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Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix, AZ

Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix, AZ


This architectural wonder terraces the slopes of the Phoenix North Mountain Preserve. Whether visiting for business or pleasure, you will enjoy luxury all-suite accommodations, complimentary access to our expansive water feature, unique dining experiences, championship golf, relaxing spa and salon services and an array of shopping options. Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort truly is an extraordinary escape from the ordinary.  

Designed with Spanish-Mediterranean influences and recently completing over $20 million in renovations, guests are sure to enjoy the Southwestern ambiance and warm Arizonan hospitality. Offering fun in the sun with championship desert golf, cool pools, spa delights, tennis courts, workout facilities and unique dining experiences, Tapatio Cliffs will create lasting memories.

If golf is your game, you've come to the right resort - Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort has become a very popular golf resort in Arizona. Play at our renowned Lookout Mountain Golf Club


Company Info:

Rating: 3.25

Address: 11111 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ, 85020

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    Comments (161):

    1. Natalie W.
    Beautiful location on the mountain. Beautiful rooms. Probably our family second favorite to the Hilton Squaw Peak. Perfect for an in-town getaway. The pool is huge -- actually called a Water Village -- and tons of fun for kids and grown-ups alike. And, durring the summer, you can stay for around 100 bucks!

    21/03/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    2. justin p.
    This place is top notch! Fun and clean as well as cheap to stay at! Since the rennovations this place seems much better than people on other website's were saying. They said watch out for scorpions and its dirty and loud.... I saw none of that. In fact all I saw was quality. Wanna get trashed and walk around to all the resort bars? go for it... Need a cheap cab to scottsdale and back? They got you covered.... wanna sit in the jacuzzi and drink margheritas? Thats very doable. Theres only a couple of complaints I had which to some might be bonuses! This place has alot of kids and family activities.... This is incohesive to my continual vacation alcholism. This place has beutiful exotic views of phoenix and the camelback as well as upscale candlelit restaurants to see these views perfect for any couple. I travel alone. This place does not have the screaming drunk girls you may find in Hoboken NJ or NY NY, dressed in less than nothing and having had too many cosmos wants to talk to every guy she see's.... agian I travel alone I had to goto scottsdale for that though theres plenty in scottsdale for everyone... Overall if your from the east i reccomend it ... compared to NY prices its DIRT cheap as is everything down in phoenix...

    10/09/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    3. Michelle G.
    I love this property!  It is tucked nicely on the side of a mountain and when you enter the property grounds, you feel like you checked out of Phx and stepped into a nice tropic bungalow. I think the pools are beautiful and the rates aren't too terrible.  The rooms are very contemporary, which made it very 5-starrish.  But the price of the mini-bar in the room - STAY AWAY!

    29/08/08 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    4. paulo a.
    This place is a huge property. Check out the map on their website and you'll get the idea. But imagine a bunch of southwestern looking building scattered up and down the side of a steep mountain. In between all the buildings are cactus, palm trees, and small to large pools. The main building has roof access for parties or sunning. There is a very large pool complex at one end that could qualify as a waterpark to many.

    All the rooms come with a bedroom and a separate living room with a sofa bed. There are many separate pools and spas located around the property. The hotel is located on a the side of a small mountain and the rounds around the hotel are very steep in some places. I don't know if you would be able to drive a rear wheel drive stick shift up some of these roads if it was wet. Finding parking close to your room can be a problem. If you walk around the property you will need to be comfortable with steep narrow paths and steep roads.

    If you like to carry your own bags to your room then you may have some problems if they are heavy. Depending on the room you get it could take a lot of work and you may be better off asking the hotel staff to do it. No joke about this.

    The workout room is a really decent workout room. The property does actually have roving security.

    This is a pretty nice hotel / resort.

    22/01/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. rebecca r.
    had a great experience at this resort.  super property.  
    got free internet because of Hilton Honors status.  
    highly recommend property!

    16/03/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Joe C.
    Not a big fan. Good and bad experience at this Hotel. First the good: 1,) Hotel staff very friendly and accommodating. 2.) Nice rooms, well appointed, very clean and updated. 3.) Lots of pools, golf course and workout center. 3.) The bad: 1.) Room service: ordered a very standard breakfast that arrived late and the order was wrong. 2.) The hotel has several restaurants on the property that look great...however they may or may not be open depending on who is staying at the hotel that week. 3.) All the rooms are spread out all over the property...so someone elderly especially would have a challenge going from point a to b on foot. 4.) Parking is not located near alot of the rooms and they have very low archways that make driving through the complex a challenge if your vehicle has a storage box on top for luggage.

    15/05/09 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    7. Heather H.
    we had a huge group stay here last September.  really liked it.  Everything was clean and nice looking.  The parking was not so great and the tiny curvy roads trying to find our room at dark were a bit difficult.  I think if we had checked in during the daylight hours we would have been fine.

    We had a party of 6, they gave us adjoining rooms and we had plenty of space between the 2 queen beds in each room and the fold out couch (not bad for a fold out!) in the sitting room.

    The restaurant had a nice breakfast and lunch menu, a bit pricey but that was to be expected.  I would definitely stay here again.

    26/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Kerstin M.
    I have a theory. One of the best hotel experiences I ever had was at a Hilton in Ohio. I was there for a professional conference and the service I had was impeccable. The room was impeccable- old and charming, pristine and perfect. The staff were all dressed to the nines and took their jobs very seriously. I think that if anyone there even *thought* about putting on a polo shirt for work some morning, they'd be canned. So my theory is that the casual atmosphere of West coast Hiltons contributes to the relative sloppiness of their service and therefore to the degeneration of their "brand."

    At the risk of sounding like a snooty bitch, let me outline what the problems were. Our hotel room was not very expensive (neither was the East coast room), so I was not expecting the likes of a room in Dubai. However, a "guaranteed non-smoking room" should not smell like someone has previously smoked in it, should it? As an ex-smoker, I'm pretty sensitive to cigarette residue. It also smelled dank and vaguely moldy on top of it. There was no drain cover in our tub, so not only was there no way to take a bath, but there was also the ghetto look of an open drain. The food was disappointing, and two of the four restaurants we tried to go to were closed, either for the season, or during the weekdays. The concierge gave us some restaurants to try that were nearby, but only one of the three he mentioned were open or even still in business anymore. Some of the driveways are in serious need of repair. I nearly twisted my ankle in a pothole coming down a steep slope.

    We expected more from the Hilton. Four stars for the view, two stars for the rest of the property.

    09/10/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    9. Stephen B.
    I've stayed here numerous times and always enjoyed it. Very nice guest rooms and the restaurant/nightclub at the top not only has one of the best views in the southwest but the restaurant is top notch and the club is one of the finest I've ever been in anywhere! I highly recommend the entire facility to anyone!

    19/05/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    10. Jack C.
    You can access golf course and North Mountain in 2 minutes.  Tennis courts, basketball shootaround, water slide, and multiple small swimming pools throughout the resort.

    The best thing is that if you go there during the off-season you may be able to have the mountain side suite for less than 80 USD per night.

    23/06/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    11. Stevey P.
    After taking the kiddies to the Phoenix Zoo, it was back to the hotel to swim the day away - or at least swim and waterslide till you prune up.

    The summer is def. the time to go.  Not only will you see all kinds of shirtless hotties and MILFs, but you'll get one of their $99 package deals with restaurant credits and all the waterslide and pool action you can take.

    The hotel itself was pretty nice.  It's definitely what you'd expect for a Hilton.  The one bedroom suite came nicely appointed with typical mid-grade chain decor and the room itself was comfortable.  The grounds are well-kept and the property is secluded and wedged into North Mountain very nicely.  You almost forget you're in the middle of Phoenix, but then all the screaming kids bring you back to reality.

    The waterslide (only one waterslide, btw) and pool area is pretty fun, with rocky-landscaped pools dominating the central part of the grounds.  I'm not in a rush to go back, but will consider it again if there are kids to entertain.

    04/06/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    12. Nadia C.
    Hung out at the pool Cabana last weekend all day- it was a lovely 115 degrees and I had no idea.  I am sure my $97.00 bar bill had something to do with that.

    Anyhow, it was quiet and relaxing and refreshing all at the same time (so I hear).

    16/08/07 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    13. Kathy D.
    We have traveled over 1200 miles in the last week seeing all of the canyons. This is our final stop before heading home. We chose the Hilton based on past experiences, most recently the Hilton Chicago. The positive of this hotel hands down is the friendly staff. Every single staff member we encountered, from the lobby personnel to the wait staff to the cleaning staff was friendly and outstanding so kudos to everyone. The negative for this property would have to be the need for serious updating. The grounds are beautiful with lovely flowers and plants, however the buildings are in serious need of repair/updating. Many of the stucco buildings have chipped pieces falling off them. The doors to the rooms (which are accessed from the outside of the buildings), are peeling paint, and our bathroom had chipped ceiling stucco that had been patched many times over. Just not the quality we have come to expect in a Hilton property. That being said, when in Phoenix, I doubt anyone spends a large amount of time in the room, and the pool area is just gorgeous.

    04/05/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    14. Norma R.
    I really love the grounds and location, but I think the service blows and their low rates in the summer draw in a definite west side crowd. Of course, their lax pool policies attract industry freeloaders like myself, so there's a good chance that your Valley hotel staff will be well-represented poolside.

    Oh, and in Phoenix terms, NOT THAT CLOSE to downtown. It's a good 15-20.

    26/04/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    15. Michael T.
    This hotel absolutely rocks. Great place to have a conference.

    06/12/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Greg G.
    Paid $90 thru Priceline, which was a bargain.  The entire staff was very helpful and friendly.  Pools were great, plenty of lounge chairs for relaxing.  Only con is that the location feels a little remote since most of the places we wanted to eat at for dinner were 30 minutes driving time.  Otherwise, everything was great.

    15/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    17. JAMES H.
    Drove in from Grand Canyon late Thursday night with my wife and her sprained ankle from hiking.  I convinced her that if we wanted to get a good room she would have to bring her booty inside the lobby with me.  We had the cheapest rate of $94 from the website with room selected at check in, whatever that means.  

    I think I wrote in the comments that I wanted the Presidential suite, so the guy asks me if I want to upgrade to one for $60 and says its usually $80. I tell him I will give him $20 to slip in his pocket and he declines so we settle on $40 for a total of $134.

    The check-in bellman has us follow him in his car up the hill and we get an amazing suite for the one night.  It's like 1,200 sq. ft and not like extravagent like the Bellagio but nice in its southwestern motif.

    We had a nice dinner at the Point in Tyme and checked out the pool for 45 minutes the next morning before checking out.  Will come back when we have more time.  It's an all suite hotel so if you have kids, or need more room its a good place to stay.

    16/09/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Jacob F.
    Service and room were great but the hotel is very isolated.  I went for a run into town but there are no serviceable sidewalks after about fifty yards either direction and it is a mile to minimal shopping.

    13/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. Carmen G.
    It's not worth paying to go swimming here, but it's definitely worth sneaking in. Awesome clean pools, excessive amounts of lounge chairs, especially in the non-touristy hotel area. Lots of pools. Food service. Attractive people galore.

    04/04/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    20. Tamara T.
    When I got to the hotel, I let the front desk know that I needed a late checkout and needed SLEEP! I didn't t want to be disturbed at all. I had to pay extra for a 3:00 pm check out. It took me 30 minutes to find a place to park near my room. I was woke up FIVE times by housekeeping, even though my "do not disturb" sign was on the door and I told them every time they tried to come in the room, that I had a late check out and they needed to leave me alone! When I called the front desk, their response was a (sucks for you like) "Im sorry". That's about it. I had to pay for another day, just to get some sleep for a long drive ahead. I would expect better customer service and staff understanding of specific needs of their patrons. I travel to Phoenix quite often and I'll never stay at this place again! Another issue, in order to use the in room refrigerator, you have to PAY! I would not recommend this "Resort" at all!

    02/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    21. M B.
    Not as nice as I was expecting... Hotel was at low occupancy and we got a room overlooking a parking lot.  The waterslide pool during the day was nice and not too crowded.    The rooms are sizable and the beds comfortable.The family pool at night was loud and crowded.  Internet was for one computer only... Nickel and dimed.. Even cost $ for the Gym.  Sad when a family goes to have a well deserved break at a place they imagine to be relaxing and it's just more stressful at the end of the day.

    05/08/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    22. S C.
    Great staff.  Rather hilly.  Good conference setting.  Room was very pleasant.  Need to pay for wireless, refrigerator is stocked with high priced beverages.  Coffee machine is modest.  Pools are nice.  Good for a weekend get-away.

    29/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    23. Heather W.
    I have been to this place many, many times and have had great times here. The only reason I knocked two stars off was simply because of one particular occurrence that happened last time and I can't get it out of my mind: a bunch of hair in the bath tub/shower, which was totally revolting.

    Okay, onto the good. The pool is great. It's so nice to lounge around, The service is pretty good except for whenever I put my flag on the lounge chair they take forever to pay attention so, I have to end up getting up and get the drink myself- really not a huge deal, I'm just saying. I'm there to relax!

    The rooms are usually really clean and that's why I was surprised to see the clump of hair at the bottom of the bathtub last time.

    I'm sure I will be back to this location, but like the Pointe Squaw Peak location better for sure.

