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Days Inn Phoenix Metro Center in Phoenix, AZ

Days Inn Phoenix Metro Center in Phoenix, AZ

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Company Info:

Rating: 1.70

Address: 2735 W. Sweetwater Ave., Phoenix, AZ, 85029

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    Comments (10):

    1. Paul Anthony L.
    This is the worst hotel experience I have had in my 21 years of life. The cooler was broken, we were told a refrigerator was in the room but it wasn't, the sheets were stained, and there is little to no cell phone service even in the parking lot. The only redeeming quality is the free wifi which I'm currently using to write this review. NEVER STAY HERE!

    30/06/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Robin C.
    Had one of the best nights sleep in years! I am writing this because I want to remember that I slept so well here. I usually have back pain when I sleep and toss and turn. I moved once (unheard of!) during the night. Don't know if it was the pillows or the mattress or a combinatino of both. No spa I could see, pool was nice on a hot day. Neighborhood marginal. Breakfast marginal. Not matter though, a good nights sleep is totally worth it. Best of all? $30 on hotels.com !

    18/06/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    3. Laura C.
    I stayed there Jan 3rd-5th 2013 with a high school group of wrestlers. It took "Tanya" 45 minutes to check us in. Then while I was at dinner, Tanya called to tell me that she had just re-rented my room to someone else!! She didn't bother to check if they were in the room or if my cameras were still there! I raced back to the hotel (in the middle of dinner), got a new set of keys and had to inventory my stuff to make sure it was all there (it was). THEN at around 9 pm the two people she rented the room to came to the door and were trying to get in and they were angry.  Luckily a retired Marine in our group came out of his room and chased them away.  As a woman staying alone, I was NOT about to open the door to angry people!!

    And there was NO wifi and their idea of breakfast is a display of 5 Danish and a few mini boxes of cereal. Horrible.  But after the room incident, I'm done with this place!!F

    10/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Ernie F.
    Let me start by saying the rooms are clean, the area is nice and it's a free breakfast. But they lose two stars because they didn't have a coffee maker or an iron so I had to go out tired and wrinkled. Oh, and their Wi-Fi was down.

    25/10/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Jane-Ann S.
    We booked this on booking.com so knew the rate but the woman on reception insisted on charging us extra even after I showed her my booking form. We booked 2 nonsmoking rooms but walked in & were hit by the smell of stale smoke. They begrudgingly changed one of our rooms, and put us into one that smelt equally as bad. Blood on the sheet that wasn't mine & cigarette burns in the bed covers & curtains. The pool was greasy & we were lucky to see to our knees in the water. We refunded our 2nd night & left. Never again.

    22/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. Susan C.
    We booked online with booking.com .  The picture is a 1000 times better than the place.  When they put a warning on the door to lock BOTH locks at all times when inside the room... stay somewhere else.  The Location is sketchy!!  Beds are small!!  The TV is from the stone age.  Only positive was that the staff was nice.  We stayed in room about 15 minutes... loaded our luggage (didn't care about not getting a refund) and went down the road to the Marriott Towne Suites where we paid only $10.00 more a night for an AWESOME room.

    20/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Amanda J.
    Bad place to stay never thought I would take my tinge to write a bad review but this place is horrible. Just night I found bed bugs and the fronts guy just changed me to another room. I got bits all over my body. Second room had graffiti all over the table and bathroom. Second there was dirty sheets with hair all over and stains.wow. Third room okay I guess. Just wanted to sleep. Never stay here.

    17/07/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. Caitlin F.
    The front desk people are  really nice BUT...

    If I could I would give this place 0 stars...

    One- crack heads all over this hotel, my friend stop by to see me before I left and to meet her new baby and we were standing outside my room and a guy walked up asked if we had a lighter I gave him one then asked if we needed any weed or anything... Um no?

    2- u have to walk all the way up to the lobby in 115-120 degree weather to get ice and pay 25 cents for a certain amount and I got a smoking room and there's no ash trays in the room called the front office and they said I have to come get them from the office? Wth I just had to walk down there from the other side of the hotel for ice!!

    I stayed in room 253... The bathtub has cracked from the wall the carpet is tarred from the tile in the bathroom the AC makes weird noises when u turn it on... Alarm came randomly and very loud at 1:20AM when I was sleeping

    And last but not least the worst of all... After tryin to go back to sleep after the alarm I looked toward the other pillow on my bed and THERE CRAWLING ON THE PILLOW WAS A TICK!!! I was sooooo disgusted

    I will never stay here again...

    11/08/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Henry Z.
    Let me start by listing all the positives about the hotel: the beds were pretty comfortable.  That's it.  

    Now let's talk negatives.  The neighborhood it's in is very shady to begin with.  It then took me over 30 minutes to check in because there was only one person at the desk and he was taking forever.  After finally getting to the desk he told me my room was overbooked so he put me in a smaller room.  The only option was to wait a couple hours...no way I was doing that.

    I got to the room and it was completely unclean!  Beer bottles were everywhere and the beds were disgusting.  I asked to changed rooms but was given keys that didn't work TWICE.  Extremely angry at this point, I demanded a refund but was denied one so I just left early.  Never stay here if you can avoid it.

    Also if you have pets they charge $10/PET/night...meaning if you bring 2 dogs for 2 nights that's an extra $40.  Finally the bathrooms are so tiny and you can barely fit in the dirty shower.

    24/11/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    10. Rosa d.
    For the price it was good....I was a little leery at first because on the outside my door had no key hole, it looked like it had been removed! Then on the inside the latch to lock it was VERY loose like someone had tried to bust in before! Definitely agreeing with the crackhead comment, I saw some staring at me through their window while I was swimming ...eww.. creepy!

    The one thing I do need to say is the staff was very friendly for the most part ;) Very handsome blonde guy from TN, working up front the majority of the time I was there ;) HE was VERY helpful, AND knowledgeable on things to do in the area!! GO TO GUY! He should be working for a better place than this one!

    But ....that tick story??

    OMG I am a little freaked out to come back again, but if you do see me coming through Phoenix again (shudders) I will MAYBE re-consider staying at this place for the decent rooms, HUGE ASS bed, FREE breakfast, and nice little swimming pool to cool off in.

    Thanks again, *SO sorry I forgot your name* Cute guy! LOL

    BUT, P.S. TELL the owner he should have free ice, thats inflation if I have ever seen it! :) See YA!

    28/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0