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Embassy Suites Phoenix - Biltmore in Phoenix, AZ

Embassy Suites Phoenix - Biltmore in Phoenix, AZ


The Embassy Suites Phoenix - Biltmore hotel is located in the Biltmore area, Phoenix, Arizona's most prestigious community. Enjoy the finest dining and shopping experience at the Biltmore Fashion Park with over 70 of the finest shops and restaurants all within a short walk!


Established in 1996.

The hotel was originally built as a Crown Sterling Suites before the Embassy Suites brand stepped in. It remains one of the only Embassy Suites of its kind with its unique atrium and proximity to the Biltmore Fashion Park and financial district.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.10

Address: 2630 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85016
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Comments (61):

1. Wesley J.
You usually can't go wrong staying at an Embassy Suites hotel.  The rooms are huge and the breakfast is yummy.  You can sometimes get free happy hour drinks too!

04/01/07 | Link | Rating: 4.0
2. Jason A.
For $179 a night in Phoenix, I was expecting great things.  The rooms were huge, but a little worn down.  There was rust in the shower , mold spots in the bathroom, and I felt a little itchy sitting on the couch.  The pluses are wi-fi throughout the hotel for $9.95, free breakfast, open bar in the early evening and right next to a fairly up scale mall.  I would look for a nicer spot in Scottsdale, if I have to return back to Phoenix.

03/02/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
3. Shannon S.
I really enjoyed my experience with the Embassy Suites. It was in a great location. Right next to the Biltmore Fashion Park, a movie theater, tons of good restaurants, and not far from Scottsdale. Our room was very roomy and clean. They had a free breakfast in the morning which included made to order omlets, fruit, bagels, etc... The hotel also had an Omaha Steakhouse ajoined which delivered to your room. They had free drinks from 5 - 7 pm. The customer service was great. For $125 we couldn't have asked for anything better.

20/11/06 | Link | Rating: 5.0
4. Laurence H.
The Biltmore is centrally located in Phoenix and near to a very nice mall.  Large suite rooms make this place a comfortable place to stay and the staff is genuinely helpful.  Breakfast buffet with made to order omelets and a full suite of selection make this a good business travel hotel.

Don't expect white glove service, high quality restaurants...you are in an Embassy Suite after all.

18/10/06 | Link | Rating: 3.0
5. Posh IN P.
It was a pretty nice location-RIGHT next to the mall-they gave me a room overlooking the pool with a HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGe balcony enough to throw a party on ..very satisfied..the food was a steak restaurant, which the only downfall was they didn't provide room service for breakfast so you had to cattle call with the random people down in the lobby-
otherwise, very pleasant stay.  Forgot one big hiccup--If you're a gym person like me..it was quite awkward..b/c basically you're in this square floating plexiglass gym where everyone can see you from EVERY angle..and it's hours are only til 10pm... :(

20/06/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
6. Coco R.
I stayed here during the summer really enjoyed it. Got the cheapest room and it was HUGE! Centrally located which was nice right next to the mall! I would definitly stay here again!

28/11/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. Sara L.
I've stayed here twice before, and I think it's a wonderful place for anyone's who's visiting.  Close the mall, movie theatre, Biltmore, and most importantly, Shreiner's Sausages.  Really, though.  It's always clean, roomy, good A/C.  Probably one of the best Embassy Suites I've visited.  And way cheaper than the Biltmore, for sure.

12/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Kat S.
This review is not about my stay at the Biltmore but about not staying here. I purchased a gift certificate at a baseball related charity function in Oct. When I went to redeem my gift certificate (which I wanted use during the baseball Spring training months) I was told the dates I had chosen were unavailable. OK, I understand as on my certificate it did say subject to availability, so I choose a couple of other dates. After a couple of phone calls I was finally told that all Spring training dates were blackout. My problem with all of this is that it took many phone messages and emails to finally have someone tell me this. The Director of Sales and Marketing contact person who was on my gift certificate NEVER returned an email or phone call and when asked if there were any other options none were offered. I would also like to add that I have a 2 night stay certificate and was looking to stay 2 additional nights at full price. Bottom line really bad bad customer service.

25/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
9. L R.
Love this place! A great value-- with comfy rooms, complimentary breakfast (with made-to-order omelettes, french toast and pancakes) and manager's reception with free booze and light appetizers! My friends and I stayed there during our visit to Phoenix for the Fiesta Bowl. The front desk was super helpful and nice. I recommend staying there if you just need a hotel to stay at -- especially when traveling with a group.

03/01/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. jotan j.
I plan weekend get aways allllll the time.  And the Embassy Suites is one of my FAVORITES... Great Breakfast, Happy Hour, Beds the works.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  I usually get a great rate on Hotels.Com.

02/07/09 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. A B.
This hotel is in a central location to stores and restaurants.

Rooms were clean and spacious.

Staff were very friendly and hospitable. Free breakfast was a nice plus.

Hotel is a bit of a distant drive to downtown Phoenix, but not too far.

Also, the nice thing about this hotel is that you do not have to pay for parking.

11/07/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
12. Gayle G.
We stayed here on points on New Year's Eve so that we'd be in the center of town and wouldn't have far to drive.

Embassy Suites is nice because all of the rooms are suites, which is nice when there are four in the room.  We could still hang out without waking up the folks sleeping in the other room.  