    05/03/10 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    24. Mary N.
    This is a hard review to write.  I've been here a few times over the years and always liked it, however the last two times the rooms have been bad.  Another person wrote rooms are slightly outdated, he is being very nice.  The are completely outdated and seem dirty.  We worried about bedbugs, if that gives you a clue.  The grounds are beautiful, but the rooms are horrible.  I had a standard suite.  Will not return.

    27/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    25. Suzanne P.
    Beautful settings like 8 pools. Amazing staff. This place is like a small city on a majestic mountain setting.

    03/11/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    26. Rebecca C.
    I wanted a Southwestern experience. I enjoyed how the Pointe Hilton is perched on the side of a small mountain. You really feel like you are in a Spanish colonial town when you drive down narrow streets to arrive at your suite. We actually had a waterfall outside of our front door.

    The Pointe Hilton is really as good as it gets in my book. The property is scenic and lovely. Our suite was clean and comfortable. The pools were refreshing. The price was great. I would have awarded 5 stars if it weren't for the fact that They didn't have all of the restaurants available at 9 pm on a Saturday night.

    23/02/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    27. Chris D.
    Great service from staff but disappointing infrastructure. This hotel has a lot of deferred maintenance: broken roof tiles, frayed couch, new flat screen TV but no pay per view, torn bed skirt, broken elevator, looks sad for a 4 Diamond resort. We won't be back.

    19/01/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    28. Grace E.
    Practically lived at this place for a few weeks every spring, for the past few years I worked in Phoenix.
    This resort rocks!!! Albeit a little (fashionably) dated, the rooms are spacious, the golf/hiking grounds go forever, and the waterpark is a welcome venture when hot days get really hotttt. And the soy chai latte they serve from the little coffee stand in the lobby is the bestest!
    The restaurants that are within walking distance have pretty decent food and drinks. Reasonably priced, as well. Nice people work on the grounds, always helpful and polite.
    Great place! Funnn times!!!

    01/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    29. Mark M.
    I stayed here back in the late 80's, and my memory - most assuredly clouded after years of abuse - told me that this place would again be ideal for a long weekend...god, was THAT a mistake!  

    To begin with, the freakin' hotel is located on 7th Ave. NOT 7th Street, or vice versa, I never did get it straight!  Pain in the ars after a long drive from LA.  I guess that's not the hotel's fault, but couldn't they mention that in their promo materials or reservation confirmations?

    Next, the grounds are nice, but they now cater to a more local clientele, so things can be a bit...ahem...gritty at times.  Seems like LOTS of people (...many drunk twenty somethings) hang out at the pool and bar...didn't see any fights, but heard some yelling...nice.

    The front desk guy was ok...kept emphasizing what a great deal we were getting, seemed pretty standard summer rate promo to me.  

    Finally, the room had some kind of air conditioner/plumbing problem at around 8:30 pm (on a Saturday night!) that required a repair guy to come into our room and "repair" it...he didn't leave until 9:45pm.  (I had told the front desk guy AND the concierge about the problem...neither offered to switch our room or upgrade us...when I asked about moving, the front desk guy said "all we have left are executive suites and I can't put you in one of those"...why not? )

    Sad to say, Tapatio Cliffs is just another early 80's creation that's tired, worn out, and really not suitable if  you're looking for upscale accommodations.  Never again...

    09/07/09 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    30. Leah S.
    Absoutely stunning location, all suite resort with excellent service all around. From the moment you arrive, you are greeted with free valet service, all of your bags brought to your room, and fast and friendly service.  The front desk was quite helpful, the bell men prompt, the bartenders amazing...and the food was excellent as well.  You will pay resort prices for food and drinks, but this is to be expected and well worth it when considering they will bring a drink to you while you are in the Adult Pool or to your chair while you are sunning.  There are 8 pools, several of them in a huge complex.  Bring your walking shoes, this place is enormous. Also, if you are handicapped or injured in any way, ask for a room in the main building, you don't want to be hiking up to a suite on the side of a mountain if you don't have to!

    The rooms are large enough for families and are large dog friendly. We had our dog with us all weekend over labor day and we had a great time. Absolutely cannot wait to go back!!

    08/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    31. Jessica F.
    **Review is for "The Falls" pool area only**

    I've been here twice now and it makes for a relaxing getaway from the ordinary. Some friends rented a cabana ($80 for the day) which includes a tv, table and chairs, mini fridge, several chaise loungers, and lots of shade with a ceiling fan.

    The pool was fabulous and the kids love it (the place was packed with kids on the lower section). They had music going and organized activities for the older kids - the water slide looked like fun although I didn't try it out myself in fear of atomic wedgies and my bikini top falling off. Maybe next time...

    This place only gets 3 stars though since I wasn't at all impressed with the service. You put up your little flag on the chair to request a server and it can be a half hour by the time they get back with your beer. AND they automatically tack 20% gratuity on to the bill even if the service sucks. Don't even get me started on how crappy the nacho's were...good thing I snuck in some of my own snacks so I didn't die of starvation between waitress visits.

    Make sure you request a cabana that the sun doesn't shine straight in the front though...the first time I thought I had heat stroke it was so hot...kind of like a brick oven.

    22/06/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    32. Joe N.
    A friend and I went here together for a wedding. The place is beautiful. Things that stood out were: Stunning water features, cool looking buildings, lots of hills and therefore lots of great views, smiling staff and a shuttle to take u around.

    The wedding itself was absolutely beautiful. The food was delicious. Everyone who was part of the service staff were great. There is also a wonderful view from the ballroom of the city and mountians. We could look out at the stars which I love.

    People at this resort are happy. Most of the people, both staff and guests are smiling and having a good time. It gives the place good energy. The beds and pillows are comfortable. There are an abundance of towels. If it is important to you, there are restaurants and bars on the property. It's only a short drive to other places to eat, drink and hang out. The pool was awesome. There is a water slide too which is fun. I like this place because it is very nice yet it is also very kid and family friendly.

    15/10/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    33. Jim W.
    We stayed here in Nov-and that is the time to get a great rate...of course work picked up the tab, but still.

    The staff here was outstanding and the accommodations were very nice.  The grounds are pretty nifty-pool, hot tubs, water slide, etc.  The hot tub at the top of the cliff with the small pool next to it is great.  The resort is just far enough from things that you can go up there late at night (my family had the pool & hot tub to ourselves one cool night) and relax under the desert sky and see some stars.

    The breakfast here was awesome.  I hate to say, I have no idea how much it costs, as it was comped.  Located not to far from downtown.

    16/01/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    34. Inigo M.
    Hotel architect must have played the original Prince of Persia as a kid.

    Spacious, modern, well-appointed, clean suites; comfortable beds. Separate living room has sofa bed, flatscreen TV, office desk, mini fridge/bar.

    Excellent pools.

    Great value.

    Very close to major intersection (7th St and Thunderbird Rd) which has four corner strip malls: Safeway, Fresh and Easy, AJ's Fine Foods, McDonald's, Starbucks, Walgreens, Pickup Stix, two gas stations, etc.

    Equidistant to Interstate 17 (Black Canyon Fwy) and Highway 51 (Piestewa Frwy).

    Pleasant staff.

    Only negative is slow wired Internet access (paid).

    11/06/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    35. Christopher B.
    I was un-impressed. I had reserved a non smoking suite with a king bed. When I arrived, I was told they did not have any available (hooray for making reservations) ... I was offered a King in a smoking room or 2 queens in a non-smoking room. I settled on the 2 queen option and hustled along outside to get in my car and told to follow some guy. Along the way he pointed at the elevator I was supposed to take and he guided me to a parking space that was a pretty decent walk from the aforementioned elevator.  Once I parked and retrieved my own luggage, he shouted at me from his car asking if "I even wanted a hand..." I told him I could probably manage. After he left, I realized he never gave me a the map I asked for.
     The room was underwhelming. There was no refrigerator or safe which forced me to walk back to my car to secure my valuables and settle for less than chilled beverages for the evening.  I later found that some of my friends who bought the same package as me were provided with vouchers for breakfast ( I wasn't) and they even got the room they reserved... Lucky them.
     I had a fabulous view of another room's balcony the was probably about 25 feet directly across from mine. So much for those award winning views...  Frankly I'm not sure how they justify charging so much. There are plenty of great hotels in the valley that will provide you with more amenities for less money. I won't be staying here again.

    28/08/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    36. peg w.
    Not the pointe hotel of yester years.   Front desk personnel inept, refers every question to Consigner who is not very competent either.  No signage on building exterior to show elevator, ice machine out of service and no free wifi......really !
    Day 2 no housekeeping at 3pm and ice machine still out of order !
    Only plus is the bed/pillows are very comfortable and there is a coffee maker in the room.  Still a big disappointment for the $$$$

    29/11/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    37. Edgar G.
    I stayed here with my wife for 3nights/4 days and we both loved it and would defiantly recommend this place!!!

    Service was great, clean & very comfy beds, spa, golf course,4 restaurants, 6 pools, 6 hot tubs, pool side service and best of all we got a great rate at $99 a night for a king suite!!!

    20/06/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    38. Sam R.
    This resort is a great place to relax. One of the quietest resorts I've stayed at. It's right down the street from my house and is a great place to stay if your AC ever goes out! The staff is polite and the amenities are great as well.

    **Try 'A Different Pointe of View' --the restaurant at the top of the hill, GREAT views of the city and an all around beautiful place for a couple or a group of people who want a classy place to eat or have a few drinks. The last few times I've been there they were cigar friendly on the outside patio.

    21/07/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    39. Eric f.
    Went during the summer. Loved the activities for children and families that do not cost extra as some others do. The room was great, set right up against a mountain. The roof tiles appeared to be worn, and were coming down on cars during a monsoon storm, Be wary of where you park your car. The restaurants were very good and enjoyed the food credit received with our deal. The pool areas are great with dive-in movies. Our dive-in movie was rained out, so the hotel showed the movie on the room TV and we watched it while ordering pizza. Its a great time for families.

    21/03/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    40. Brooks S.
    I love this place.  the hotel rooms are comfortable and the dining options are fantastic.

    My only gripe is with the pools.  I don't like to hang around all the kiddos at "the falls" so i tend to hang out at the pool next to the fitness center.  There is always trash on the ground and the fountain water is nasty!  

    The chairs are great and the service at the little cafe there is fantastic.  A quick trash pick up early in the morning and a fountain scrub will jazz that pool up quickly.

    27/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    41. Eli H.
    Came here for a pool party my football organization paid for.  The Falls is what the pool area is called and it was great for kids and lots of fun.  Service was a little slow for drinks sometimes but overall a great experience, I forget how nice some of the pools are in the local area.

    21/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    42. Aaron L.
    Very nice venue. Beautiful views. Poor condition rooms. Our suite was missing a light bulb in the main light for the living room, the AC did not work, the bathroom door was about to fall off the hinges and was difficult to close.  The room next to ours had trash from the previous occupants, missing sheets on the pull out bed, and only three towels when they knew there were four occupants. I wouldn't expect this from a Motel 6 let alone a Hilton for $189 a night.

    03/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    43. Jen C.
    Checked in and tried to use the air conditioner. It was kind of quiet and it seemed like there was no air.

    The second day here called the front desk and engineering came to look. Busted air conditioner. It's sad when outside your room is a lot cooler than your room. Engineering said he'll try and get it done tomorrow, but not sure. Did get a fan for the room, which has seen better days since the front of it was coming off.

    I had no idea the clock in the room wasn't set right. After dong a little search and having a Swiss army knife with a screw driver helped. It took me a couple of times to set the time right, but when I did it was bitter sweet. Now the clock is set correctly. You'd think someone would check and calibrate all the clocks in the rooms. This is the first time I've seen a clock off at a hotel.

    The next day I come back and try to the hotel room and the air conditioner is supposed to be fixed, but it's not. They end up moving up to another room. Comparing the two rooms the second room is a little better, but it's missing actual mugs for coffee. The second room has air conditioner and a little bit of a view, but it isn't close to the pool.  They were sold out. At least they changed me out.

    The first room's mini bar was a bit easier to access. The new room's mini bar has a safety latch one the second door before you can open it.

    Overall this place was ok. It's too much work to be in a different part of the hotel just to go back to the main building to take a swim. Parking was hard at night when it was fully occupied.

    The new room's clock had a screw that you could adjust the time if needed which was a plus. The bell men were helpful when I had to change rooms. It had a little bit of a view which was nice, but also the freeway.

    04/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    44. Ramond T.
    We had a large convention at the Pointe Hilton on Labor Day Weekend -- they had by far the friendliest, most hospitable staff I have ever encountered at any hotel I have ever stayed at (and I've stayed at a lot of hotels).

    The front desk were so nice and friendly.  The shuttle drivers handled the driving arrangements with class -- it's not easy to constantly take people from one side of the hotel to the other without sacrificing promptness.

    The pool staff were so friendly and accommodating -- the cabana manager Tammy, the security officer Jordan and all the pool staff were attentive to any need or inquiry we had.  The bar staff at the pool attended to our every drink without having to wait an inordinate amount of time -- the people at our convention like to drink and so sometimes the bar got incredibly busy, but the employees handled themselves very well and always with a smile on their faces.

    Our convention experience was only enhanced by the top-notch service provided by all the employees at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs.  I highly recommend this hotel without any reservation.  I look forward to staying there again.

    07/09/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    45. Sherry D.
    Back in town and back to our favorite hotel in the area. Right across from North Mountain preserve, where we love to hike in the morning, or a 10 minute drive over to the Squaw Peak area.

