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Stay off Interstate 17 at the Phoenix, Arizona Comfort Suites at Metro Center hotel. We are near the Metrocenter mall, Castles N' Coasters, Arizona State University West, the Peoria Sports Complex and the University of Phoenix. Enjoy hotel amenities that includefree wi-fi a fitness center, an indoor pool, laundry facilities, a business center and meeting space. Your Morning Breakfast is full of hot and delicious options, making breakfast at the Comfort Suites At Metro Center the perfect way to start your day. Enjoy our free hot breakfast featuring eggs, meat, yogurt, fresh fruit, cereal and more, including your choice of hot waffle flavors! If you're leaving early, a Your Suite Success Grab It & Go bag is available for the two hours prior to breakfast. Rooms are pet-friendly and include microwaves, refrigerators and coffee makers. Keep your electronic devices charged with the recharge device including AC and USB outlets provided in all guest rooms.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.30

Address: 10210 N. 26th Dr., Phoenix, AZ, 85021

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    Comments (10):

    1. Tyler B.
    Rooms were fine and staff was great but prices were high.

    03/12/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    2. Blake N.
    My wife and I travel the country for our jobs and stay in 1 hotel a week usually. This is one of the worst we have stayed in. There were no luggage carts for us to use, which is hard when you have a lot and are on the 3rd floor. Two of our three rooms smelled like smoke and we had to get new ones. Our bed comforter had noticeable stains and there was hair on the blanket below it. Not a very clean and comfortable hotel here. I would not stay here again.

    02/02/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Scott C.
    Paid a decent rate $79 for a suite each night over the weekend, but after the kids swam in the pool and in the hot tub over the weekend, they all got sick with 'Hot Tub Rash'.  Tried to contact the hotel management and they would not call me back after multiple attempts.  Continental breakfast was good, but avoid the pool!

    30/12/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Ann H.
    We made reservations while on the road via my iphone through hotels.com . After getting very lost & driving a half hour out of our way (there is a BIG difference bwtween "Ave" and "St"!! And since Hotels.com doesn't allow you the choice to open your phone's map app - only their own map, I had to recite the address over & over in my head & type it into my map. Could have been WAY worse - but this little flaw really pissed me off!) Obviously, this part is a critique of hotels.com - and I did not let it influence my review of the hotel, that doesn't control such things.

    We get to the hotel at 9:40. The kid behind the counter tells me he can't check us in because it's so close to shift change & he's already counted out. Uhhhh WHAT?? It's late. I'm tired. And we've ALREADY PAID FOR OUR ROOM ONLINE. This should be a slam dunk! Unfortunately, this kid only reinforced the growing stereotype about the lack of work ethic in the next generation.
    With an extremely irate husband and a grumpy teenager, that was a VERY long 20 minute wait.
    The next clerk came on duty & helped us immediately. I must say, Timm was EXTREMELY helpful, courteous & kind. If not for him, I'd have rated service at 0 stars. Timm's service alone was 5 stars. He quickly checks us in and gets us a room - but, unfortunately, it wasn't a great room. Someone ELSE there was slacking on the job. The room had a putrid stink like one of the ITT Tech kids had partied too hardy and puked in a corner, the bedspread was missing from one bed (?!?!?), the other bedspread had suspiciously dirty smudges all over it, and the whole room strongly vibrated as if it was over a giant revving engine. It was very surreal. But one call to Timm at the front desk & a new room was procured quickly & painlessly - he walked us over to the new room, himself, held the door & made sure we settled in nicely.
    After that, our stay was great! The beds were super cozy (if a little crooked?? Can't figure that one out - but any night I get my OWN bed instead of sharing with my hubby is a great night's sleep, sooo....) ... it was quiet... and the FREE BREAKFAST was awesome! Waffles, sausage, muffins, cereal, coffee, juice, yogurt, fruit, etc etc etc! After staying at several "free breakfast" hotels in the previous week we'd become pretty jaded. A cold muffin & coffee with powdered creamer does NOT a breakfast make! But this!! THIS was a BREAKFAST! I mean - don't get me wrong... we're not talking fine cuisine here. But compared to what you usually see, this was a veritable feast!
    So, in summary, our initial 20 minutes at this hotel was 1 star across the board. The remaining hours until checkout were FIVE GLORIOUS STARS!
    Thanks, Timm, for helping me get at least ONE good night's sleep during my vacation!

    14/08/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Marcia W.
    i'm kinda surprised this hotel doesn't have more stars lol.. anyway, my husband and i originally stayed here may 1st, 2013 for some days to celebrate our honeymoon. we came back to this hotel just yesterday for 1 nite cuz of stuff going on in our house so we needed an overnite stay. and for the sentimentality, we chose this place :) it's in an odd place IMO but there's a short row of restaurants right in front of it, one of em being outback steakhouse lol.. so part of y we stayed w/ a choice hotels brand is cuz i'm a member and we had the points for a free nite. so this was a free stay minus the food we got lol. u walk in and it's a decent cozy entrance/lobby. the front desk counter is crazy high tho which is awkward for my 5'3 self. the girl was new and didn't know how to do choice rewards free nites :/ so that took her a few mins and i guess there was no one she could ask for help. idk, i mean if ur new, wouldn't it be smart to be trained on how to do various types of check in's, esp the free nites ones? lol.. it's fine, just saying something for the staff to consider doing for their newbies.. 