I think this hotel was recently remodeled as the bathroom was up to date, bright and clean.  We had a balcony overlooking the parking lot, but better than nothing at all.

The best part is a cocktail reception from 5:30 to 7;30 every night.  We had a few cocktails in the lobby bar.  The lobby is a huge area with plants, ponds and people all over.

A great location is the best thing going for this hotel.  The staff was super nice, too.

03/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
13. David P.
Very nice rooms with nice tv's. The lobby is pleasant, but it's kinda hard to find your way to the room.  There was a shortage of trash receptacles in the room, however.

11/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Gail W.
I stayed here for a working holiday, and I absolutely loved it. One of the best hotel stays I've had. The rooms are all two room suites, clean, and very comfortable.  

There's a free breakfast in the morning (cooked if you get up early enough along with continental) and a free happy hour every night from 5:30 to 7:30.  The location is right in the middle of some nice restaurants and across the street from a movie theater, and the parking is free at the hotel.

The only issue I had with the hotel was how far it was from downtown Phoenix, and they did not have a shuttle there (or to the airport for that matter). They did drive me to the light rail, where for a flat $3.50 I bought a day pass to get around town.

Overall it was a wonderful experience, and if I'm ever in town again, this is where I'll be staying.

10/09/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. T M.
I give the bartender who works at this hotel 5 stars. He looks like Moby. Best martini ever.

The air conditioner in the room will make you wake up once an hour, as it is very loud.

After going to the gym one day at 5pm, there was no hot water for a shower.

The omlettes are made with artificial eggs.

The lobby looks nice. The steak house is good for a hotel restaurant.

The martinis are great.

28/04/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
16. M H.
Wonderful hotel for families. Breakfast, swimming pool, and indoor pond were a hit with kids.  Nice location with ample dining options nearby.

21/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
17. Rose A.
My first stay here was about 4 years ago when I traveled for business.  I recently stayed here for a wedding that was held in the hotel.  The suites are pretty spacious and the beds are comfortable.

What's great is that they offer a daily, cooked-to-order breakfast (omelettes, bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes, etc) as well as the basic continetal breakfast items (fruit, yogurt, cereal, bagels, oatmeal, etc).  They also have a, I believe it's called, Managers Reception in the evening with drinks and light hours devours.  

The pool & sauna area is great.  The bathrooms have towels for your convenience.  I really like the patio seating areas around the pool.  My family and I were able to enjoy our complimentary breakfast outside while the weather was gorgeous.  My 6-yr old daughter especially loved the pool since she was able stand up in the shallow end.  Although the pool is a little small.

The lobby area has a huge pretty ponds and a fountain.  Makes you feel relaxed as you enter.

The negatives:
1. Since we were guests of the wedding party, we didn't have to pay for parking during our stay but they normally charge for parking.
2. The Fitness Center is way too small and is an a very odd location.  It's on the 3rd floor, closer to one side of the building, but still in the middle not too far from some of the rooms.  The room is surrounded by glass and only part of it is frosted so it's easy for guests walking around to see in.
3.  Most of the staff was pretty friendly during both of my visits.  However, during my most-recent visit, my husband called to request for more hand-towels (we wanted to use them for the fitness center not knowing that they are already provided inside).  I should've asked for the woman's name but when she delivered the towels she was extremely rude.  She didn't smile or say hi, which was no biggie, but she delivered bath towels.  Again, no biggie, we ended up needing them anyway but when I nicely told her that we had requested the smaller hand-towels, she rolled her eyes, started speaking into her radio and walked away.  Wow!  She came back 10 minutes later, again, no smile or hello, no apology but this time with face-towels (the small square ones).  Oh well.

20/08/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
18. Diane J.
Stayed 2 nights for spring training. Location is nice. Staff are super friendly, free breakfast and evening cocktails and snacks were nice. Unfortunately the non smoking room smelled gross, even after leaving the windows open for 2 days it still smelled gross. The carpets could do with cleaning.

25/02/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
19. Adam O.
Great place.  Clean, hospitable staff, beautiful entry ways.  Manager's party every night and awesome breakfasts every morning!  I don't know how this place is not more popular.

08/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
20. J R.
Nice hotel/rooms. Food all around the area. $15/day for internet is a joke!

27/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
21. Amy P.
My one star rating is based on three separate stays, all for work, all messed up in one way or another.

Stay 1 (one night): I checked in at 9pm and went to my room.  It was HOT and smelly.  I don't mean steamy shower HOT.  I mean surface of the sun hot.  I hate hot.  I can't sleep, think, or otherwise function while hot (this is why in live in San Francisco).  The AC only goes to 75 - this is not sufficiently temperate.  So, I don't get much sleep and think "I hate Phoenix".  

Stay 2 (three nights):  Night one, I checked in, used the fitness center, had supper.  Spent the rest of the evening watching Intervention and battling a headache.  Finally thought I should try to sleep at midnight and turned off the tv.  Here is (with absolutely no exaggeration I swear) what happened:


Amy's brain: huh? Is that even my door?  Maybe someone was upset that I still had the tv on.  Well I've turned it off.  They'll go away.

*knock knock

Amy's brain: huh?  why?

Amy steps into the "living room" of the suite to investigate the noise

*knock knock knock

Amy's brain: ok, that's clearly my door.  WTF?  Is the building on fire?  I don't hear alarms, the door isn't hot.