    Love the "falls" pool area - but if you like quiet, there are other pools - we just enjoy the music and the cocktail service. Different Pointe of View is supposed to be an awesome restaurant at the top of the resort with amazing views, but we usually opt for local, regional restaurants... Via Delosantos, Aunt Chiladas, Mi Patio are some of our favorites.

    Only reason for 4 stars this time is that I used Hilton Honors points for our room and I am a Diamond member.... not impressed with our location at all. We love being up high in the cliffs where you have a view, and this time we overlooked the top of a building. I was bummed... especially since we are return guests. (didn't complain, however...not my style).  Next time I will request a better view.

    Have to say, however, that upon arrival, we were assigned a room with a group standing right outside on their balcony.... loud, smoking and arguing. We immediately called the front desk to ask to be moved and they arranged it right away, which was nice.

    Every time we visit the same people are working in the pool area - and we always feel welcome. Excellent service and friendliness.

    Can't wait to go back.

    16/05/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    46. Eddie P.
    The hotel itself is very nice.  The accommodations are great.  The views are beautiful.  Even the soap is awesome.

    I hope you were looking to disconnect from the world because you got it.  Internet is $11.99 for 24 hours service that can't keep up with a 320x240 YouTube clip.  T-Mobile users can look forward to flaky Edge connectivity in the rooms.  Ordinarily, I wouldn't care about these things, but I'm here for a conference.  One expects internet connectivity at a conference.

    Maybe I'm being a bit demanding, but I expect better from a Hilton hotel.

    14/03/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    47. Stephen S.
    I just checked into this motel for a 4 day long weekend.  First I asked for two wine glasses fromi the restaurant for my room and was told no.  After a lot of complaining they finally relented and gave us the glasses.  Then we looked in the refrigerator to store some wine we brought but it is completely stocked with no room for guests to use.  I also noticed that a small bottle if water is $3.00.  Then I wanted to go online and noticed that it is almost $10.00 for 24 hours if use.  In fact everything costs here and the prices are high.  Unfortunately I paid in advance through Expedia.  This place is very, very overpriced.

    29/03/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    48. Jon R.
    The room was nice. But, the place is a maze. We asked the front desk where we could get prime rib and they sent us to there restaurant down the hill and they were wrong. We walked almost half a mile for nothing so I called the front desk to complain and they hung up on me. At that point we grabbed are stuff and checked out. They kept my money too. The pool also had a water beetle swimming around in it. Drinks were over priced and there computer was down so we had to wait 25 min to settle are tab. I was with a big group and they over charged us from the rate we were supposed too get. I would avoid at all cost.

    22/07/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    49. Jim S.

    Positives of the property are that you have full suites, a big pool area, and if you drive up to the top of the mtn, a great view.

    Problem is the place doesn't seem updated since the mid-eighties+and if you have small kids with you- then get ready for a hike up the mtn...to your hotel room.

    When checking in I asked the front desk clerk for directions to my room and for bell service for my luggage..
    Her reply:"Follow this guy in the suburban"
    I never found "this guy"

    Tapatio might be a good idea for couples on a weekend retreat that don't mind walking up and down hills to the lobby and/or swimming/restaurants in a tired 80's setting.

    I would probably spring the money to stay at the JW Marriott Desert Something or Other next time...

    10/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    50. Emma S.
    Overall, my experience at this hotel was fine. I started off a bit shaky, but improved as time went one. Let's start with the bad- I had a burger that was burnt to a char at Pointe in Tyme, an elevator broke down while I was in it, and the water stopped while i was in the shower (I later found out that I pipe had burst and there wouldn't be water for the rest of the day, let's just say I was not very happy to spend the rest of my day with shampoo in my hair). Other than that, the pools were fun, and the rooms were nice- not to mention they had HBO- which is very nice when you have a pretty crappy TV system at home.

    25/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    51. Christine S.
    Great for a quiet getaway. Plan on hiking.

    I was here for a business conference, so my requirements were probably different than most people visiting the property.  It's very scenic, and as other reviewers pointed out-- the hotel rooms, lobby, restaurant, and pools are fairly well spread out.

    I thought it a bit odd when I checked in at the lobby and the bell man was hanging out next to me-- at first thought he just wanted a tip.  Then I realized that he was going to drive me to my room in the minivan.. (why don't they just use multipassenger golf carts?) In any case, they told me that if I ever needed to get around and didn't want to walk up/down the hills, just to dial the direct number for a pickup.

    Ended up walking between my room and the conference area most the time- didn't want to wait for a shuttle.  I did gladly accept it to go to the restaurant at the top of the mountain that has a gorgeous view of the valley, especially in the evening.  Our group had reserved the entire restaurant and set up a series of appetizer stations throughout.  The food was exceptionally good- very nice selection of fresh soups, a carving station with good quality prime-rib, a made-to order pasta bar, and more.  I found the restaurant/catering staff to be extremely helpful and friendly.  Our conference attendees enjoyed the ambience and had a chance to look at the stars with a high-powered telescope -- a clear view of the sky, unobstructed by city lights below.

    Comments on the room-- all are suites- a good size for singles, couples or families.  It had been recently remodeled and was very fresh in decor and overall appearance.

    Pricing seemed very reasonable-- I used a group rate, but I'm sure that as most Arizona hotels go, the closer to summer you get, the better the discount.

    Overall, a good value for the money and a nice experience.

    31/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    52. Travis W.
    I have been here twice previously and this was the least favorite experience.  Kimberly was awesome at check in.....and that was the highlight of the trip.  The front Manager needs to go to front desk 101 training.  I was told to return in 30 minutes since their key machine was down.  When I returned there were only two employees (one of which was on the phone for ten minutes helping no one) up front and the line was four customers deep.  The manager came out and helped one person then allowed someone to walk in and cut in line upsetting several of us that had been waiting a long time in line.

    The pool was too cold to enjoy swimming which is sad since the pool is the highlight of the resort.

    Find Allen if you're interested in hiking.  He is a great guy and knowledgeable of the local trails.

    28/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    53. Sally M.
    Note: I came here on business, not pleasure, so I didn't get to use all the pools / waterpark, etc.

    Half of the front desk / lobby staff (night shift) was super friendly and accommodating, the other half (morning) was borderline rude. The rooms were sort of a weird layout - almost motel style, where they all opened directly to an outdoor hallway, with a pool on the inside courtyard - leading to some noise. The room layouts were awkward: a sitting room, then a bathroom in the hallway (sectioned off - a door for the toilet/shower, and a pocket door to the bedroom - too many doors, in my opinion), then on the other side of the bathroom/hallway, was the bedroom. I really didn't like this layout, as I prefer a more open layout. Also, there was no WiFi - only a LAN chord - in the sitting room, not the bedroom, where I prefer to use my laptop. (I was able to move the LAN chord connector to the bedroom, but a bit of a nuissance.)

    Most importantly, my breakfast certificates (for being a Gold member) didn't fully cover the breakfast buffet, and I had to fork over an additional $6.50 for my breakfast on TOP of my certificate. Tacky. Very tacky. Especially when I can get a made-to-order omellete at the Hilton Garden Inn North Scottsdale on Princess - all covered by my certificate.

    20/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    54. Albert H.
    Staff was all over the place, some extremely rude and some extremely polite.  Prices seemed high for the age and quality of room, but the structures and topography were quite nice.  Too many darn kids, though, perhaps some sort of soccer tournament in town.  Also a lot of riff-raff for what seems like a nice place.  Maybe we paid too much?

    Pools are dedicated SMOKING zones, so there's nothing to stop that annoying female dog next to you from smoking one Marlboro after another.

    27/02/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    55. Maria A.
    Not a fan.  The hills are too high to walk around property unless on a work out.  The service at the top was horrible.  The view is incredible.  The rooms were just ok.  Would never go back.

    29/01/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    56. Marisa B.
    With breathtaking scenery, a polite and efficient staff, and wonderful rates, I have to say this was simply a delightful resort. I will return. I loved lounging and swimming here. plus the food was excellent. I watched part of a beautiful wedding and would recommend this for a venue for parties of any sort.

    08/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    57. Nichole K.
    This was my second visit to the Tapatio Cliffs.  I love this place.
    If you stay here, get a parking spot early.  They are mostly parallel spots.  Yes this resort is hilly and a maze.  That is why I call transportation for everything!!  We just got back from our staycation today.  I took my 3 nieces and nephew.  They love it.  Beds are comfy, rooms are clean, and it is very spacious.
    Went to get ice on 3rd floor- broken.  Went to 2 nd floor- no ice machine.  1st floor.... guess what??  Broken again.  I was really annoyed.  Called front desk to tell them. She said there was a fridge there, I just had to bust open the tie on the cabinets.... then she offered to have someone bring me ice.  I figured the fridge was fine, I should have taken the ice tho because my beer was only cool.  That was my only complaint.  But if I really wanted it they could have brought it to me so it was ok.
    You do have to pay for anything extra-  but I am always prepared so I didn't need anything extra!!

    10/06/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    58. Heather B.
    The property was showing her age and I feel maintenance should get busy on fixing the nonfunctioning sauna, steam room and warming the jacuzzi's above bath water temperature.  

    Also, this Hilton focuses on the family angle, catering their pools mainly to young children.  Beware.

    26/06/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    59. Tram B.
    We dined at the Different Pointe was very please with our dinner.  It was AZ restaurant week so we had the pre fixe dinner.  As expected the view and service was great here.  Point in Tyme was our breakfast spot.  We enjoyed our food and service was also good.  Decor here is very dark and outdated. The pool and kids activities were a hit for us on Memorial Day weekend.  We love the World Wildlife presentation given at the pool area.  We found the rooms to be older in style and a bit on old and run down.  The popcorn and low (8-9 feet) ceiling indicated a need for remodeling and the furniture was worn and also outdated.  The fridge never got cold even though we took out all the stuff in it and just put our own water.  We would come back if the rooms were given a make over and fridgerator fix,.

    30/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    60. Georgia T.
    We had an enjoyable stay at The Pointe Hilton for a recent business conference. The property is spread out and there are wonderful walking trails behind the hotel. The various swimming pools provide a great place to relax and soak up that gorgeous Phoenix sun. We rented one of the cabanas which came with a min-fridge, TV, ceiling fan and great service from the staff. The spa was nice. We were able to try out most of the restaurants on the property. Overall, the property seemed a little run-down. Our room was missing a chair and internet service was very hard to come by. We were there in October and the weather was gorgeous the entire time. I'd definitely come back!

    14/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    61. BassnMan Mike H.
    The wife and I stayed here October 7-9 while visiting family in Phoenix, here's our review.

    Upon checkin the lobby looked very nice and checkin was a breeze. Very friendly and helpfull staff.

    Finding the room was somewhat difficult, luckly we followed a porter to the room where he gladly unloaded our luggage, took it up to the room and explained everything about the room, thanks Broderick! The bed was comfortable and the room was clean with a nice view of northern Phoenix.

    Now the bad news.
    Parking was a complete nightmare. Whoever designed the resort didnt take parking into account. While you could park quite the distance away and walk to your room, if you had any physical issues, bad ankle in my case, it was a pain in the backside. I have a temporary handicap plaque and there was no Handicap parking spaces anywhere close to our room.

    The resort layout was kind of confusing, everytime we left, it was a challange locating our room because of the "Maze" like route to it.

    The room decor seemed old and worn, not what I would expect from a Hilton resort.

    The A/C Filter in our room was so clogged with dust and dirt that everytime it turned on it would make a loud clunk from being sucked up then when it shut off dust would fall out of it, here it is 3 days later and I'm still having sinus issues. They could save a ton of money off their electric bill by replacing the filters because they would work more efficently.

    I was suprised that they did not offer free Wifi, something that you get for free at even cheap hotels. I was shocked that they charged per computer for it so if you had 2 computers with you it cost 20.00 a day for the useage.

    I also was suprised that there was a charge to use the Gym facilities, again, something that is usually free at even less expensive places.

    Would we stay here again? Pretty doubtful.

    12/10/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    62. Daren C.
    We stayed here for a little "staycation" over the weekend. We had plans for Saturday so we stayed only Friday night.

    I called to see if there was a way we could check in early. (Normal is 4pm) since we had Friday off and they said as long as the room was ready , but we could also use the facilities as we waited. IE Pool

    We got there about 11am and the room was ready. We had a mountainside suite. It was a king bed and a fold out couch. The room was large enough for the 4 of us and was decorated nicely. The bed was very comfortable and the fold out was decent too.

    Since parking is hard to come by on a crowded weekend we had the staff shuttle us to the pool and back. The grounds are on the side of a mountain and it was too hot to walk.

    The Falls pool area is large, with plot of seating/lounging, a bar/cafe, a waterslide and a huge play pool with a volleyball net strung across.

    The waiter was quick with our drink orders and kept them full. The prices are a little steep but it is a resort.

    The youngest had a good time in the lower falls area, sang karaoke and everything.

    We had a great time and would come back again.

