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Budget Suites of America in Phoenix, AZ

Budget Suites of America in Phoenix, AZ

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Company Info:

Rating: 2.00

Address: 611 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85013

    Address: 2702 W Yorkshire Dr, Phoenix, AZ, 85027

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      Comments (5):

      1. Stephen B.
      This place is a dump...plain and simple and makes my list of places to avoid. AC unit was barely operating, the deadbolt lock on my door was broken and it took two days to have someone fix it and it still was not working properly, roaches all over the place. Staff must be hired from a Boces program. Never again, would rather sleep in my car than in this hellhole.

      03/05/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      2. Bacon B.
      One star for being a viable option for living during my first few months in Phx.

      One star for the stories that will haunt and titillate me until I go senile.

      Cripes, Budget Suites of America started off on the right foot but twisted its ankle and went down for the count. This was where my friends and I stayed that one time we visited Phoenix after a trip to Tucson (flights were cheaper out of Sky Harbor) and this hotel was brand new. It only made sense that I returned to this site a few years later. However, my logic isn't always spot-on, and such was the case with Budget Suites of America

      In the two years that has passed, BSA apparently established itself as a crumb tray under the toaster, as pretty much everyone else here seemed to be burnt out or doped up. The more time I spent here, the more things just became Twilight Zone. Outside of being able to generate an amazing tan (it was July, after all), the list of oddities grew insurmountable:

      *  Two days after I arrived, with trailer in tow, the manager came to my room to alert me that several residents complained about my truck taking up too many parking spaces. I promptly found a storage unit in Mesa where I could stow all my belongings at an amazing rate, and drop off the U-Haul trailer on the way back. However, not one vehicle parked in the spots I occupied the former two nights--even after a month had passed.
      *  In the first week of my stay, a guy came knocking on my door stating his car broke down and his girlfriend was staying with it. Did I know of any place he could get a blow job? I suggested Chez Nous.
      *  A couple of weeks later, the lady from upstairs and to the south came down to ask if I could drive her and her daughter to pick up some diapers. She directed me to an empty lot, which was off 7th Avenue if memory serves me right. She left her daughter in the truck with me while she walked 100 feet away and started to talk with a group of rough looking men. It was during this time that I noticed the lice moving around in the daughter's hair and started to have a panic attack. When the mother returned, I asked if she bought her diapers and where were they. "They'll be delivered later tonight," she commented. I never followed up to confirm receipt of said diapers, and avoided her for the rest of my stay. Not only was I possibly duped into driving her to a potential drug deal, but I had a serious case of the itchies for days. [I immediately showered and shaved my head after getting back from that ordeal, and thoroughly checked the upholstery for stray louse. Clean.]
      *  While doing laundry on site, I was out by the adjacent pool during the wash cycle. When I returned to put my clothes in the dryer, a guy was smoking a joint with his girlfriend. They offered me a hit, but I was applying for the Phoenix Police Department and knew better than to smoke so soon to the department tests. [I ended up passing the written portion of the test and managed to succeed at all the physical events except for the sit-ups, which I fell short by three sit-ups. I didn't return for the next test.]
      *  After I finally landed a job and was set in a routine riding the bus, I met a nice guy who invited himself back to my place. Thinking he was just a friendly person, I agreed and led him back to my hotel room. It was after I ordered pizza from Pizza Heaven and it was delivered, and several stories about my rural upbringing that he confessed he intended to engage in random sexual activities with me, even without consent. But he felt that wouldn't be appropriate given my naivety and he excused himself an hour later and didn't return.

      Now, my time here was also dotted with positive events, like meet a new friend at Bunkhouse [without whom I would not have met and fell for Robert, and my life wouldn't have been complete], being remarkably close to other bars and restaurants, learning the layout of the city and being transitioned into my new hometown. While I accept that BSA isn't directly responsible for its residents, I'll forever associate my introduction to the freakdom of Phoenix to my first 7 weeks here.

      07/07/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
      3. Michael W.
      Its not that its a home away from.its like where a ton of ypung people are doing what they do and I didnt really see any major crime... lots of young adults with young children and maybe a few of the hardcore party scene!  Harmless!

      23/09/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
      4. J U.
      Cockroaches everywhere. When asked to change rooms I was told none were open but I would be moved when one opened up. Days later, new guests have come and I'm still stuck in a dumpy room with roaches.

      01/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
      5. Andre W.
      If they can keep the drug addicts & hookers away wouldn't be a bad place. Not really a place to live with kids, rooms are not big enough for a family of four or more with dog.

      10/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0