Amy's brain: maybe I should peek out and see who's knocking.  

Amy peeks out the curtains next to the door.  The person knocking is a woman in her mid-20s, in a little black dress, hair all done up, talking on a cell phone.


Amy's brain: I can take her.  Maybe she'll go away when she realizes she has the wrong room.  Move the curtain and let her see you.

Curtain moves back, girl notices Amy, waves, and gestures to have the door opened.

Amy (for the full effect, picture what Tony Soprano looks like when he's just rolled out of bed, that's how I answered the door): what?
Girl (cue perky voice): HI!!  I'm here for Brad!
Amy: huh?
Girl: I'm here for Brad.
Amy: I can't help you.
Girl (into cell phone): OMG a woman answered the door and Brad isn't here!  What's the room number again?

Now, for proper context, it's important to note that this was a MONDAY night and that most of the people I've seen at the hotel seem to be there for business.  I believe this young woman was there for "business" as well.  To this day, I find it interesting that her enthusiasm about "being here for Brad" wasn't at all dimmed by a woman with bedhead answering the door.

Stay 3 (three nights): I check in.  When I get to my room, I try to turn on the TV while I unpack.  Doesn't work.  Then, I notice that the bathtub in full of sand.  Build a sand castle, full of sand.  Look out for sandworms, full of sand.  OK, I'm done with this room.  Pick up the phone to call the front desk, doesn't work.  Now I'm really done.  Clothes back in the suitcase, down to the front desk.  They gave me a different room, but kept giving me weird explanations for all the issues with the first.

Beyond my bizarro experiences, the breakfast bar is a nice touch.  But I won't stay there again.  I don't need hookers knocking on my door at 12am.  That happens often enough at home.

02/07/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
22. Sally S.
I'm writing this review from a different perspective.  I'm not staying at this hotel but my out of state relatives are.    I was happy to find out they booked this location because it is convenient to so many places.  I met them after they checked in and we had 2 free cocktails each while we comfortably caught up on our lives.  We walked next door to the Biltmore mall on a beautiful night and selected Zin Burgers as our casual food choice for the night.  I felt the hotel and location hosted them well.  BTW I've stayed in the rooms and I like their space.

18/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
23. Candy B.
I was here last month for a business conference. The rooms are very nice. I love that there was 3 separate sink areas (with mirrors and counter space). I was staying with one other person, but if someone was willing to stay on the pull out sofa, we could have easily done 3 ladies.

There are two separate rooms in each suite, with a door. In the first one as you walk in, is a small sofa and chair with ottoman. There is a good-sized table and chairs and a small sink area with a fridge. There is also a bathroom off to the side which was well equipped and decent sized. I never felt like we were in each other's way and I never worried about visiting with other people in their room, there was always plenty of space.

The other room is quite large with 2 beds (or perhaps a king, not sure, we stayed in a double, obviously), a wardrobe, and an area with another sink/mirror/counter. Very nice for two women trying to get ready in the morning.

I cannot talk to the shopping or how far it was away from anything. We pretty much stayed in the hotel or went to specific places. The taxi from the airport was $25. Because we were there in groups, when we went out to dinner, the hotel provided us with a free shuttle (the driver was very nice). The hotel staff were simply amazing, always very nice and accommodating, no matter how weird our questions were (and we can ask some weird questions!)

The downside is that the air conditioner in the room was VERY loud and although we had it cranked down to 60, I doubt it got cooler than 75. That seemed to be the same according to others as well. I like a very cold room to sleep in, so that was a little annoying.

The meeting rooms were nice enough - again I didn't think the air conditioner was cold enough though. Maybe this is the difference in me living in Austin and visiting Phoenix, but I like air conditioning!

If you visit this area, make sure to visit Tarbells Restaurant too. Absolutely exquisite!

02/05/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Kanwal A.
I love love Embassy Suites. This hotel is at a good location, closer to the mall and some yummy restaurants such as True Food Kitchen. The staff is always nice and the two room suites are very comfortable. Free parking aaannnnndddd complimentary yummy cooked-to-order breaksfast (which is always the highlight of my stay at any Embassy Suites).

Oh! and there is also the manager's reception between 5 and 7 pm, if you happened to be at the hotel around those times.

25/11/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
25. Darren R.
Stayed here on business.  Once again Embassy Suites has done a good job.

All of the staff that I encountered were extremely friendly and helpful.  The lobby area is very nice with an Atrium feel and large Koi pond.  There is a decent (not great) breakfast served in the lobby area.

The room was very clean.  From the carpets to the furniture to the bathroom... it all appeared very clean and well maintained.   The bed was very comfortable and had crisp clean linens.

The room service from the Omaha Steakhouse was quite good for room service.

The Harney & Sons Earl Grey tea in the room was an added bonus.

20/07/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
26. Joan F.
Melinda at the front desk was wonderful! Great staff!  You will not go wrong staying at this Embassy Suites at the Biltmore!

17/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Dorothy H.
Super clean!
Nice staff!!! Free breakfast, with made to order omelettes. The one gripe paid parking. I mean seriously, that's offensive considering the room rates (March 9-14 2011) stay.  If you need internet (like most do) get this....they charge for that too *stare* . Had a lot of issues trying to use it that they had to give me FREE access. Smh

Alas, the lobby area is beautiful it has a pond with gorgeous fish (aweee
Didn't eat at the restaurant on-site. It's centrally located & directly across the street from a small upscale mall. Yes small but had the stores I love....bebe, Saks...and um er...bebe LOL

I would stay here again though....can't pass up on a good FREE breakfast.