    we were supposed to have a 2 queen beds reg room, not handicap accessible. but cuz she gave us our choice of which floor, we chose 1st, we ended up w/ a room w/ the roll in shower, no problem.. the only 1st impression issue we had was when we walked into the room, it had the smell of cleaning supplies lol and that smell stayed (u only notice it when u open the door and walk in lol, not while ur in there).. i mean it's no big deal, we'd rather it smell like cleaning supplies than something 'bad' lol.. also, last yr we experienced that the tv gets fuzzy/static when it's changing channels. we reported it last yr to the front desk who simply said it's just a problem they can't personally fix.. but idk, i thought that 1 yr would be enuf time to figure this out but sadly, even tho it's a great sized HD flat screen tv (u can turn it btw for if ur at the desk/table which i did a lot, other places have the tv locked in place and whatnot), so yeah sadly the static problem is still there lol... no biggy tho, the channels all still worked and were crisply clear, which is more than i can say for their sister brand clarion in las vegas (where we stayed a few weeks ago for our 1st wedding anniv) that still has the old box tv's and bad reception where some channels don't even work. so w/ the breakfast, this time around, they offered original flavor waffles, so i jumped at that, last yr it was flavors i wouldn't eat.. the 'cheese omelette' deal they had, the pieces were rubbery and we didn't like w/e they use for cheese. my hard boiled eggs tasted better. lol my husband said they must be leftover from the beginning of breakfast time.. but i did like the juice selection they had :), i got glasses of all 3 (the 4th is water), lemonade, orange juice, and apple juice cuz they happen to be the only juices i enjoy lol... the breakfast attendant was really nice and quiet, he was very attentive to keeping everything clean and neat, which i appreciated. there was also a tv in the corner, lol it was on some strange channel this tv addict didn't know existed! the bathroom we had was a nice size since it's an accessible one, the faucet is crazy close to the sink lol so i kept bumping my hands washing my hands but w/e. i wonder how a person in a wheelchair would deal w/ this tho, if the faucet is far out enuf for them to reach? the walls are also really thin so u can hear clearly other rooms' convos lol so keep it quiet if u wanna have a private convo (or do other stuff)! this also means u hear the vaccuuming in other rooms and above u. we were on the 1st floor but i personally didn't hear any highway noise, but that may be b/c of the a/c being kinda loud lol. my husband saysa i was killing it by having it on 70 and it kept turning on and off constantly, *shrugs, this is hot as heck az! lol... lol u even have an option for pillows cuz they put soft pillows in front, and firm in the back. the bed is nice too, all white fluffy, thick comforter (idk the specific type) but it's better than the typical older versions m/hotels usually have. and no stains or nothing considering it's all white bedding lol. but i normally struggle w/ sleeping in a new place the 1st-2nd nites, but the beds must've been damn comfy enuf or something cuz i slept damn good lol, even took a nap after the breakfast b4 checking out at 12... there was a good supply of towels, which some hotels slack in. there's also a room safe, ironing stuff, guest laundry available, a drink vending machine for $1.50 and ice machine, the free continental breakfast as i mentioned, and can't forget the dorm-size microwave/fridge in every room, not every hotel offers the microwave and fridge!

    12/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Kira B.
    This hotel came to our rescue! We had made reservations at a La Quinta in, thinking it would be decent, but after being scared out of our wits by the needles and disgusting rooms, we needed a new hotel and fast! No one was available at all, we went to five different hotels and were about to give up, and then the comfort in said they had two rooms left. We needed two regular rooms, and they told us they had one regular, and one suite, but that they would give us the suite for the price of a regular king! The suite was phenomenal and was fantastic. They turned our stay right around! And the breakfast, while small, stayed open for us, even though we were way late. They said it was totally okay, even though they were trying to close. Will definitely visit again!

    12/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    7. Temoor W.
    I stayed here for 6 weeks for Job Training. I can't say this enough, but Lynn helped me out a lot! She was really courteous and always treated me like a friend! Talk to Lynn to work out extended rates or just for a polite friendly greeting to the hotel!
    The rooms are actually comfortable! This is by the highway, so if you need peace ask for a room away from the freeway, but I don't mind the cars driving by!
    Breakfast is good here, really it is! I wish I took advantage of it more.
    I'm giving this place 5 out of 5, just because I didn't expect much staying here, I did my research and I was 4 miles from my training site. So convenience and comfort were above par.
    Yet two things Kept me annoyed during my stay, which were the security guard and my room keys.
    The room keys become out of sync after a few days, so this would turn into a lethargic manner when I'm at my room door and find out my keys don't work. :(
    The security guard: sure he does his job by scoping out who is who... But I've been staying here for 6 weeks, with the little amount of knowledge of being a security guard you should understand who is a "usual" and who is out of the ordinary.
    Every Time I walked in I was "dogged" by him. I'm sure he's from a hired security service, but damn... if the front desk people can greet me normally, I'm sure this guy could have.
    I recommend this place, and I'm sure the security guard issue is just me.

    16/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    8. Anonymous A.
    The positive: The lady working the front desk always seems friendly. The location was where we needed it to be for out travels. That's the positive. The negative: We have pictures documenting gross stains on pull-out sleeper mattress; filthy walls, and bubbling plaster that sags above the shower. That's just the beginning. Sleeper sofa so lumpy even a younger child who doesn't weigh much fussed about the springs poking him. No sheets were provided or mattress pad for the sleeper--had to go track those down. The blanket for the sleeper was either stained or just dirty and also had someone else's hair. We tossed that blanket in the corner. Room needs a lot of work. List too long to name. Wi-fi very slow and not reliable. Make sure you push the "close door" on the elevator a few times or the door won't shut. No "wet floor" signs were placed by wet tile in downstairs hallway so a family member suffered injury after falling. At least the lady at the front desk is kind.

    10/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Steve I.
    What a great hotel! It's nice, free wifi, free breakfast, plenty of parking (which seems rarer and rarer), and the room was wonderful. TONS of food options within walking distance, and even more within a short drive. Would be happy to stay here again.

    08/05/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. James S.
    Great parking lot and the WiFi reaches out quite a ways so I don't have to use my data!

    01/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0