    06/07/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    63. Robyn W.
    Went here with a friend as a girls getaway, quick weekend trip to somewhere warm. We originally wanted to stay at the Squaw because they have a lazy river. They were booked, so we stayed at the Tapatio. I am glad we did!!! This place is AWESOME. Great staff, great amenities. There is something for everyone! Rooms were clean & spacious (spent minimal time in the rooms). We were told upon check in to keep our wristbands as we had to have them to get into the Falls Waterpark. We actuallly just wore them (they told us we did not HAVE to wear them, but we had to have them & there is a $25 fee to replace). No big deal, we wore the wristbands & never had a problem. In fact, no one ever even asked to see them. We visited the water park one day, but spent most of our time at the adult pool.  Props to Ron at Cascades for going out of his way to make our time here enjoyable. We asked him to take our picture, & he took it and noticed that it was dark due to where the sun was and ran out & around the bar to take our picture from a different spot. A+ Ron!!! Also all the boys at the adult pool bar were great, especially Nick. Food at cascades and adult pool bar were both great. Highly recommend the salads at the adult pool. Adult pool bar also  has great Blue Lagoons and Mai Tai's. Aaaah, what I wouldn't give to be back there! Gift shop & spa are fabulous. We cannot wait to return here with more friends!

    31/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    64. PJ G.
    Good hotel. Pool scene is great and service at the pool was excellent. Room was nice (standard suite). Bed was comfortable. Place loses stars for dated and hard to use shower.  Also hottub close to our room was not working properly.  Hottub complaint may be petty but when u pay an $18 resort fee u expect those things to work. Shuttle drivers around the large property were prompt and helpful

    06/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    65. Ryan F.
    Pros: The rooms are clean and spacious. We had a balcony that gave a great view of the resort as well as Phoenix. Room service was very good.

    Cons: Room service was beyond overpriced. This is a VERY hilly resort. You are often walking up and down steep hills to get to your room or the pool. Subsequently, the parking is spotty. We had to park on a side street, on a hill, and walk to our room every day. A bit frustrating.

    We didn't use the pool or any of the amenities.

    29/01/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    66. Kellie O.
    Beautiful location, nice spot for meeting friends around the pool.

    I've stayed here before I lived in Phoenix, my sister had her wedding reception here and my family always stays here when they visit.

    The location makes it sweet, not the hectic rush you find in Scottsdale or Tempe...just 15 min from downtown Phoenix, just zip down 7th street and avoid all the highway mess.

    The rooms are really nice but quite small so check into internet specials for upgrades you can get at check-in.

    Pay in advance to save a pretty penny! (^_^)b

    Ask for the room that overlooks the Falls...the pool area.

    02/11/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    67. Michael B.
    Grounds look a bit outdated, but they have a least 4 pools, and a great location, tucked into North mountain. We're thinking about coming back for a stayaction at summer rates.

    25/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    68. Bethanie C.
    My boyfriend and I wanted to "get away" but couldnt leave Phoenix and leave our dog behind.  We called Tapatio Cliff Resort and for $75 one time non-refundable fee we could bring him!!!  It was like being in another place and the customer service is beyond 5 star quality!  The rooms are gorgeous!  The pools are gorgeous and we didnt want to be around little kids so they have a private adult pool complete with a bar!  What more could you ask for!!  
    From the friendly door man to the ladies in the pro shop everyone remembered us each time they saw us and made us feel at home and cared about!  We over tipped and they deserve it!  What a wonderful place and to have it practically in our own back yard we will most definately be regulars!
    Check it out, its worth the money!!!!

    12/06/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    69. Lorna C.
    I have to say, this is like very other sprawling resort in the Phoenix area but is quite convenient to some decent hiking on Tapatio cliffs... it's literally across the street!  I still haven't had the chance to check out those trails, but I can bet you money, I'll be on that mountain next time I stay here.
    The hotel itself is kind of confusing when you drive up to check in... stay to the right and circle back around to check in on your left- I found out by driving the wrong way up the left side.  Staff was friendly and accommodating.  Rooms are clean and classically Hilton appointed.  There seemed to be like 6 pools on the grounds?  So if you like to swim, this is the place for you!  They offer breakfast vouchers for Diamond members and unfortunately I didn't get to check it out... maybe next time!  I also look forward to finding some decent places to eat in this part of town... seems a little out there, but I'm willing go give it another chance...
    I have definitely been more impressed with other resorts so that's why this place didn't score higher in my book.

    04/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    70. Jeff G.
    Very nice clean resort!  Parking old be improved!

    30/05/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    71. Derick W.
    Good place, expecially for the price.  Came here for a corporate meeting.  Very nice meeting facilities and the room was very good (not excellent or anything different but served its purpose).  Lots of pools including one area with a few all together which would be good for the kids but they would be board quickly.  I would return if in the area.

    22/04/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    72. Nick C.
    Great hotel, the food at each restaurant we tried was amazing! The service was also very good. We are definitely planning to go back. Just went last week and got a great rate on the room. Parking isn't the best but they do offer valet parking so I recommend going that route.

    04/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    73. Michael R.
    If Yelp had more than 5 stars, the Point would get all of them on my review!

    I frequently go to Phoenix, about once or twice, each year. My first time there, a family member recommended that if I was looking to stay somewhere other than his house, to stay at this Pointe. I did it and I haven't stayed anywhere else since then.

    The rooms are very spacious, and comfortable. The balconies and patios are very secure and private. The staff is amazing and the resort is very quiet and comfortable. I can't decide what the resort has more of though, great views, parking spaces or pools! Everywhere you turn there is a beautiful relaxing pool and hot tub on this resort. The place is just great for everyone!

    I had taken my wife and we had a great stay. Recommended it to colleagues or customers and they had a great stay. I have gone alone and had a relaxing and great stay. It never fails with the Pointe.

    Do yourself a favor and stay here at least once, I promise you it won't be a regret.

    Also, upon return, they greet you with a welcome letter and small gift. They have a great golf course attached to them and a stellar restaurant called " A Different Pointe of View". I can't help but order a stiff drink or martini, grab a cigar and sit on the patio feeling like James Bond.

    12/12/11 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    74. Christina D.
    I could have overlooked the faulty plumbing, dead bugs floating in our in room coffee pot that had never been cleaned, broken tv in the living room, and general run down appearance. However I cannot overlook the substandard experience we had at the restaurant. We did not receive our food until an hour and 45 min after we ordered. At that point, the food came out in shifts. Some ripple in our party did not receive their food until 20 minutes after the initial food was delivered. One person in our group never received her food and was told it could be delivered to her room later. Keep in mind that was almost 2 1/2 hours after her food was ordered. She declined, yet we were charged for her meal when our bill came. No discounts, free desserts, or any other accommodations were offered. Shame on you, Hilton, for allowing this establishment to corrupt your good reputation.

    10/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    75. Daniel A.
    Internet connection is based on device NOT room. Can get expensive with a family wanted to get connected and is very disappointing. Free wifi in other locations

    Parking sucks and the resort is really spread out so you will spend time walking around or hopping in the car is your room is far from the restaurants/lobby.

    It's a beautiful resort, with several pools and very relaxing. I would consider going back since this trip was for business.

    16/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    76. Aline F.
    I just came back from this Hotel this weekend.  The experience was not great to say the very least.  Had selected this hotel based on the fact that they advertised having a spa, steam room and sauna.  Well, they do not have a steam room even though they advertise it.  The sauna is next to the work out room and is old, feels unsafe and without towels.  My friend and I decided to skip our sauna experience and opt for a hot stone massage instead.  Sounds nice right?  Not...the masseuse gave me a massage while wearing plastic gloves and the lotion was a flowery, cheap lotion scent that had me racing to the shower for immediate removal..  The plastic  gloves were the kind you use when you dye your hair at home.   It provided  the jerkiest, most non- soothhing massage I have ever experienced.  It took everything for me, not to walk out in the middle of the massage.
    The room suite was ok, but as others have mentioned, in serious need of updating and definitely not the Hilton 4 star quality.
    My friend's rental car got side swiped in the parking lot....no note, left, no witnesses.
    Had the worst turkey burger in the point of thyme restaurant and the point of view was booked every day for private parties.  Would I ever return....not.

    08/12/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    77. Mary O.
    I called this property to ask a simple question to help me plan my vacation. "Are your pools open yet?" ANYONE at the facility could have answered this in 30 seconds. The "operator", Susan, immediately transfers me to the pool facilities concierge who she knows will not be there, and I get voicemail. I call back, dial 0 for operator, I politely ask if there is anyone I can speak to with a question about the facilities, again transferred to voicemail. Call back, dial 0, immediately goes to voicemail. Did this a few more times, same thing. Call back, she answers, I ask to speak with a hotel manager, she asks "why?" I say I have a simple question, and I would like to speak with a human not a machine. She's really annoyed now, puts me on hold, and I speak with a man, who says yes the pool is open, (gee thanks for that, only took 15 minutes to get that info). When I tell him the operator was kind of rude, he is like "oh well", we are very busy. Yeah, so am I A- hole!!! I wouldn't stay there for free now.

    15/01/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    78. C G.
    This property is ready for updating. Also, be prepared to do a lot of walking to get the main restaurant, lobby, or pools,  so if you have little ones, don't stay up the mountain. The hotel is nice but a little tired. After the first few days of the room not being cleaned by 4 or 5 pm, I learned to call and ask for a cleaning in the time frame I needed. Restaurant at the top very lovely. I never went to the big pool but it seems that is the biggest draw for this hotel, so, if you have kids who want that experience, this may be the hotel for you. Breakfast buffet was nice. Nice trail across the road (tunnel connects) Great Italian place less than 1/2 a mile away.  Parking can be an issue. we checked in late and the front desk offered free valet since there were no parking places close to the room. Close to room parking was very rare the entire stay.

    23/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    79. Sharon G.
    I didn't get a room but relaxed by the pool near the water slide all day. How did I get in? Easy...just walk by the towel guy and say you are a guest of XXX On this day, I actually WAS a guest of someone, but I wonder....

    No hassle, no problem, nice day!

    24/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    80. bev d.
    Chose this place because of the Hilton name.  Stayed here for 12 nights so I believe my review should hold some weight!  We were given a voucher for 2 bottles of complementary water when we arrived.  I told the clerk we were here for 12 days.  She said water only provided the first day.  For a desert facility, you would think that you would be given 2 per day of stay.  Seemed a bit stingy for a 4 star resort.  We were taken to to Bldg. 17, one of the farthest buildings from the main lobby and main pools.  We were in a handicap accessible suite.  First observation, parking is very tight.  Parking under building is prohibited.  From peeking inside one of these slots, you can see netting attached to the ceiling because the building is crumbling!  Outside hallways to back rooms are dark and murky.  Had to call for light bulbs to be changed.  Room seemed reasonably nice, but then!!!  Walk in shower floods entire bathroom.  Maintenance had to rip out drain and clean it out, only to find out that the design of the bowed shower curtain was the cause of the flooding.  For 10 days, had to prop up shower curtain in front of drain with rolled towels!  No shelving except for soap tray for shampoo, etc.  Anyone in a wheelchair or severely disabled would be in real trouble.  Next, the sink is not in the bathroom!!!  You have to go into the bedroom to wash your hands!  Very unsanitary.  Balcony claustrophobic with a limited view because of the building in front of us.  Room was made up in a timely fashion when requested, however, I don't believe the room was vacuumed more than once in 12 days.  How do I know this?  I had to kill a nasty spider in the popcorn ceiling and the remnants littered the floor for days.  I also found a spider in the bed and one lurking on the sheer (dirty) draperies.  The paint on the inside window ledges has been painted so many times, it has a life of its own!  Towels in room are old and rough.  One day we had one that had blue stains all over it.  Coffee and tea in room is nice, but no sink to fill machine.  Water in refrigerator is $3 a bottle and premium water n counter $6.50.  No, thanks!  Bought a case of water at Walgreens for 3.99 and lugged it to the room for the duration.  Went to the Pointe of Tyme Restaurant for dinner that night.  Burger was superb and salmon was delicious.  Pleasantly surpised.  Breakfast good to if you order off the menu.  Breakfast buffet ok.  Wait staff very professional and helpful.  Internet was good, but we had to change codes 3 times during stay.  The pool closest to us had plumbing trucks lined up all week.  Went to the large main pool one day.  Went into the jacuzzi, but it was broken.  The clincher came the last day.  Put the Do Not Distrub sign on door and went to breakfast.  Check out is 11 AM.  Returned at 10:15 AM to find the maid in our room cleaning it out for the next guest!!!  We had already taken our luggage to our car, but all of our sundry possessions were still in the room.  My husband's kindle was unplugged and in a bag on the housekeeping cart.  Our precious water was whisked away and room was in disarray from the cleaning in progress.  If we had come a few minutes later, we would have had to track down our things!  So in summary, this place, on the surface looks great.  The lobby, the entrance grounds, and restaurants are all beautiful.  The rooms:  Yuk!  Service:  depends - hot and cold.  Pools:  All need work.  My advice:  Wait until after they bulldoze the buildings before staying here!

    19/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    81. Frankie V.
    This resort is older.  The outside facilities are nice.  The pools and vegetation are well cared for.  The staff, except the front desk were polite and helpful.  The internet throughout the resort is spotty.  When I asked for help with it, I was told that the resort is built on the side of a mountain so you can expect it to be spotty.  When we entered our room, the exterior door was dirty, scraped, and stained up to about waist level.   When you enter the room, you immediately notice the original shag carpet.  You also notice that it is frayed and worn.  When you step into the room, you then notice the dark stains in the carpet.  The bath area has mold in the caulking.  Even though the room was generally clean, the carpet, door and caulking give the impression that the room is dirty.  I did ask for a new room, but was told that they were filled up.   On check out I was asked how the room was.  When I relayed my findings I was told that the carpet was due to be replaced next year.  Why wait.  It is overdue now.  I am very disappointed with Hilton.  They have really went down hill.