27/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Rachel Q.
I was placed here to stay while I was in the area for a training course.

This place was beautiful.  The lobby area has a beautiful fountain and koi ponds.. and you can't hear the water when you're in your room.. wonderful!

The rooms were spacious and clean.  I had three sinks.. THREE SINKS!  One in the living area.. one in the bathroom.. and one in the bedroom..  Why I had three sinks?   I don't know but I made sure to use them all.. hahaha!

They have a free hot breakfast.. an omelet bar.. hash browns.. bacon.. sausage.. french toast.. eggs.. yum!

They also had the usual breakfast pastries.. and cereal.. and oatmeal..

They have an Omaha Jack's Steakhouse.. I didn't get to try it.. but you could have also had room service send up dinners up to the room.  

In the afternoon.. around 5:30-7:30pm.. they have a complimentary happy hour where the drinks are free.

They have a fitness area that I didn't get to check out.. but some of my collegues said it was pretty decent.

The hotel is located next door to a mall.. and many other restaurants.

I only took one star out because the room's heat wasn't work too well.

I would definitely come back and stay here if I find myself in the Phoenix area again.

27/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
29. Rhonda L.
We stayed here for four miserable nights & two awful rooms.  The only reason I gave them even two stars was because the staff were very nice.

The first room had a broken A/C so we tossed & turned all night.  Half of the lights in the room didn't work and neither TV came in.  And if that wasn't bad enough the bedroom was located adjacent to the back of a restaurant next door so we were woken each morning at 4:00 to non-stop truck deliveries backing up, beep, beep, beep!!!

On our third day the water was turned off for the whole hotel for several hours of emergency Rotor-Rooter service.

The second room was better than the first, but the A/C still didn't work well and the tub had a major drip...we just closed the bathroom door and dealt with it.

I'm afraid to say that this might have been the last time I stay at an Embassy Suites Hotel because as I recall, the one in Austin, TX wasn't great either.

09/04/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
30. Anthony M.
First let me say i love Embassy Suites and hilton Hotels but my gripe is about the Hilton Honors Program. I booked several stays through Orbitz so i can book my flight and Hotel together and on those stays Hilton accpets my Honors number but when i review my account to see how many points i had i noticed on those 2 stays there were ZERO points. Come to find out that booking through another site Hilton won't honor those stays. This is crazy as most people don't ever reall book direct to a hotel when traveling on buisness. I had been a Marriott Rewards member for over 10 years and will be switching back because of this, Embassy Suites are nice and cost much more and for me to not get the points is a deal breaker for my dollars. Wish this policy would change and when i called she simply said sorry company policy and if you want the points you have to book seperately. Extremely dissappointed i must say!

19/10/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
31. Adrianna D.
We THOROUGHLY enjoyed our stay at this Embassy Suites location.  

Our experience: Hotel staff was extremely friendly and helpful with any requests or recommendations. Lobby and pool grounds are beautiful. Impressive, clean & fresh room. Free parking. No resort fee. And the complimentary breakfast was OUTSTANDING. I've stayed at a few Embassy Suites properties, and this one had the best breakfast by far.  Chef Maria really knows how to serve up a great omelette!

I really can't think of any negatives (and I can be pretty picky). I'd come back to Phoenix just to stay at this hotel.

29/03/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
32. Chris C.
Nice Staff but that's about all. Would never stay here again

29/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
33. Sofia P.
The Koi & Turtle pond is so nice. Clean room Mgr special drinks they need a popcorn machine. Good breakfast. Late pool hours a plus! Late check out!
However our room got a lil warm at night so no 5 stars. Overall excellent stay.

08/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
34. Robin E.
Nice place; here for a baseball tourney with my son and wife, and they take care of everything. Boys comfortable, good part of town. Couldn't ask for more - good value.

25/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
35. Geoff L.
The company I came out to Phoenix to visit offered this hotel as my place for rest.

I must say, the lobby of this place is pretty awesome! Definitely wouldn't have seen it coming from the outside. They have nice lemon water by the check in desk, very nice!

You can get free cheap beer and alcoholic drinks during happy hour (I personally would not drink it, one of my friends really regretted drinking the free cheap vodka drinks). The bar in the lobby/ dining area is pretty good. Drinks are inexpensive and the bartender is very attentive.

The pool is nice! Definitely a cool down from the hot weather during summer time! Unfortunately, there aren't any electrical outlets around the pool if you need to charge your phone. Good news is that the bartender delivers to the poolside (gotta tip generously of course!) The steak nachos are pretty awesome! *If you're going from the bar to the pool, be sure to get plastic cups from the bartender, no glass by the poolside!

The rooms are pretty decent, clean bedsheets, 2 sinks, and fold out bed by the front door couch for guests :)

Remember though, no room service after around 10pm.. Be prepared to make trips to the vending machines if you're hungry after drinking :) haha!

