problem for us. I actually enjoyed taking the leisure climb from the the parking place up (86 steps?); along the way there are two gazebos overlooking the bluff. The hotel is away from the busy Main and Center Streets, so it's quiet; but it''s close enough that we can walk to cafes, shops, galleries easily. We parked the car and didn't move it until we left.
    There are only eight rooms, so it's more like a b&b than a hotel.  The room is quite spacious, the bed (king) is comfortable; the complimentary cheese tray and champaign were in the refrigerator when we arrived, though we didn't consume anything but two bottles of water.  The breakfast includes juice, coffee, fruit plate (grapes, orange, apple and kiwi slices), pastry. They were placed on a wooden tray, with  fresh flowers in a porcelain vase.   Though the wallpaper seems old-fashioned, the artwork on the walls are unremarkable, I do appreciate the lovely gesture of having real flowers in the room.
    What come with an old building are squeaks and rumbles. In this room (#4), there squeaky closet door and the rumbling ceiling fan (will fix it soon, they said).  
    The jacuzzi works well and I like the fact that the toilet and sink are separate from the jacuzzi room.

    26/02/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Sadie E.
    When I think of a "palace" I don't imagine a place where you have to park at the bottom of the steepest hill to haul up your luggage. No attendants. No parking. Do it yourself. After my husband nearly had a heart attack bringing all of our stuff up, we checked in. We were told to always have both keys on us since after 11PM no one would be there to let us back in. Really? Like, we're all hotel patrons staying by ourselves through the night until 7AM? Yep, do it yourself.

    The one staff person who manages the front always seemed quite bored, but I guess she wasn't bored enough to replace the batteries to the incessant, chirping smoke detector that kept us up all night and sat perched in the middle of all of the rooms. What's even more bizarre was that she seemed utterly shocked that this was happening even though it was sounding off as we were telling her about it.

    From the moment we decided to take a nap after check in, a Mardi Gras band decided to start the parade outside of our window. Nothing like napping to Michael Jackson's Thriller. Or, how about the array of Toyota Camry's honking showing off their vintage 1998 selves. The lack of rest would continue to be a theme as some venue down the street played a rock show all night into the morning.

    It took a flashlight at 1AM to figure out how to make the window unit air conditioner stay on instead of shutting on and off noisily.

    We stayed in room #8 "the best" room. For $199 you expect luxury for the odd, unsophisticated town of Eureka Springs known for fudge factories and shops that sell wind chimes. However, upon utilizing their two person bathtub, we were shocked to find the water spew clear across our room and hit the window on the adjacent wall (the water level covered the jets, trust me). Bath fail. The next morning my husband tried to use the bath/shower, but the hot was extremely hot and the cold would not cool. Oh, but isn't the ol' decor charming? Um, no.

    Lastly, I decided to "treat" myself to their famous mineral bath since it IS a bathhouse and this is what they brag about. I paid the extra $4.00 for a eucalyptus scent which I never smelled and was lead into the bathhouse where each bathtub or massage table was separated with your own door and walls. However, you can hear everyone and everything. My bath was just like any other bath. I didn't notice any special mineral treatment. All I know is it came with a Walgreen's loofah, two weird rocks you could play with and a blow up pillow for your head.

    *sigh* I've never wanted to come home so badly, to finally get some rest from this "vacation".

    06/03/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Charles E.
    One of the greatest advantages of being in or near Eureka Springs, AR is the availablility of great massage therapy services. In this Victorian era spa town relaxation is taken very seriously and I can prove it.

    The Palace Hotel and Bath House in Eureka Springs is an original bath house still open for business. Given that Eureka Springs is known as the 'town that water built' this is a really big deal. The Palace, as we affectionately call her, is in excellent condition. The Bath House is very well cared for, as you will be well cared for while you are there enjoying spa services. A little modest? I am. No worry. Services are delivered in such a manner that the most modest person will be very comfortable.

    On  the Palace Hotel and Bath House menu  there is but one choice in my opinion. THE WORKS!  First you will soak in a hot mineral water bath. You will be amazed to see perhaps for the first time in your llife an original circa 1900 seven foot soaking tub. After a relaxing very private soak you will wrap up and head for the steam cabinet. Note the quiet. Soft music playing,  barely heard and no one is talking. YES!  If you've been in a sauna, think sauna for the body but not your head. I really like a steam so the attendent need not hurry me...aaahh. No kidding this so relaxing....

    After the steam, now  thinking you could not possibly be more relaxed  you will be delivered, fully wrapped of course, to a private massage room. Your therapist will come in and make a quiet introduction. You will now experience the best half hour or one hour massage EVER!  What makes the experience so great is that you are made ready by the soaking  and the steam and the peace and quiet.

    I'm thinking life is good and the Palace Hotel and Bath House is amazing.

    25/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Kate E.
    My husband and I made the rather easy drive in from Tulsa for a relaxing weekend away. The Palace was just lovely! Lucretia, Farrar, and the entire spa staff were welcoming and wonderful. The rooms are large and beautiful and the original bath house area downstairs is fun, relaxing and feels like going back in time. The hotel is an easy walking distance from shopping on Spring Street or from Mud Street. Close to shopping, dining, and night life, but on a quiet little street. This was our first time to Eureka Springs and we absolutely loved it!

    05/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    6. Amy E.
    I go to the Palace for the spa part. Amazing. Huge claw tubs scented and relaxing music. From there you go in a barrel with only your head out. Eucalyptus steam with spring water, relaxing. Now its time for the massage. You can choose normal or deep tissue along with a facial mask. When i leave, my whole body feels like jello. Calm, serene and set in the historic part of Eureka Springs. Definately recommend!!!

    27/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0