    16/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    82. Matthew D.
    I am staying at the Tapatio Cliffs Resort right now and my car was spray painted last night. All the windows and profanity on the back. After talking with several people, a manager, security, etc., the only thing I was told (in paraphrase) was 'we can't do anything, but an insurance claim has been made', and that these things happen.. Not anything to compensate, to make me feel secure that this won't happen again, nothing. I am being treated like some idiot who is paying money to be here for several days and that's it. If you want to make sure you are secure and want a staff that works hard to make sure you are satisfied, I suggest not staying here. They are horrible and have done absolutely nothing. This is not the Hilton brand standard and I am appalled as a paying customer I am being treated this way. DO NOT STAY HERE.

    18/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    83. Himali W.
    Stayed here several days for a conference. Though they do have tennis courts, spa, pools, and a golf course; it's much more isolated than what you would expect. It's also quite spread out and hilly, and you may end up having to take the hotel shuttle to different parts of the resort (even to your room).

    The lobby area is fairly small, there isn't much place to just "hang out"---other than the pool. Unfortunately for us, it happened to be cold the days we were there, so there wasn't much of an opportunity to do that. Beyond that, probably the biggest negative aspect of this resort is that it is really far away from anything fun that you would want to do.Taking a cab to downtown Phoenix or Scottsdale is about $50-$60 each way.

    We tried both of the restaurants, and they were both good for dinner. Only one of them offered breakfast or lunch. There is also a cafe that offers Starbucks beverages in the lobby.

    24/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    84. Christian M.
    Not a good experience.... I stayed at the end of June for two nights while I was visiting for a job interview. The night before my interview the AC in my room was working very poorly and I woke up a midnight because of the heat. Imagine being stuck ina hotel with no AC in Phoenix! I called the front desk and they offered to move me to a room but I was already in bed and had all of my dress clothes laid out. As if I wanted to have to pick up everything a move!

    They offered to cut my rate in half, let me drink the water from the mini fridge, and gave me a fan (an extremely loud one). The next morning my statement didn't reflect the rate change so I checked my credit card statement later and I was still charged the full amount.

    I had to dispute the charge through Wells Fargo and even then I had to actually call the hotel finance department. Still no resolution! Not good customer service and not a good experience.

    10/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    85. Sarah L.
    Ahh, the Hilton Tapatio. I've had some pretty good times there. The thing that's especially nice about this Hilton is that it's not just any old skyscraper-building hotel, it actually has scenery. I always love looking outside the double glass balcony doors to a beautiful yet scorching hot Phoenix, filled with palm trees, fresh scents, rocky mountains, and the vibe of a luxury-filled vacation. Yes. It's quite relaxing. I've been here many times for "staycations", and none of the times that I've been here have disappointed me.

    The atmosphere is nice, decorations were wonderful, the waterpark was sublime, and the amenities: what a delight!

    In fact, the only complaint I have about the Tapatio is that they do not have free Wi-Fi, which is a tad troublesome.

    12/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    86. Diana E.
    In town from Seattle and taking advantage of the Phoenix summer "staycation" rates at the resort... so glad I did!

    The resort is in a beautiful location, built into the hillside.  I scored a King suite and was impressed with what I got for my money.  I had a nice-sized living room, complete with TV and desk/workstation, a full bath and vanity, and a large bedroom with a very heavenly, pillow-top bed.  I loved the bed.  I kind of wish I hadn't made plans so early every morning so I could've had more lounging time!

    The pools were nearly deserted on the weekdays, but a little livelier on Saturday & Sunday.  I particularly appreciated the Adults-Only pool (I hate being splashed when I'm not expecting it).  Tim at the pool bar was a particularly helpful staffer - friendly, remembered my name, and always there with a fresh glass of water or my next drink order.

    I enjoyed the Falls Terrace area, but as the day wore on, it got fairly busy and there were two (count 'em... TWO) kids' birthday parties in the cabanas nearby, so I cut out of there early and just headed back to the sanctity of the adults' pool.

    Food was good in every restaurant I tried (including room service).
    They offered free valet parking, prompt service from housekeeping when I needed more shampoo & towels, and a very friendly and helpful staff.

    Great hiking nearby - bring comfy shoes so you can have those extra margaritas poolside later.

    18/08/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    87. Track L.
    Booked for two nights 9/17-9/18/2013. Possibly the most ratty, rundown place I've stayed at in decades.  First room pervasive mold in the air, we had to move. Second room, not much better. Couch damp, frayed and soiled. Random, unmatched furniture seriously deeply scratched. Bed headboard thick with dust.
    Do not book your room based on photos that accompany room descriptions, whether on resort site or a third party site. Your $150 double ( + resort fee) will not resemble any picture in the world. Swimming pools need cleaning, candy wrappers and unidentified and disgusting debris float by. Loose tiles and railings on stairways to various places on the property. We checked out after one night, willing to forfeit the money just to escape the dank and damp (yes, arid AZ and these rooms were damp!).

    23/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    88. Joe B.
    Only stayed here because it was pretty cheap and got it through hotwire. The room was spacious, 2 queen beds were comfortable. The pools seem decent but I didnt get a chance to use them. It's a very hilly location so just keep that in mind. Parking seems to be an issue. We had to park far away from our room. As other have noted that parking design is not good. If you are lucky you will get a spot in front of your room. Roads within the resort are very narrow. Overall though it's a decent hotel.

    15/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    89. Too Risk Y.
    This is NOT a true "resort" dont get too excited. This is a hotel that is spread over some hills with a restaurant and a spa ...but overall its okay.

    -comfy beds
    -Room service was better than expected
    -somewhat affordable
    -each room has a mini balcony and slider screen
    -bathroom is separate from the sink/vanity area
    -suite was large with a sseparate bedroom/bathroom/living room space

    -You have to drive thru the hood to get there, its not super close to anything but check cashing & liquor stores
    -The parking is crappy (alot of the parking is parallel only on narrow hilly driveways and not easy to schlep luggage around) at one point, we had to park on the opposite side of our bldg and walk up a very steep hill in heels in the rain:(  yuck
    -housekeeping speaks no English and doesnt understand simple requests like "more coffee please"
    - the flatscreen is small & no on demand movies??? Cmon Hilton

    17/02/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    90. Ha D.
    This is a nice resort. It was January and not quite warm enough to use the pools.  We had a mountainside suite with a king-sized bed and pullout in the living room.  The staff was very nice. No complaints.

    11/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    91. Beauty I.
    ok so this is a continuation review partially**see my quality inn review** ok so after leaving dusty inn...i got in my car went to hotwire who got me this place fOR 150.00 TOTAL yep thats right y'all ! 2 nights was more than amazing & was treated like royalty everywhere i am from phoenix and got to see how pretty the mountains are  all because of this place ..8 pools, a spa, restaurant, watermark..unfortunately i was here on business so didn't get to enjoy much but man oh man..so beautiful!!! BOOK IT TODAY!

    08/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    92. JF T.
    I stayed at this hotel for free and it was still not worth it.  I went for a three day business conference, which was organized by an outside company.  There is the main hotel and then all these outlying buildings, which are terraced up STEEP hills.  You are going for a hike each time you leave your room and return.  There are cars/vans you can call to take you back and forth from the conference area to your room, but they are not readily available and you can wait 20 minutes for a ride.  Horrible layout.  There is an adult pool in the main hotel, which is OK, but super dated.  I walked down to the other pool (which they give you a bracelet for when you check in and tell you numerous times how you will pay $25 if you lose it).  This pool is full of kids so I left quickly and after reading all the other reviews about it being full of pee, I'm glad I did!  There are tons of beautiful resorts in Phoenix that are cheap in the Summer.  Pick anywhere but here!

    25/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    93. Buzz M.
    Not a place I'd venture back to unless it were business related.  Not a destination in my opinion.  You simply can't walk around unless you're in excellent physical condition or were sired by a billy-goat.

    The place is built right into the side of a mountain.  Rocks everywhere and a very confusing layout will have you wishing you'd called for transportation should you venture outside your door on foot.

    Great restaurants and staff.  Really, Hilton Quality.

    The rooms are dated.  Not horribly so, but enough to notice.  The shower area/toilet is very cramped.  However, tons of hot water and water pressure.  The rooms are set up like an Embassy Suites.... Walk into a small living room, bathroom in the middle, and bedroom in back with a balcony.  Some rooms have decent views.

    Standard Hilton Bedding which is to say, Excellent.

    Flat screen TV in the living room had a feature I really like and that is the ability to see the channels and what's on as you scroll through similar to satellite tv.  However, mine didn't work.

    If you're going here for a convention, don't expect a lot and you won't be disappointed.  If you're traveling for pleasure, go somewhere else.

    08/03/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    94. Chelsea Jimmy S.
    Beautiful place! Beds are great. But worst customer service. Only stayed here two times.  My wedding night and my sister in laws engagement party.  Slow service and rude workers. Too expensive for the horrible service.

    30/11/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    95. Maddie M.
    Bad customer and restaurant service.  Ignored and disrespected.  Not an environment suited for couples. I'm shocked at what a disappointment this place was. I do not recommend. If yelp allowed me to not give it a star, I wouldn't.

    01/09/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    96. Miles K.
    I absolutely dig this place. Awesome views, great room! The kids love the pools and driving range. The food and incredible sunset last night were great. The settings are built into the mountain... it is great if you like trails and hiking. Bring your walking shoes and if you are tired... call for transportation pickup... especially if you are going up the mountain to the restaurants.

    27/12/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    97. Shy A.
    Hmmmm....I really wanted to go 4 stars here....If there were an option to go half star, I would probably bring it closer to a 2.5 but I'll round up a bit to save some time. It's my first time staying at Tapatio Cliffs, I doubt that I'll stay there, again...Not because it was terrible by any means, it was just unmemorable.

    The BFF and I decided to head to sunny AZ for a bit of Spring Training...Forgetting that PIR was packing in the peeps, the hotel I really wanted to stay at (Renassaince in Glendale) was completely booked the weekend we planned. The BFF did some homework and he was taken in by Tapatio Cliff's pool photos and mountain views. After reading the reviews, the price was right so we decided to book.

    I rarely stay at Hilton properties and was intrigued at this whole "upgrade" option. Essentially, you pay "x' amount to upgrade to one of their suites. Take it from me...it's a bit of a rip. Our room didn't have a better view, in a more secluded area, have a bigger balcony...or really any additional amenities that would justify the additional cost.

    The room overall was clean...It was fairly quiet...The parking lot seemed packed all the time and the spaces were itty bitty which was a pain in the rear sometimes.

    The pool area appeared nice but instead of being able to relax, they had this awful soft rock blaring over the speakers which bummed us out. If we had the time just to lay out, I doubt we would've considering the music. I can see how great the pool could be for families, it's large with lots of  space to lay out, a great bar to order food and drinks and a water slide I was dying to get into.

    I would recommend TC for families wanting a bit of a staycation...the pool is fabulous to let the kids run loose and they have several other amenities that will keep them busy. The staff was just ok. Not really any warmth there but they made check-in/out easy so I can't complain.

    12/03/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    98. Ken R.
    Angela and Retta at the front desk are super stars at great service, thank you for making my experience with my family so great. Great resort, great rooms and great pools. For all of you picking this place apart and taking pics of cracks or stains need to get a life. The resort is very large and well maintained, you can look for imperfections if you want to but you will be wasting time that you could be drinking cocktails by the pool while your kids have a blast.

    01/04/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    99. Dana S.
    I visited my cousin at the resort when they stayed in town. They have a fun water slide in the pool and a few hidden small pool's through out the resort. The views were beautiful and the service at the hotel was good. You do need wristband for the pool which is kind of annoying.

    The only bad thing about the resort is that to walk to some of the pools you need to walk through the parking area, which does not have any sidewalks and there isn't any other direction to get there. Not so great when you are walking with kids. There were people driving pretty fast in that parking lot too.

    12/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    100. Bob P.
    Overall stay was great. Got the Diamond upgrade....Check. Great view...check. Excellent room service...check. Great service...check. Well taken care of....check.

    I was here on business so didn't get a chance to enjoy the pools. I'm not a big fan of the buildings that are so spaced out that you have to call the shuttle to take you to the lobby everyday. (Bad knees on these hills are a killer!!)

    Would recommend a stay with the family.....overall nice setting.

    16/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    101. Paul V.
    I have stayed at Tapatio Cliffs twice in the past year and both have been very nice visits. The rooms are clean, the staff is friendly and professional, the pools are pretty good, the grounds are well maintained, but it just doesn't wow me. As far as Phoenix/Scottsdale resorts go I think three stars for this place is fair. It is located on the side of a mountain on 7th Street, near the North Mountain trailhead, so there is hiking nearby. The resort also offers a couple restaurants and a golf course.

    It should be noted that the resort's Different Pointe of View is what I'd consider a five star restaurant and a perfect place to have a drink while watching a sunset. Check out that review here: yelp.com/biz/different-p…

    15/05/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    102. Business T.
    Out in the middle of no where and dated decor. Pool is AMAZING and great golf course. I got a great deal on this place (compared to others) and now i see why. Not bas place if you are playing golf there but I probably wont stay here again.