All in all, after my 3rd trip to Arizona this year, happy to stay here! :)

18/09/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
36. J M.
I stayed at this hotel the second week of March 2014. A colleague and I both ended up with BED BUG BITES!! The hotel representatives we spoke with were rude and accusatory. They acted like we were trying to get away with something. REALLY?!? They refused to check our crews rooms for pests. They completely denied any responsibility and offered no help to us. I travel most of the year as my job requires. By far one of the worst hotel experiences I've ever had. I would post photos of the bites on my FACE, but being humiliated at work for a week was bad enough.

31/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
37. Terry N.
I've stayed at this Embassy Suites several times.  Please consider what I'm about to say as a tip more than a review, because it can happen at any hotel.

When checking in, make sure you are not on the side of the hotel where the bar is, especially on the 1st or 2nd floor.   This area of the hotel will receive early morning truck deliveries and garbage trucks unloading and loading.  Lot's of beeping and metal banging going on from 3am to 5am.

I'll stay again because of the accommodations, location, price and services, but I'll be more choosy next time on room location.

Hope this helps!

31/10/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
38. Walt C.
Review based on 1 night stay on the 4th floor:

+ Design/feel of hotel (very open spaces and the fish/turtle pond in the middle is well maintained)
+ Great value (free breakfast, 2 room suites, fridge/microwave, manager's happy hour)
+ Large pool that goes up to 8 feet deep...down to 8 feet deep?
+ Really felt the staff try to make our stay as pleasant as possible

- A/C in room was really weak, but the staff was kind enough to bring up a box fan
- TV channel selection was a bit sparse
- Paid WIFI
- Tub drain was clogged (no biggie, informed front desk on check out)

Had reserved room online and had one of the package deals w/ $25 gas card.  Received a $25 Shell card at front desk and used with no issues.  Would definitely stay at this Embassy again.

07/07/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
39. Brenda H.
I stayed at this hotel and it was nice. However, I left my sunglasses behind (they were a special gift from my younger sister) and I called on the same day to see if they had them. They said that they would call back with an update. But they never did. Just a note do not leave anything behind because you will not get it back or even a simple phone call.

24/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
40. Meghan M.
Huge rooms. Soft towels. Comfortable bed with tons of pillows.  
Three things that make me happy when I'm traveling.  

What's wrong with this place, then? First of all, the location is central to nothing aside from the mall which houses several chain restaurants.  Second, the staff could not care less about pretty much anything. While the woman who checked us in was helpful and friendly, that was the end of that. Despite requesting my Hilton status "amenities" (just a package of snacks and water...not much), I never received it.  I was also charged $30 for internet when I shouldn't have paid a thing (got the bill corrected at check out). And housekeeping didn't leave enough towels or replace the water.  

Considering we paid over $200 a night, the blase attitude of the staff is very disappointing.

20/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
41. Mike R.
Great breakfast area and managers happy hour.  

Big down fall rooms are dated, AC is noisy, fridge and bathroom fan is noisy.  Carpets in rooms and common area are dirty as well.  Gym is small and outdated.  Hotel needs a refresh to get to Hilton and the areas standards.

30/04/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
42. Scott D.
I stayed here last night and had a large comfortable King bed in a very spacious King Suite for $149. You have control over how hot or cold you want the room. But don't look up at the ceiling if you want to see the popcorn. There's a fridge in the room.The hotel lobby and environs are lush with greenery and water features. They even have a happy hour as well. The pool looked inviting. They have free continental breakfast, although I left too early this morning to sample the breakfast. For being in the city, there is plenty of parking.

This hotel is near all of the action of the downtown where all the hip folks hang out and close enough to Scottsdale and all the spring training venues as well. This is a great staycation hotel. I just wish I had more time to explore the place.

24/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
43. Carlos J.
I was only here for one night on 9/7, but I was very pleased with my stay.  The place is beautiful, the rooms are big, and the people at the front desk were pleasant and efficient.

The only down side to my stay was that I lost water pressure in the shower Friday night.  Fortunately, it was only brief.  Other than that, I enjoyed my stay.  This will be my base of operations for my next visit.

As for others' comments that there isn't anything nearby - That's what cars are for.  Last I heard you can rent them here and there.

08/09/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
44. Jesse R.
As soon as you walk into the hotel, you know it is going to be fun. The lobby turns into an atrium of tropical plants, water, and koi swiming around lazily. This place is very inviting as they have a reception every evening with free cocktails made to order and areas to sit and mingle with other guests. We already had dinner plans so we didn't try the steakhouse but everything is there that you need for a nice night out. The rooms were nice but a little overkill. All suites which are nice for an extended stay but ours also came with a conference room and huge table and chairs. No big deal, just laughed every time we came in and saw the "board room." You will enjoy your stay here and the free shuttle at the hotel will take you anywhere within a 10 mile radius I believe.

12/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
45. Julie R.
We had really high hopes for this hotel, and although it has some nice features like fish in the lobby and a nice patio/balcony, I have to say that these 25-30 bug bites that have had me up scratching since 2 am have over-shadowed just about everything. If these are mosquito bites, word to the wise: USE REPELLANT if you stay here. The hotel does not have anything to put in the room for mosquitoes. With the excessive rain they had here in 2014, the mosquito population is out of control!! I do not see evidence that we have bed bugs but I could be missing something. I just can't wait for hubby to get up so we can go home.

07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
46. Michael O.
I have stayed at this hotel many times for work and they always treat us well.  The hotel is clean and well kept, and because it is an Embassy they serve free cooked to order breakfast in the morning and have a "happy hour" in the evenings.  It is also close to great hiking at Phoenix Mountains Preserve.

