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Candlewood Suites Phoenix in Phoenix, AZ

Candlewood Suites Phoenix in Phoenix, AZ

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Company Info:

Rating: 3.77

Address: 11411 N Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix, AZ, 85029

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    Comments (13):

    1. DAVID B.
    Nothing fancy, nothing bad.
    First time at Candlewood suites.
    Honor system at snack bar (yes, honor system...).
    A/C works great but refrigerator kinda loud.
    Free popcorn was a nice touch.
    BTW, bring your own pillow if you don't like soft pillows...
    Free internet and free cable tv.

    24/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. Christina Z.
    I have been living out of hotels and moving around since April of 2009 so I have seen my fair share of hotels.  I stayed at this particular Candlewood for over six months and I was actually sad to leave.

    Customer Service- To me customer service either makes or breaks a place.  The staff here is exceptional in this area.  They call and leave a message in your room when you have mail to pick up, there is always someone readily available to help at the front desk, and they resolve any issues quickly.  During my stay here the dishwasher stopped working. They had someone there first thing the next day to install a brand new one.  I always looked forward to talking with the staff members every day, especially the girls at the front desk.  During my stay there I really felt at home.

    Facilities- Okay, so you shouldn't go in expecting the Hilton.  As far as appearance goes it's really a no frills kind of place.  But it has all of the essentials and they keep everything very clean and well-stocked.  The pool is open 24/7 and also has a hot tub.  I really took this for granted during my stay because I didn't realize just how rare it was to have a pool with 24/7 access. After a really hot Phoenix day there was nothing nicer than grilling a good dinner on the outdoor patio, jumping in the pool and enjoying an ice cold margarita (not provided by the hotel of course).  Their exercise room is one of the nicest I have seen out of all the Candlewood Hotels I've stayed it, based on variety.  They have 2 treadmills, an eliptical, a bike, a stair climber, a floor mat, an ab machine and a weight machine.  Everything is well laid out and kept clean.  There is a water fountain and they provide towels and santizer to wipe down the machine.  The laundry room has everything you need...although you want to try to do your laundry before peak times.  There are rude and impatient guests who will throw your clothes out of the machines even before they have finished their cycle. (Pet peeve!)  

    Added bonus...this hotel is next to a TGI Fridays and an AMAZING seafood restaurant, Pappadeaux.  So, if you want a comfortable extended stay hotel, stay at this Candlewood.  And be sure to tell the girls at the front desk Tina Z said hi! :)

    08/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Gary M.
    This is a great place to stay in PHX. I have family in the Valley and have stayed here several times over the last year or so and have never been disappointed. The rooms have a small stove, fridge, sink, microwave, and dishwasher. The staff is super nice and helpful. Beds are comfortable and rooms are clean. This is a great value in the PHX area.

    01/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. Joanna Z.
    My family and I stayed at the Candlewood for a few months with our dogs as we were transitioning to our move to California. The staff was extremely wonderful they were very kind helpful and made us feel at home. Steve ,the girls at the front desk, and rest of the wonderful people that work there are super great people. I can't say enough about them. The room was clean the whole place was clean and nice. I recommend this hotel you will not be disappointed your stay will be very good. As a matter of fact it was such a good stay that we miss everyone! I just want to thank everyone at the hotel for making a hard time so nice for us.

    12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    5. Rachel F.
    The following is a note that I wrote to Intercontinental Hotel Group about my recent experience while on a business trip to Phoenix. Please share if you know anyone who travels alone. Remember to always trust your gut instinct when you are in a situation that doesn't feel right to you! I wasn't traumatized by this experience, just reminded to continue being cautious when I'm on the road - and anywhere for that matter...


    I arrived back to the hotel approx. 3:00am on Wednesday, Nov. 11. Upon pulling into the hotel parking lot, I drove along the front of the hotel and passed by a security guard that was patrolling the lot. I drove around to the next aisle, looking for a parking spot - there were none. So I drove to the back side of the hotel and parked close to one of the side doors, next to the stairwell that was close to my room. As I was gathering my belongings to take with me, I noticed the security guard walk around the corner and into my view. He stopped and was watching me/my car.

    I continued to gather my things and noticed that he was just standing there watching me while he drank something, a coffee I would assume. He began walking again but stopped after a few feet and continued to look over at my car. Soon, he began pacing in the same area continuing to watch me. Being a woman in my twenties, this made me extremely cautious and I began to feel uncomfortable, wondering what his motivations were. This behavior continued for a good 5 minute period which I made myself look busy for, afraid to get out of the car and head to the hotel alone.

    After 5 minutes of pacing and watching me, this security guard starting walking around the back of the hotel toward my car. He continued to watch me as he walked past the back of my car and continued on. This actually made me even more concerned since I parked next to a large commercial truck/van that I could not see around. After a minute, I decided to back put of the parking spot and leave. My instincts served me well. As I pulled out of the parking space, the security guard was standing on the other side of the truck, waiting.

    I left the parking lot and drove down the street trying to figure out what I was going to do. This hotel does not have anyone at the front desk from 11pm-7am, so there was no one to contact. All of this turned into a huge inconvenience and obviously, a lack of sleep. I did notify the manager of the events in the morning as I was leaving the hotel.


    When speaking to the manager, she informed me that they have security at the hotel to help prevent car break-ins and theft. While I am happy that they the spend the money to provide this service, there was something seriously wrong with this particular security guards actions. I can understand keeping an eye on someone that looks/acts suspicious but I drove up in a rented, silver PT Cruiser and I don't think I look like a sketchy person.