    11/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    103. Bob B.
    This is the second time I've stayed at Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs and I get the feeling I'm going to walk away a little disappointed.

    The Good
    The place is really cool. There's 8 pools, a gym, a golf course, tennis courts, and easy access to hiking trails. The buildings are beautifully built into the side of the hills and colored in red, orange, and yellow hues - it's very nice. There's a couple of restaurants on site and the food's good. And most of the rooms are 1-bedroom suites, so you can stretch out for a good price. Sound engineering was good. I couldn't hear my neighbors and slept well.

    The Bad
    The place just seems like it needs more attention this time around. I think that's the bottom line. A lot of things have added up to make me consider if I'll come back a third time, which I always thought would be a no brainer. The water in the pools is murky and they need a good skimming. At some of the smaller pools they're out of clean towels and used ones have piled up with no one attending to them. At the main pool, they confiscated a granola bar I had in my bag because outside food is not allowed in and the young woman working the gate studied my bottle of water thoroughly to make sure there was nothing else in it. I wanted to say, "Go ahead, take a sip already. It's just water! Why don't you go do something productive like pick up the all the dirty towels that have accumulated at the other pool instead of hassling me!" But obviously it's not her fault; this is management.

    There's debris and cigarette butts on the back sidewalk right behind my room that no one's cleaned up in the last 48 hours. Yesterday the soiled bedding was left out there for at least 10 hours until I called about it. And my room just feels a little run down and worse, a little unclean. My room didn't appear to be vacuumed all that well as I found someone's old pill, a watch battery, and a leftover disposal razor visible right there. You'd think a good vacuum would have taken care of it. It creeps me out that they may not have vacuumed at all. What else are they not doing? I called the manager about it and asked that they just run a vacuum the next day when they clean the room. They didn't.

    So, overall it's a bummer. This is a nice place. I hope they don't let it go to pot. Hilton please keep a watchful eye out. I'd like to come back.

    10/06/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    104. Jay G.
    Very unique property. Huge, sprawling, built into a hillside. Rooms are slightly dated, but very clean, well appointed and roomy.
    Staff was so friendly. Everyone seemed genuinely happy to chat and loved their jobs.
    Many pools and hot tubs, it's a water-lovers paradise. Family-friendly for sure- happy kids and parents everywhere.
    You feel like you're on Fantasy Island with the gorgeous landscaping and palm trees.
    Love this place!

    27/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    105. Jennifer N.
    I am at this resort right now.   We got a "discounted rate" of $170 per night which is still way to much to pay for this place.  The property is spread out, run down, rooms are musty with disgusting carpets.  Parking on the tiny roads, which link all the buildings,  is dangerous and difficult.  Restaurants are average and expensive.  Wifi was free by the pool and lobby but 14$ in the room.  My $8 glass of wine was served in a tiny plastic cup like the ones from elementary school. It was ridiculous. Did you know they make plastic wine glasses now?  Yes there are several pools but only the main one is worth going to.  The rest are small run down and gross.  We are leaving 2 days early to switch to another facility (Marriott) for our last 2 days here which is a cleaner newer resort and $40 less per night.  Very disappointing.  I'll never return.

    07/02/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    106. Tom M.
    How is it possible to be one of the worst restaurants ever and somehow have 4 stars?
    The service was non-existent.  I had to get up and go find our waiter every time we needed to order, get water, or anything.  There was never a busboy.  When the "food", (I use that term lightly ) finally came out, I had to go get side plates and silverware.  The calamari was so pathetic, we thought the staff had eaten most of it.  That would have explained why it was also cold.  The caesar should have traded places with the calamari.  It was warm and white.  It seems that green lettuce is not a part of the Pointe Hilton menu.  The basil pizza was a "cheese puddle".  Not only did it appear disgusting, it was disgusting.  By the way, when you call it basis pizza, put basil on it.

    The worst part was the pathetic attempt of the management to placate us.  It just made things worse.  Buying dessert that was probably baked 4 days ago, added insult to injury.  Not even ice-cream could make it edible.

    The biggest lesson learned, besides never going there again, was DO NOT complain.  That just gets Pointe management involved and then you see how truly sad and pathetic the once great Pointe Resort has become as a Hilton property.

    16/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    107. Hope M.
    Stayed here a few times over the years, it's beautiful :) my only complaint is that next to the restaurant on the hill(I can't remember it's name) they blocked off the area just to the left of the parking lot that has an excellent view of the valley's downtown area :( it's a great spot for pictures. Other than that, it's even better than the Phoenician.

    01/02/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    108. Ed R.
    The Pointe Tapatio Cliffs is a very nice, but aging, property. It is a Hilton, which my wife and I use exclusively when we travel and require lodging. I appreciate the large towels in the rooms, but these towels are getting old and no longer soft as is typical of a Hilton.

    The elevator in the mountain rooms we were in was out of order when we arrived on Saturday March 1st and was still out of order when we left March 6th. Again, not up to Hilton standards.

    The restaurant and bar were very good. Friendly people and good food. The golf course associated with the property is also very nice, with excellent staff.

    The resort staff was very friendly and helpful. The rooms are large and comfortable.

    I think the manager of this property needs to walk it a little more often to audit housekeeping and the grounds. The managers in these too areas can do much better.

    Nonetheless, we will be back again next year for Spring Training.

    09/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    109. Candia M.
    I am still staying here quite often.  It is a longer drive to work for me than the Suites downtown but they treat me better than anyone else in town and that is hard to beat and worth a little extra drive time.  Zach and the front desk staff are awesome and friendly.  They are quick to respond to and resolve any issues you have.  The rooms are very nice and have great big flat screens and lots of closet and counter space.  The room service is fairly quick and the food always arrives hot and as ordered.  The ladies in the coffee bar in the lobby are always busy but always pleasant and efficient.  The guys who run us around in vans (it is built cliffside) are sweet and do not make you wait.  With it so bloody hot I cannot emphasize enough how well the ac works.  Bliss....

    09/07/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    110. Erin R.
    First and foremost, if you're trying to decide between this Hilton and the Hilton Squaw Peak that is 3 miles down the road, you absolutely should choose this one!!  My bf and I stayed 2 nights at the Squaw Peak Hilton and had the worst service ever.  We moved over to Tapatio Cliffs for one night and absolutely loved it.  The scenery is fantastic.  It is up in the hills and has fabulous views.  We were lucky enough to be in a room with a view, so that was even better!  The main pool was pretty, but not crazy busy, and the service was prompt.  There was also another smaller, more tucked away pool that looked nice, but we didn't get a chance to check it out.  We would have loved to have eaten at A Different Pointe of View, which is their nicer restaurant, but it was completely booked.  We will definitely make a trip back to eat there, though.  We did have dinner at Pointe in Tyme, their steakhouse.  The food and service were excellent, and we ended up closing down the bar.  We both really liked the décor and set-up of the space.  When we left, we both said that we would absolutely love to stay there again!

    20/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    111. L L.
    I found a good deal on booking.com , king bed with a view room, $108. We stayed Saturday night into Sunday morning on father's day weekend and it was a little packed but they handled it well. We asked for a microwave in the room because we thought they all came with them, they had no problem bringing one up. We went to the cantina near the waterfall village, we ordered 3 drinks, a vodka cranberry and a margarita that had 2 bugs in it and both were more juice than alcohol. I decided to stick with a beer to be safe. We also ordered nachos, which were dry..our bill came to $30, a little pricey for what we got. We got back to the room, the microwave was placed on the coffee table for us to plug in? The shuttle drivers were scary, very fast and short breaking, luckily we got stuck with a group that was completely wasted inside the shuttle already... We ate at the contemporary restaurant bc the fine dining one was booked for a wedding. They had great food... It was about $100, but the waiter service and their food made it worth it. We checked out next morning only to discover my $154 bill... $108 for the room, plus tax.. Resort fee, plus tax... Some other fee, plus tax and charged for a microwave that we thought came with all rooms, of which we didn't use.... I was hoping for "better service" bc it's a Hilton, but the room was really nice and we did have a nice view

    17/06/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    112. Becca C.
    My husband and I stayed here as a weekend getaway in the beginning of July.  Let's start with the downsides to this place.  Everywhere you go is a hike.  It is built into the side of a mountain so the parking spaces and rooms are very far away and a long walk (up hill) from all the pools and restaurants.  Parking is another issue all together.  We never had an issue (thankfully) but the parking by the actual rooms was scarce and the main parking is quite far from the rooms if you were unfortunate enough to not find a space.  Also, the bar in the adult pool wasn't open at night which was highly inconvenient and we ended up going to a bar off site.

    The Pros... the place is gorgeous.  The rooms are top notch, the sheets and bed were super comfortable and we were very well rested by the end of our stay.  The pools are very well maintained and there are a bunch of them.  The room service was delicious and the onsite dining at Pointe in Tyme was amazing as well.

    Also, we had arrived with the expectation that free wifi would not be available, but it turns out it is included in the $10/night resort fee we were charged so that was a pleasant surprise.

    I would 100% return in the future!

    06/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    113. Mo H.
    Like Steve S. on 12/27, I'm a former Phoenix local.  We've stayed at the Pointe Squaw Peak in the past, and had a lovely stay.  I didn't remember if it was that or Tapatio Cliffs, so we went ahead and reserved here.

    The good:  The grounds are beautiful, and you can walk from your room into the Phoenix Mountain Preserves.  The dinner at the less formal of the two restaurants was surprisingly good. We loved sitting with our coffee beside the pool in the morning, even if it was a little chilly.  The folks who ran the Starbucks in the lobby were great.  The kids loved the waterfall pool.

    The rooms were awful.  Underground.  Musty.  Backed up toilets.  Car bumpers and headlights at eye level in the bedroom.  Why bother with little patios that are dirt and mostly underground?  There is inadequate upkeep.  My son's hand was suddenly bloody on the way back from the pool when he put his hand on the rail.  We were two families with kids, but we were put next to the adult pool, which the kids were forbidden to enter, so the other pools were a long trek and we were unable to get out of our caves, be near the rooms, and be with the kids.

    They never made it clear that the resort fee covered internet.  There were no explanations at check-in.  They mostly seemed to want us gone.  

    The worst, though, was our attempt to do laundry.  If the hotel doesn't want people doing their own laundry, they shouldn't pretend that they do.  First, they don't offer change for the coin op laundry.  Then, to get to the laundry, we had to go into the pool area to access an elevator, up the elevator, across a sky bridge, up two flights of stairs, then across a road.  I was embarrassed when I accepted a ride from the bell staff until I saw how far it was.  

    The first laundry room they drove me to had the coin box ripped off the machine.  Twisted metal where it belonged.  Really.  Wires hanging out.  At a 4-star resort.  Neither the driver nor the front desk clerk seemed fazed by the theft and vandalism.

    The second laundry room was ok until the second load.  The water ran briefly, just enough to wet the clothes.  Then it hummed.  No water, no washing.  Again, the front desk staff was unconcerned that our morning was ruined, while we waited 3 hours for someone to deal with the broken washer.  At the end of 3 hours, I managed to get water into the washer on my own (turned out there was hot water, but no cold).  No one ever showed to fix it.

    It seemed that they chose their front desk staff based on how cute or "done" they look, not on their ability to give customer service.  What a disappointment.

    17/01/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    114. Derrick T.
    Stayed here for a business conference, so didn't get a chance to enjoy all the amenities (not to mention it was 30 degrees the whole time), but here's the quick rundown:

    Resort:  This place is HUGE.  Big enough that they offer a free kart service to take you around from your room to other places.  It's set into the side of a mountain, so there's definitely some steep hills to walk up to get to your rooms.  The view, however, is gorgeous.

    Rooms;  Slightly dated, but clean and nice that each room has a sitting area.  My room also had a nice balcony, which I did not really get the chance to enjoy due to weather.  HD TV's in the rooms, with HBO access.  Always nice for those long conference days when you just want to chill out and fall asleep at night.

    Service:  Excellent.  Everyone here seemed genuinely friendly and willing to try to help out, even when we were trying to book a bus/multiple taxis for 12 people to travel to a restaurant.  

    Workout facility:  Four treadmills, one that wasn't working, a few steppers, a few weights... a decent size room, but pretty minimal equipment.  Would be an issue if there were a lot of folks working out, but it was just about the right size for when I was there.  Basic hotel workout room stuff.

    Trails:  There are some gorgeous hill/mountain trails that are adjacent to the resort.  Go on them... go for long walks.  Enjoy it.

    Verdict:  Fun place to stay, the restaurant (a different pointe of view) is worth checking out, even if you're not on the resort.

    21/01/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    115. Andy G.
    It's been four years since our last visit to Tapatio Cliffs and many things are the same: The pool areas are gorgeous and a lot of fun, the service is overall good, and it is very busy on holiday weekends. The relatively low rates are very attractive--usually $89/night in the summer with AAA discount.

    The parking is still a nightmare and if anything, it's gotten worse. I happened to notice this time around that there are many crappier cars without parking permits in the main lot. I suspect the hotel lets their staff park in the main guest lot, which is a pretty bad thing to do when guests already have a difficult time parking.

    I'm deducting a star from last time because some of the property has degraded in the past few years and it doesn't look like there has been much of an interest in remodeling or refreshing the property. They are just patching it over and moving on. Also, most of the hot tubs have wildly variable temperatures across the property. One is scalding to the point of not being able to get in, and the next one is the same temperature as the pool next to it. No one seem to be paying much attention to such things.