10/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
47. Tai M.
As far as an Embassys go, I have not been disappointed. This gets 4 stars when compared to comparable hotels. Rooms are big enough and serve their purpose. They roll any "resort fees" into your room rate, which is always very affordable anyway. In Phoenix, we arrived late, were checked in quickly, they waived our parking fee, and we were on our merry way. Beds were comfy.

23/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
48. Damon N.
Check in staff was great the view from out side was ok. Then the room electrical switches that are barely sticking out some you can see wires on. Paint was peeling all over and the shower was falling apart the caulking was all coming off. These rooms are not what I expect for this price. Even the tv which was a older flat screen did not have HD and half the channels failed to work. Breakfast was not great and  they failed to clean up tables so no where to sit and eat. Pool area had several areas trapped off as well as the parking lot had a lot of it closed. Over all very disappointed in this property I would not recommend it. When I checked out I was told your good to go as she ate her breakfast and then walked away not once was I asked how my stay was.

29/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
49. Ms. Jay B.
Been coming here for several years, however the last visit I will ever make was this last trip in Oct. First room they tried to give us was so smelly due to cigarette smoke we couldn't even step in, second room was just "ok" until that night we heard a loud "gurgling" sound when all the plumbing backed up with filthy black "goop" all over the sinks and tub. UGH!!!!  Really?? A/C does not work if you want it cooler, stay elsewhere. Also rooms have a terrible OLD musty smell. Popcorn ceilings are all buckling up and in need of repair.  Rooms were not cleaned properly, don't even think maids have a vacuum. Carpet in lobby and hallways FILTHY!!  Just all around dirty. The breakfast was ok, if you want to wait in line for 30 mins. Fish ponds were even dingy.  Sorry, this hotel it is dire need of HELP.    Maybe you guys need to call "Anthony" from "Hotel Impossible" as you do need ALL the help u can get! :((

05/11/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
50. S S.
This hotel is very disappointing.  When you enter, you notice the indoor atrium with trees and water.  It doesn't make you feel you're in the middle of the desert, I mean Phoenix.  Checking in was a breeze.  You get a free bottle of water if you're a Hilton member.  I was waiting for mine since my colleague got one and checked in before me.  Then I found out it's only free if you're a member.  Thanks.  I don't want to pay $4 for a bottle of water in my room that has been sitting there for a month or two.

My room was okay.  An old hotel stench.  Bed was comfortable enough.  Bathroom was very slow.  The flush seems like the toilet is clogged when flushing.  As for the shower/tub, my room was draining super duper slow.  I could have requested another room, but I already unpacked.  And the A/C is super loud in the room.  It can spook you at times.

It is across the mall, so that's convenient.  Other than that, I've experienced better.

07/03/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
51. Rebekah T.
I can say that after my second trip to Phoenix, I'm a super fan of the city. When my guy asked where I wanted to stay, I really hoped for the Embassy Suites.

We were lucky to lock in great rates in the middle of Spring Training. The hotel was filled with fans from all over, some from my hometown San Francisco.

I love the pool here. It's a very large pool and gets sun almost 80% of the day. Weather permitting, you'll find me sun tanning by the pool all day. The indoor atrium is great, lots of cute turtles and fish in the pond. I just loved the natural indoor park and taking pictures.

They have a decent gym, so I could stay on my daily workouts. Treadmills with Tv's, basic weights and cardio, headphones are towels provided.

I like the suites, we can feel at home and stock our fridge with fun snacks and champagne or we can decide to order in room service from Omaha. Otherwise it's a very nice home away from home, in Phoenix.

08/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
52. Philip B.
Bed bugs! 2 of us in 2 different rooms, both fairly badly bitten. Property were actually combative, denied they had a problem, accused us both of lying and apart from offering to do our laundry (with a number of caveats attached) did nothing. Miserable customer service from a battered, tired, dirty & old facility.

15/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
53. Marna H.
Where to begin? The first room they gave me was room 115 and reeked of cigarette smoke so I didn't even set foot in it. Then they tried to move me to another room which had double beds which is not what I booked. They finally put me in room 321 and that's where all the problems really started.

Such an outdated hotel I'm totally disappointed. The bed is comfortable and the furniture is fine. Breakfast was tasty.

This hotel was built in the 80s and clearly has not been updated since. It has popcorn ceilings it does not have down comforters. The window panes on the sliding glass doors do not block any sounds from the street. I could hear trucks backing up and idling. I could even hear the Embassy Suites shuttle and its reverse warning. while it does have a balcony, you can hear everyone else who's on their balcony. I could hear all these cackling women waiting for their friends to go to the airport from the main entrance at ridiculous hours of the day and night who seemed to forget that they were at a hotel and there were people who  might be sleeping. Perhaps the hotel could put signs out so the five a.m crowd doesnt think its okay to yell across the parking lot. Maybe a sign that says please be considerate of your neighbors and they are still sleeping. There is also a Dove's nest in the palm tree outside my window and that was annoying as hell.

The air conditioning is not really temperature controlled so if you want your room a particular temperature it doesn't really work that way. The engineer explained it to me but I don't remember. All I know is that I wanted the fan to run to make some white noise and he said that's not possible.