    11/02/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. Charlie C.
    As others have said, I was definitely pleasantly surprised by this hotel and what it provided for the cost.  Loved that my room, and probably the other rooms as well, was a mini suite.  And I thought there were some nice touches in addition to the normal expectations: a dishwasher and microwave popcorn, along with a fridge and a nicely appointed bathroom.  Bed was quite comfortable, with lots of soft pillows.  Only negatives were: a noisy fridge-I ended up turning it off before I went bed and the light from the microwave was too bright for the room.  I couldn't find anything to cover the brightness.  I do wish there were more eating places within walking distance, but no biggie.
    Besides that, I enjoyed my stay.  Close to highway.  Would stay again.

    10/12/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Vic C.
    Stayed here with my husband and our cocker spaniel when we were visiting Phoenix for a few days. The reason why we picked this hotel was that there is a kitchenette and that this place also allows for you to travel with your pets. Also the price per night we paid was pretty reasonable. By the way, there is a park right behind the hotel, which gave our dog plenty of grassy areas for him to relieve himself.

    This was our first time staying in Candlewood Suites and we really enjoyed our time at this hotel. There is plenty of parking in the lot and the staff were very friendly. Our room (on the 2nd flood) had plenty of dishes and utensils for us to use and also provided dish soap and a sponge to wash our dishes. The room we got was a queen size bed and it was pretty spacious enough for us. But I did wish that the bathroom was a little bigger. Also wished that the free wifi would be faster during peak times (faster late at night, when most people are probably sleeping).

    Really appreciated that we were given a coupon for 1 free item in the Candlewood Cupboard (downstairs right next to the check in desk, provides snacks that you can buy at a fairly reasonable price). Also thought the small gym that is on site actually pretty nice (for a small gym) and clean. Really thought it was cool that we could also borrow DVDs at the front desk for free and watch them back in our room (so yes there is a DVD player in the room). Oh and there is also a laundry area that you can use here (we didn't use it though) for a small price. You can also purchase detergent in case you forget to pack some. And there is also a few grills on site with tables so you can buy some meat at the local market (not a far drive to) and make dinner if you wanted to or have friends or family that you may be visiting to come over and have a cook out.

    Overall, this hotel was a very nice place to stay and would stay here again if we ever do come back to Phoenix.

    26/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Michael M.
    For the price, location, set up and cleanliness of the room, and all the little extras involved, I thought this was a good place. However, someone before me in the room must have had a cat because the smell is pretty overwhelming. Had I stayed more than a single night, that would've been an issue.

    Still, I'd recommend Extended Stay and will probably be back to this same location pretty soon. (Though I'll probably ask to inspect the room prior.)

    06/12/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    9. C M.
    Meh.  My dissatisfaction with this facility is probably ALL my fault.  This place is fine if you're on a tight budget and looking for more of a home away from home.    I go on vacation to go to a hotel away from home.  Cue my missteps . . . it is an extended stay place.   No daily maid service [but, all the towels you want, which was nice], no breakfast, no paper in the morning, but a coffee machine. . . not what we were looking for, however, I must have missed the fine print.  Clean "enough", I guess, bathroom was nice.  The furniture was dated, our desk chair was ripped and the foam was coming out in more than one place but not a deal breaker if you're on a tight budget.  T.V. worked fine.  You can get DVDs at the front desk.  You can borrow a blender and virtually any kitchen utensil/appliance you want -- again -- home away from home here.   The local area leaves something to be desired in my opinion, but I thought I'd try the north part of the valley.  Super nice staff, however.    The pool is very basic.  There's some slingback type chairs.   There's a municipal park that is just outside the facility with walking trail which was okay but I'd only walk between 11-3, the area just made me uneasy in parts.

    07/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    10. Rachel B.
    The bed was exceptionally comfortable. I also loved that there was a Starbucks right outside the hotel. The gardens looked amazing!

    05/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Cherry C.
    (Late posting guys! I just realized it was an unfinished review. This visit was on 4/1/14-4/03/14)
    I really enjoyed it here because it was QUIET  :-)  I requested the 2nd floor. The staff was great! You get a "free" soda upon check in. I would definitely go back! I checked out, ended my last interview on the other side of town (Tempe location) and was able to change my clothes over there before I jetted out of town.
    What was most important to me was that my room was on the inside of the building & QUIET!

    06/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    12. Mark A.
    The quality of this hotel far exceeded my expectations.  We stayed here because of the low price and really weren't expecting much.  The rooms are newly remodeled and very modern.  They include a kitchen with all of the amenities you need (toaster, fridge, stovetop, dishwasher w/detergent, dishes, etc..).  They have a little pantry where you can buys supplies and the prices are very reasonable ($1 for Greek yogurt).  Free coffee/tea in the lobby 24 hours and free laundry as well.  There is also a nice running trail our back, which makes up for the out dated fitness room.

    I'd stay here again, especially if it was for a long trip.

    27/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    13. Kia W.
    Why come here instead of the other dozen hotels??? They have a "borrowing" system: dvds, board games, books And utensils for the grill...like a spatula which is exactly what we needed after grilling some burgers on one of their two thats available!  And to top it off they have a honor system?  Who still trust people is 2014????  Apparently they do! And  hotel rocks for that! Front desk is amazing! And the best of all....its free WiFi! Hell Yeah!

    I have a few more days here so hopefully i won't have to edit! One complaint...they're like an extended stay hotel so housekeeping is only done once a week...so just treat there rooms like you would treat your own...keep em clean!

    And it's pet friendly hotel, so there were a few scratches on the arm chair but nothing you can't over look!

    My next visit I'll be using them again!

    Keep up the good work Candlewood!

    25/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0