    27/05/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    116. Sean R.
    I have stayed at this hotel twice on business.  The hotel is about thirty minutes away from the Phoenix airport. The layout of the hotel is a maze with so many twists and turns and no easy direction in locating your room. The rooms are clean but old and worn, it doesn't seem to be a Hilton property. The property is in desperate need of renovation. The coffee shop serves up Starbucks.

    19/10/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    117. Glaciala A.
    Amazing! Loved the pools and during the weekday had a whole pool to myself with no one around. Hosted an event here and it was fantastic with great service. Rooms were a bit stuffy, but beside that it was nice. If you're staying with a group of people, make sure to ask ahead of time if they can clump you in the same general location since walking from one part of the resort to the other can take awhile. Views are terrific from the top of the hill too.

    06/05/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    118. Krysta A.
    If I could rate it less I would. I have never experienced so little care for customer service in my life. Definitely not up to the hilton standard everyone expects. I don't even know where to begin. You have to take a shuttle to everywhere all over the hotel due to steep cliffs and hills on the property. Shuttle drivers have a bad attitude, front desk reception had an attitude, swimming pools smelled like sewage and employees could care less about anyone. I realized it was a busy weekend and for that I tried to have as much patience as possible, I tried to have a conversation with the assistant manager upon check out but could tell I wasn't being listened to. Management should never roll there eyes at a customer regardless of the situation. I definitely will not be returning to this location. Strongly suggest others beware before booking.

    26/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    119. Michelle L.

    The only reason I selected this hotel was because they allowed large dogs. Other dog friendly hotels in the area were booked. This trip wasn't planned in advance so I didn't  have many options.  We were there for a funeral so the last thing I needed to deal with was this horrible hotel. Thankfully we were just there to sleep.

    Check in was easy enough. Then it all went bad within the next half hour...

    I was lucky enough to find a parking space near my room when we arrived. After that, we had to park up or down a hill and hike to the room. One night I drove around the resort for 30 minutes and still couldn't find any parking. My only option was to use the complimentary valet service. Let me tell you, it's worth every penny! I waited in the valet area for 20 minutes before he showed up. This is a huge resort and on a Friday night with 2 events going on, they had 1 valet on duty. He claimed there was another guy but he was "working somewhere else tonight." He was kind enough to drive me to my room.

    The room was old & dated. Furniture is dirty & there were stains on the carpet in the center of the room when you walk through the door.

    We booked the room for 3 adults & 2 children & a large dog. (the room sleeps 6)  We were given 3 bath towels. It took an hour and 2 calls to get more towels delivered to our room.

    The door to the tiny bathroom didn't seal. It wouldn't close all the way. We had to use the one and only (miniature) trashcan in the room to block the door so it wouldn't just open.

    The reading lights over the beds didn't work. Apparently, they fail to check the small details in the room.

    Good luck trying to watch television. The remote is basic & doesn't even have the arrow keys needed to select the guide option after watching the Hilton info that comes on. There was a channel up & down button so we were able to scroll through the limited channels to find nothing. No problem, we have the free WiFi that comes included in our $18 +tax daily resort fees so we can use our iPads & computers...So we thought! We were given a WiFi code that wouldn't connect in the bedroom. It barely connected at all. That was a bust.

    If you stay here, bring your own soap! Housekeeping failed to replace the soap when they "cleaned" the room.

    I'm sorry this is long, but here's the most memorable part of my stay...

    The room turned into a swamp!  On the first night after a shower, the carpet was wet & we noticed water leaking from under the wall. Called maintenance. They came & said there's a leak. No kidding! They returned after we left. They caulked the tub & left a card stating the time they were there & the work was completed. We got back late that night & it was still wet. There was no effort to clean the wet carpet or sop up any water. The next morning after 3 showers, it was soaked. It was much worse than before. I called again to complain about this & asked them to come after we left for the funeral service. The lady was very nice & sent up some more towels for the floor. Apparently, maintenance never came as there was no service card left like the previous day and it was more wet than before we left. One would think Housekeeping would let maintenance know that there was clearly a problem. All they did was pick up the towels and leave us a new stack...on the dirty floor. It was after 11pm & now the water was also soaked through the other side, onto the bedroom carpet. After a long & very emotional day with family, we figured it's not worth another call this late. We figured we're out of here in the morning so why bother wasting our time. We just put down more & more towels. There was never any offer to change rooms. No call or follow up from Maintenance. They knew there was a problem. We called twice and they ignored our second complaint. Before I went to check out, I stopped to talk to the Concierge and let her know what's going on in this room. She seemed concerned & asked why I didn't call the front desk to complain. Apparently the different departments are all on different computer systems so she couldn't even look up the history of my calls and lack of service from Maintenance. She offered us a free breakfast which I quickly  declined then she called for the Manager On Duty. She showed up after 15 minutes and I had to explain everything a second time and was again offered a complimentary breakfast. I said I would not be returning nor recommending this property to anyone. They decided that they would refund my $75 pet fee. Seriously, that's the best they could do.

    I'm happy to be out of there. As I stated, this was the absolute worst hotel experience any of us ever had.

    I'm embarrassed to admit that I stayed at the Point Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort.

    10/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    120. A A.
    Highly undesirable!
    pros- location/views/price/kid friendly
    Cons- stinks... Literally(room/outside/pool)/crowded which means no parking, no place to sit at pool and no option to change rooms when yours smells and the tv doesn't work. So opted to read instead with the most horribly bright reading lamp ever!! Super loud air conditioning units. Extremely dated. Felt icky and dirty.
      Honestly what a horrible experience all around! To many other great hotels!
    * the half naked drunk guy passed out in the bed of his truck with a half empty bottle of tequila was an awesome bonus walking back to room at 8pm. #superclassyplace

    15/06/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    121. Priscilla G.
    The staff was very sweet and attentive. Our experience was soured by the asshole who stole my sons iphone out by the pool. Really douchbag? Why steal someone's phone? We filed a police report with Phoenix PD and with hotel security. Hell yeah I'm pressing charges!  Richard (hotel security) was very kind and tried his best to help us.

    04/07/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    122. Catherine S.
    This is the hotel that made me fall in love with Phoenix. I stayed here three times before I moved here, and each time was delightful. The views of the mountains, the classic Hilton comfy beds, the pools, the convenience to downtown.

    Now that I live here, I still like to take hotel minibreaks, esp in the summer when the rates drop. I'll be coming here again.

    16/01/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    123. Adam G.
    Worst experience ever. We planned to stay 3 nights. When we first walked in the Ac filter looked like it hadn't been changed in 2 years. The quickly replaced it. Then the AC broke. Instead of putting us in a new room they sent someone to fix it hours later and it didn't work. Then it took about another 5 hours to get us a new room. The new room had a huge leak in the sink and water went everywhere. On top of that the pool by our room flooded and they closed it. Then another pool was closed for a private party. The main pool was disgusting. Was super cloudy had floating bandaids and dead bees everywhere. Then I went to speak with a manager and check out and no manager or assistant manager or any one of authority was available to speak with. I will never stay here again. It is also in a rundown part of town.

    30/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    124. Kelly G.
    Down to business.... Keep in mind we paid $89/night!
    1) The resort has beautiful scenery. The mountains serve as a backdrop and the resort is built into the cliffs.
    2) Our room (1031) was within the main hotel, had two comfortable queen beds, a TV, a closet with a safe, a patio that was useful only for drying our suits as it was pretty small, a divided bathroom (toilet and shower in one room, sink in another), and a small living area with a sofa bed, desk, another TV, mini bar, fridge, coffee maker, and coffee table. All in all, a nice clean and comfortable room that you don't spend a lot of time in!
    3) The pools are awesome! Keep in mind the price point and the pools will not disappoint. The Falls has two main pools, one salt water and one chlorine, a water slide, kids area, dive-in movies on Saturday nights, two hot tubs, and The Cantina. There is also a family pool within the hotel (outside) and an adult pool with swim up bar. Word is, there are other pools scattered about the property.
    4) The resort fee includes the driving range, where the staff is super nice!
    5) Internet was super fast!
    This was a great place to stay for our family (Two adults, an 11yo girl and 13yo boy)! Will definitely be back, maybe in the winter to take advantage of the hiking trails.

    The only downside was the site said this was a smoke free hotel and there were smokers right in the open. Not a huge amount but I'm sure it bothers those who banked on it being smoke free!

    20/07/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    125. Chris E.
    I stay at this hotel every summer for a "stay-cation" I have never had any issues . The staff was always super friendly and helpful. The drinks at the pool are amazing and though they are a bit pricey , they don't jip you on the alcohol. Once we have plenty of drinks by the pool, we go back to the always clean rooms and order pizza for the room service menu. It's delicious and always ready quickly.

    31/05/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    126. Marian T.
    Thank you Pointe Hilton and its amazing staff for the impeccable service you gave for our wedding on November 1st, 2014. We received numerous compliments about how beautiful the resort and banquet hall were for our day and have many weddings we plan to send your way in the future. Also a BIG thank you to Kristine Nolan for working with me throughout the whole year and half of wedding planning for the reception, she went above and beyond to make us happy & im so very thankful for her and all her help.

    15/11/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    127. Monica O.
    It's a friends 40th birthday party, and how do her friends do it, hooked her up with a suite and throw her a party!

    The suite, was clean and nice, living room area in the front, bathroom area splits the middle back half was the bedroom

    Let's start with the pros:
    Amazing view of the city
    Home to Different Point of View
    Nice Pools

    Parking, it's a mad house
    Set up the room kind of strange, didnt flow for me, not so feng shui
    A/C did not work!! It said it was set at 65, but it felt better outside, and at 10pm it was still in the high 90s , was so humid and hot

    That's kind of all I got, I wasn't blown away by the Tapatio Cliffs, don't get me wrong, they are good, the beds are comfy,  just didn't wow me.

    16/07/13 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    128. Jeffrey S.
    Nice clean rooms. You can tell the place wasn't built yesterday, but they have done a great job of maintaining the facility. I can't speak to the dining and recreation as I was busy and only in for an overnight stay. The staff was great. The concierge was super and delivered a couple of boxes to my room in record time. The only fault I could find is that my thermostat had zero control over the air coming from the register. My room was freezing cold. I'm sure maintenance could have taken care of it, but I was ready for bed and didn't feel like changing rooms or waiting for it to be fixed.

    20/11/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    129. Luciana L.
    We stayed in the king suite for our one night getaway as the grandparents watched the kiddo.  What a nice treat it was!  Beware the hotel is very steep in areas.  It is built on a mountain after all.  

    Service was good.  Hotel room was huge but definitely needs updating.  The wallpaper in the bathroom was falling off and considering how expensive ($300/nt!) it was, I was expecting a nicer tub/shower.  It's like the typical showers you see in motels.  Not impressive at all.

    Other than that though, we really enjoyed our stay here.  We came off-peak so a lot of their amenities were not available to us but that wasn't a big deal for us.  It was a nice way to reboot for the hubby and I.

    21/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    130. Kaitlin W.
    I have very mixed feelings about the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort.  To start with the positive, the grounds are beautiful and many parts of the resort look out on excellent views - point in case:  Different Pointe of View, the wonderful upscale restaurant that looks out on all of Phoenix.  They also have a nice main pool area and another great restaurant, Pointe in Tyme.  For the most part, every staff member we met was excellent, from the shuttle drivers to the wait staff at the restaurants.  They have a really fun bar area by the pool, Cascades Cafe, that serves pretty decent snacks and lunch food.  The waiters that took orders from the different pool lounges were a bit inattentive, but we just went to the bar and ordered, which was fine.

    Unfortunately, as great as most of the staff were, we began our trip with a pretty unpleasant experience.  We had flown into town from New York for a friend's wedding, and after a long day of traveling finally arrived at the hotel around 1am.  Exhausted and uncomfortable from the flight, and without having really anything to eat or drink for quite some time, we were excited to get to our room and relax.  There was one other couple in front of us at check-in, and the guy working the desk got them sorted out fairly quickly, handing them two bottles of water and sending them to their room.  We stepped up to the desk next and he got us set up with everything, but when we asked if we could have some water, the man curtly replied, "Hilton Honors only," and sent us on our way.  Pretty flippant and unapologetic.  I know that's small, but seriously dude??  What a short-sighted way to treat your customers.  Plus, it wasn't like there was a long line of "non-Honors" losers like ourselves trailing behind us, who would have caught on and pressured this guy into giving away all of his water.  Also - it's friggin Arizona...set out a pitcher of tap water and some cups like numerous other hotels that bill themselves as upscale.  I think the shuttle driver who had been standing nearby felt awkward and sorry for us, because he snuck us some bottles of water before driving us to our room.

    The rooms were alright.  Comfortable and clean, which was just fine for our purposes, but definitely not what I would have expected at a Hilton resort.  The carpet in the front room was coming up at the edges of the room and some of the paint was old/chipping.  The bathroom door stuck and the bathtub faucet was difficult to operate.  The room had two nice LCD TVs and good AC.  We lucked out with an okay view as well.

    Overall, this was a nice experience, though next time I visit Phoenix I'll probably pay less for something similar (room quality-wise) or try another hotel if I'm looking for a resort experience, hopefully with nicer rooms and a better first impression.  We're going to be staying at the Hilton Los Cabos next week, so hopefully this isn't a Hilton trend...