Every bedroom either faces the swimming pool or the parking lot. Every entrance to every room faces the interior courtyard. Its just a bizarre set up for a hotel.

Most of the staff was very friendly and helpful considering the condition of the building.

The bathroom makes no sense. The shower rod is one of those curved shower rods but given the small tub and the position of the bathroom door there's no reason for it. There's also a full bathroom vanity in the master bedroom. I guess that's a good thing but it kind of is strange.

I just expected more from one of the higher end Hilton brands. What I've noticed is that this hotel seems to attract a lot of really white trash customers because the rooms are rather affordable and you can cram tons of people into the big rooms. The Biltmore name makes it sound like it's going to be much more luxurious than it is. They also charge $10 a night for parking when you can park about three feet away at Macy's for free

20/09/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
54. Mikayla H.
do not stay here if you need an ada compliant room. will not honor reservations and will not treat you with dignity.

30/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
55. Chelle T.
I travel a good deal.  This is the worst hotel experience, by far.

This is an older Embassy Suites but I thought that its location in the tony Biltmore area of Phoenix would assure that it's well-kept.  Incorrect assumption.  This is the filthiest hotel I've ever seen.

I should have known I was in for utter disappointment when I arrived for my stay around 12:45 am.  I am dead tired and fumbling with two bags when I happen upon a security guard standing in front of the hotel taking a smoke.  Instead of holding the door for me, he watched me balance my bags and purse with an amused grin, as I struggled with the the hotel door.  Thanks for nothing.  I get to the front desk and the check-in process is fairly smooth.  I'm booked into a room that is on a far end of the hotel.  I hike over there and proceed to get ready for bed when more problems ensue. The bathroom wall has what appears to be a streak of blood running down it.  I was too grossed out to investigate further.  There is also a bent wire hanger on the picture frame over the toilet.  The wallpaper is peeling and the ceiling is showing signs of a bad leak from upstairs.  Really?  I am appalled at this point but since it's after 1 am, I reason that I can just get a little shut-eye and change rooms first thing in the morning.  My plans quickly changed when I turned down the bed covers to find lint and make-up on them.  I can't do this.  I call the front desk and request an immediate room change.  The lady I spoke too was extremely apologetic and offered to move me right away.  She said she'd send up a security guard to help with my bags and get me into a better room/area of the hotel.  You know where this is going, right?  Yes, approximately 10 minutes later the grinning smoker appears at the door.  He hands me a key for a room on the opposite side of the hotel and makes the assessment that I have a pretty good handle on my bags so he'll just point me in the direction of where I should go.  The new room looks exactly like the first one, albeit a little cleaner.  The bathroom looked acceptable and the bed covers were free of foreign substances.  It was past my bedtime, I needed sleep.

With a little rest and fresh eyes, the hotel didn't get any better for me.  I'm sure in its heyday this was THE place to stay.  Sadly, it is just neglected and doesn't warrant the nightly room charges (it's not cheap).  The common areas are filthy.  I promise that I'm not a germaphobe.  I really didn't want to touch anything in this hotel.  The elevator buttons and door handles were dirty.  I had to carry napkins with me so I wouldn't have to touch them.  The carpet in the lobby and elevators looked like a ton of toddlers had had their way with a box of Ritz crackers.  And, no, I didn't catch them on an off day.  It looked like this for my entire three-day stay.  I failed to mention the ceiling fan in my new and improved "clean" room.  The dust hanging off of it was so thick.  It clearly hadn't been touched in ages.  As other reviewers have mentioned, the hotel lobby also has an off-putting stench, probably due to the fountains/ponds inside?  I don't know but it's unpleasant.

If the filth wasn't bad enough, on the last day of my stay I was jarred from sleep at 4 am by a blaring fire alarm.  I pulled the curtain back and saw other guests milling about.  Apparently, there is no intercom system to let guests know what they should do.  When I saw another guest return to her room, I took the gamble that I'd burn in this cess pool and went back to bed.  It was a short-lived nap.  A few hours later, the alarm is blaring again!  I'm deliriously tired and in the process of the pulling on a pair of jeans to exit when housekeeping opens the door.  Really?  The alarm is going off,  it's still early in the a.m. and you're coming in the room to clean?  What in the hell?  What do you clean, anyway?  At this point, I knew it was time to part ways.  I quickly packed and made my exit.  Unbelievable and unforgivable.  Never again.

26/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
56. Cliff C.
For the price and area this place was a huge disappointment.

1.  We ordered a king size bed with our suite - got 2 doubles. My wife and I had to sleep separately.
2.  The bathroom ceiling was all pealed
3.  Would take until late afternoon until our room would be made up - one day was 5pm.
4. Pool was filthy - needed to be vacuumed. Also missing tile all around the pool and on the decking.
5. We were part of a wedding party and it wasn't booked that way - so we lost the rate, and were charged for parking.  I was willing to eat the rate but they wouldn't budge on the parking.

On the bright side: The staff is very friendly - Edith the breakfast cook makes a breakfast to die for and the rest of the help is also kind.  

Simply put: This place needs some TLC and more caring management.

One more thing, during the trip my son woke up with a big red welt on his leg. Thought it was a mosquito bite, but after looking at the reviews and a picture, no question a bed bug.

11/11/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
57. Missy K.
Very nice I like that there's separate sitting room and three sinks. Mini fridge and microwave too.

03/03/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
58. David Z.
Seven day stay between Christmas and New Year.   I cannot believe this is an Embassy Suite, it did not impress me one bit.  Dirty beyond belief.   I found dirt on the ceiling, dirt on the floor and DIRT IN THE SILVERWARE DISPENSER CONTAINERS @ BREAKFAST AREA.  
I was with a group and the arrangements were made by someone else, but I certainly would not have stayed for seven nights if my wife had not insisted I shut up about it.  Management will be hearing from me and hopefully no one gets sick eating here cause this place does not pass the basic cleanliness test for any health department.  

I have stayed in some of the creepiest hotels in America cause I am a cheapskate when I travel alone.  This matches some of the worst places I have ever stayed in for being dirty and in disrepair.  Towel rack off the wall, interior door off the hinge,  Mold/dirt on ceiling in room and in the big atrium.  (just look up when you are in the Atrium  and you cannot miss the big black marks on the ceiling around the air ducts.)  

Carpets are filthy.  Seven days here and I did not see one vacuum being used.  The maids all had a small broom and dust pan for cleaning.   I have never reviewed a hotel room until this moment and now I will never stay in another hotel with out reading reviews.  

Pool was filthy and lots of missing tile, cracks and leaves in water.  I did swim one time, but couldn't bring myself to try it again.  Birds in the atrium while food was being served.  A dog was led through the atrium during breakfast.  How do they get away with this.

Friendly staff and they jumped right on fixing the broken stuff, I give them credit for that.  but dirty silverware was the final straw for me.  

I had two relatives who live in the valley and both said the same thing regarding this hotel after they stayed here in the last 16 months.  Wish they had said something to me earlier.  Hey Hilton, are you listening to this?

02/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
59. Drew I.
It's almost comical how bad this place is. It's all been said before me, but here's just some of what makes this a horrible place to stay.

1) no AC. I came in January so no REAL need for it except that both rooms I had were set to 80 degrees at check in and it took forever to cool down with the warm air just circulating.

2) absolutely and completely filthy. There were crumbs on the furniture and rando hairs all over the bathroom in both rooms I tried. 2nd room smelled like 20 years of smoking have been going on.

3) The phones in my 2nd room didn't work very well and when I finally got to my messages it was just a sales pitch from Embassy Suites.

4) elevators are unbelievably slow. Prepare to wait.

5) fridge in my first room was so loud I could hear it in the bedroom with the door closed and tv on.

6) stupid "automatic" deadbolts. When I'm staying in a 3rd world hotel like this I'd really like the satisfying click of an actual deadbolt to let me know the door is secure.

In summation, this place is just awful.

06/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
60. James P.
Funky.  Very funky.  Outdoors, this place looks nice.  Parking wraps around the building in a motel fashion.  Lobby and bar areas are nice.  Interior is outdated art deco with hideous mountain desert paintings.  First-floor suite was huge with a nice private patio overlooking the pool.  Room is old and outdated with obvious signs of wear, especially in the shower.  Limited electrical outlets.  Bed was very comfortable with great pillows.  The maid failed to clean drinking glasses in our room for 2 days and left a food tray outside our room for nearly as long.  Omaha steakhouse conveniently located onsite with takeout a few steps away.

OVERALL: NOT SO GOOD.  Clearly not to Embassy Suites' standards (or mine).  NOT RECOMMENDED.

09/04/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
61. Benay K.
I am grading up, based on the customer service I received. Anna, the manager who was there upon our initial check in was just wonderful. Due to an error by my employer (NOT the Embassy), my party of 6 did not have rooms available for us until the day after we arrived. Long story short, after an 8 hr drive, I was less than pleasant when I found out that we had nowhere to stay and the Embassy was at 100% capacity. Anna took it in stride. Nothing she could do at that point (short of tossing other guests out).

We had to check into another hotel until the next day. Anna kept us updated every step of the way, and got us an early check in, which was greatly appreciated. She made it a point to greet us upon our arrival in the most hospitable way. A true professional and an asset to this hotel.

As far as the hotel goes...like I said, I graded up because of the customer service. I liked the hotel in general, and I do like Embassy Suites, as they are very pet friendly, which is important to me.

The bedrooms were spacious...but in an odd way. A lot of unused and undecorated open space that is pretty useless as it is. Not homey at all.

I wish they used that extra space in the bathroom. Easily one of the smallest (if not the actual smallest) bathrooms I have ever had in any hotel. 4.7 feet wide. Ridiculous. Paint is peeling in the shower area. Shower leaked water all over the floor when used.

Bed was nice and comfy. 4 nice fluffy pillows

As all Embassy suites...it had a living room. Decorating was meh. Plain and dull.

I heard nothing from the other rooms, so walls are well insulated

Complimentary breakfast was good (please tip the cooks, they work hard. Give them a buck a person and make them smile).

Complimentary reception was nice. How bad can free booze and fresh veggies, chips, salsa and popcorn be? Tip the bartender!!! The drinks are free!

I personally loved the waterfalls and beautiful gigantic koi fish that went all the way through the entire lobby. I did not smell anything off, either (And I have a wickedly sensitive nose)...so not sure what some people who reviewed prior are talking about. Maybe managment fixed the problem others experienced.
I did not have time to even see the pool or gym, so cannot comment on those.

25/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0