    10/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    131. Sandra O.
    So it's been years that I have stayed at this resort due to bad experiences with quality accommodations in the past but it was the best deal for a last minute Fourth of July staycation and decided to go for it.
    Well, I'm glad I did because for the price on a holiday weekend it was so worth it.
    Price paid was $89 w AAA discount plus tax and resort fee. I know some people gripe about res fees but seriously if u staycay often; resort fees are the norm at resorts in town. It was 18 per night which beats paying 40+ at others.

    Anywho here are some pros and cons
    -mountainside room (room 4176) we received was nicely renovated, ample, clean, separate living room
    -being able to be picked up by complimentary resort shuttle to go to and fro from the big resort to pools and restaurants was a plus
    -pool was lax so no worries about overbearing life guards hawking ur every move
    -activities for kids/dive in movies
    -baby area in pool
    -beautiful Sonoran landscape
    -many hiking opportunities

    -in evening there is longer wait for shuttle pick-up
    -water park area lacks a lazy river or wave pool ; only has one slide

    Dress code: resort casual, poolside suits ranged from the meshy borderline stripper wearing kind to the nana swimdress

    06/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    132. Monica W.

    Horrible experience like others..  Let me see ...10 rooms on our single block of rooms but 5 parking spots. Who was the resort planner???  AND NO HANDICAP PARKING  SPOTS TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE.

    Only one trash can on the outside of each hotel block + tiny tissue box trashcan inside means you can either put your trash outside on the walkway where ants and "pests" can swing by or opt to carry it all the way down the hill and leave it next to Valet Parking. There's no one there anyway to ask you to place it in the invisible can.  

    And if you lose or accidentally break your pool wristband, cough up an extra $20 for a replacement. At least that's what we were told.

    Minimal replies to hotel room issues. Back sliding door only locked if the security latch was used which is high and dangerous if a child, small adult or wheelchair bound person needed to escape. Bathroom door closed only if you leaned against it and locked it.

    Remotes in both rooms were a joke. Wifi was basically nonexistent so checking in with office emails had to be done elsewhere.  This would explain the laptop warriors who angrily sat sipping their overpriced coffee from the lobby (to actually tap into that 'free' wifi).

    Yes, overpriced coffee and tea! $4 for a small cup of iced green tea from the lobby coffee bar. Not sweetened or fancy in anyway, just iced. There must be an ice shortage at the hotel because we couldn't find the "conveniently located ice machines" anywhere. Not on the map, just a mystery room placed somewhere, probably with the Valet and Hilton Management Team...never to be found!!  

    I used the ironing board one morning and left the iron to cool while we left for the day. I expected it would be put back when housekeeping stopped by, like every hotel does. Not this one! Wasn't even moved one inch.  Makes you wonder if they cleaned at all!  Are those clean towels or just recycled from those left "unused" by our neighbors?  Should my mind wander and imagine how often they really clean the pools!!!

    Absolutely disgusted with this place and would not recommend or stay here again!  #HorribleHiltonExperience

    10/03/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    133. John M.
    Tries to be a big time resort, but is not.  You don't pay big time $$$$ either, however.
    Rooms aged.  HCAV system so loud it rattled the windows, glad it was cooler when we were there in early April.  Toilets were 2-3 flushers, but did not clog.  Nice TVs, but no movies to rent (REDBOX down the street though).  WiFi mostly good, went wierd on last day, kept losing internet, but connection was solid on all devices.  Parking was NOT an issue, if you did not want to park right outside your room (very tight if you did, and by tight I mean limited and very narrow streets, puts cars at risk, even rentals, had the resort van driver stop to fold in mirrors several times).  Many small pools made for easy access to water, and we didn't even go to the water park thingy.

    Too bad don't have two bedroom suites for families, must rent two suites to get that.

    Coffee in lobby is NOT Starbucks, as per other reviewers, they just serve Starbucks coffee from an automatic machine, and was expensive, considering the lack of a true espresso machine.  Starbucks also down the road, across from the Redbox.

    Do try the Moon Valley Cafe for breakfast, very delightful atmosphere and perfect breakfast food.

    06/04/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    134. David G.
    Once again, our stay here was amazing. This time, in for our own wedding, we were able to bring out friends and family for this stay. They were absolutely amazed at how beautiful it was here, and the friendliness of the staff. Even though the breakfast buffet at Point in Thyme restaurant was a little pricey compared to going for a quick drive to breakfast somewhere else, it was worth it. They always have an amazing spread of food, that will meet any appetite.

    Taking in some sun, and swim time down at the main pool was a daily ritual for all of us during the hot days. The staff was always awesome at making sure if anything, we had pitchers full of ice and water, especially to keep the kids hydrated.

    A special thanks to Allen, the waiter at Cascades Cafe for taking care of us there year after year, and making sure the kids were at all the Kids Coral events they were having, and made it a blast! Our friends and family also send a special thanks, as they felt very well taken care of by Allen during the stay, and had alot of praise for the special attention they received, making their vacation there all the more enjoyable.

    Also, a special thanks for Ian, head of security for coming to our suite and taking care of issues we had with the safe in our room, and checking on us periodically when running into us on the property as he was making his rounds. He is a hard worker, and made us feel there was nothing to worry about, and made himself available to us if ever we needed his assistance.

    And last but not least, a shout out to our "Omelet Man"(Walter I believe) at the Point in Thyme restaurant that has been dedicated to the staff at Tapatio for over 25 years! He made everyones day, first thing in the morning at breakfast, and was so sweet to the children. He went out of his way to make sure he gave us a compliment on our 9 year old daughters manners, while she ordered a omelet, that he was more than happy to make for her. That truly made her feel special, and as parents, were very happy he did that. He truly made our day!

    Thanks again to all at Tapatio Cliffs, until next time....

    24/03/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    135. T J.
    I gave this hotel two stars because of the views. Otherwise, it would be a one. My husband and I checked in for New Year's Eve. We were given a room at the back of the resort that obviously hadn't been used for a long while. The availability of parking should have been a dead giveaway. The room smelled damp and reeked of cigarette smoke. It was extremely chilly even after turning on the heat for a while. The mini-bar was not stocked and the paint on the ceiling beams was peeling. We decided there had to be a better room based on the price we were paying. Turns out there was.

    We called the front desk and got the room changed. Someone brought us the key after an hour. He even turned his nose up at the smell. We trekked over to the new room in the cold and rain (there was no parking around), but it was so much better than the last. It was warm and cozy, smelled hotel-nice, and the mini-bar was stocked. Other than the bug my husband had to kill, we were okay. We won't be back.

    03/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    136. Celia C.
    If we could rate in the NEGATIVES I would!! This Hotel was such a disappointment. Out of all of the reviews and previous stays here at this hotel, I was actually embarrassed for them this time around. The hotel staff is RUDE! Honestly, I don't think that the manager on duty when I called to complain knew what she was doing. We were scheduled to come in for a wedding. We called ahead to see if we could get an early check in. After being told that the room was ready and we could come anytime we checked in around 2pm. We were taken to a room that was dirty and disgusting. After calling the front desk to be switched they said they would send someone right away to give us new room keys.. Time isn't of the essence for this hotel. After finally getting the keys to the new room and walking in.. The horrible smell of wetness and mildew were enough to make you want to throw up. Once again we had to call again.. By this time is it already 3pm!! We waited again for someone to give us another room... After waiting for so long we just went down to the lobby to get the keys. Our stay was ok.. The bathroom door to the toilet didn't lock, the mini bar wasn't emptied like promised and the pull out couch was broken when you pulled it out!

    Checking out was also a nightmare.. We called for late check out and whomever I spoke to on the phone rudely says "I can do noon as a courtesy but nothing more" and hangs up the phone. Well excuse me! When we went down to the front desk to check out we were asked how our stay was.. As we explained all of our troubles to the MANAGER.. She was defensive and didn't want to hear anything else that we had to say. She took off the resort fee but really! After all of the crap and moodiness from the staff at this hotel I won't be recommending this place to ANYONE..

    It really is a shame that they put people up front in a high demand customer service area to be rude and argumentative with guests!

    04/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    137. sadija m.
    Was hoping for more. Dated and old. SO FRICKING LOUD!!! The balconies are used by the birds and are not cleaned as often as the room. Could be worse and could be better but the staff really tries. Be careful! Since it is located in the mountain it is not easy to walk around.

    09/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    138. joe R.
    Stayed for two nights.  Staff is very friendly and nice. Hotel reminded me of a roadside motel 6. Great view of a parking lot, very outdated decor. Also smells bad in the rooms. Woke up to loud banging on the wall. I jumped up to see if I need to call for help. It was the cleaning lady banging a broom on the wall. Sounded like a fight going on and I just wanted to be sure everything was OK I explaned. If that's what you're looking for that's great but I don't recommend staying here. The drive up to yhe top parking lot overlooking the city is worth the drive up

    14/01/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    139. Kate B.
    I've been here a few time before during the summer and always have a blast at their many pools. This was the first time I've been here during the winter and it's much more muted. My boyfriend took me here for our 2-year anniversary and it was a very relaxing, romantic staycation! Definitely would recommend this place for a low-key winter night and for a fun time during the summer.

    20/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    140. Kay B.
    This would be a 5 star review except for the age of the hotel and noisy AC.  It is still decorated 70's style, but very clean, comfortable linens and bed, and friendly staff everywhere.  We loved being next to north mountain.  The breakfast buffet is good,  workout room is good.   It does take a lot of hiking to get around.

    15/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    141. Gavin K.
    Very nice rooms and it had its own swimming pool for each section.  The only bad thing is that the hot breakfast you have to buy but, the fruits are fresh and amazing.  The restaurant has some great food.  Overall this is a good resorts/hotel.  The parking is a little weird.  The views are some of the best that I have seen, the mountains are great there they put it into the mountains.

    18/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    142. L. L.
    My realtor and I stopped by on 9/21/14 to look at two units for sale. The unit with the garage needs huge trees added to block the hideous view of the mega church from the '70's ugly gravel parking lot and basketball court and array of dumpsters!

    The grounds looked and smelled wonderful around the Canyon Pool. We decided to check out the pool area. The gate was unlocked. We walked in.


    The patio chairs and furniture looked to be in good condition, the pool clean, inviting, and smelled like chlorine. It was a hot Sunday afternoon, around 2 pm. Not a soul in site on any of the many, many patios overlooking the pool.

    Imagine our Horror when we realized the BANG we heard, was us..realtor and myself being locked in at the pool. Locked in!!!! Yes, you must use a key to get in and out of the pool. The gate was unlocked when we went in,....@ now we couldn't get out.

    Ugh!! It was humid, little shade, and the sun was hot. My realtor tried dragging a chair and mini table to the gate to climb over, but she was wearing a skirt and there was no way to climb over unless you have really long legs. I couldn't give her a boost. Then I tried information on my phone...and they transferred me to the Pointe Resort. Is that even the same place as the cliffs? Geez, when I called back to get the Cliffs, guess what, I got the sales office....which is closed on Sunday.

    Neither one of us was willing to fry like bacon so we did what little ladies do.....we cried for help.

    About 15 minutes later, a guy/gal with a dog, walked by. we told them our dilemma. The guy went back to his apartment and got a key, and let us out!!! Thank Goodness.  Maybe I'll consider buying a place. I'll think about it.

    26/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    143. Travis E.
    This property is in need of updating. The sliding doors to the balcony need replaced. They are very noisy. Normally this would not cause such a low rating but the sound proofing is also very bad. We experienced a guest staying next to us going in and out of their room on the balcony all night so sleep was impossible. The plumbing is also a problem. Very noisy as well. The best pool happened to close at 3:00 so they could get ready for an event that evening at 6:00. Not sure why they would not let people enjoy the pool until sundown at 4:45. Location is nice and property has potential but a complete renovation is needed very badly.

    14/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    144. Briana O.
    My husband and I had our anniversary dinner here last weekend, the food & views were amazing.

    As locals we've each been at this resort on multiple occasions over the years for a prom, weddings, brunches, staycations with friends, and we've always enjoyed coming to this resort.

    15/10/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    145. Howard H.
    My business partner and I booked a room on Priceline.  We got upgraded to a double queen suite upon arrival (room 3011) and comped WiFi.  Awesome!  The entire staff from check-in to housekeeping to general management were all so nice.  The folks at the Tapatio Hilton are friendly and genuinely interested in making sure you have a pleasant stay.  I dropped my rental car key down to a gated area and a resort manager took it upon himself to retrieve it for me.  He definitely went above and beyond stretching his arm through the wrought iron fence just to save me some extra steps.

    As to our room, it was clean, spacious, and well laid out.  The only reason why I'm knocking them one star is that it is apparent that the property is dated.  From the old carpets and curtains to the windows and doors, everything could use a refresh.  It's not that they are in bad shape, but you can definitely tell that everything has quite some years on it (including the furniture in the rooms).

    All told, we had a great stay and I would definitely recommend this resort to others.

    18/10/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    146. Lisa C.
    Too pretentious for their own good. Found cockroaches in our room.....actually watched them lose their footing from the ceiling during the night and come crashing down into the carpet. Hot tub jets didn't work. The only solace in this place was the sauna.....

    07/02/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    147. Kate M.
    Mr. M and I spent New Year's Eve here for a couple of reasons.  A.  It's 1.8 miles from North Mountain Brewing, and B.  I generally patronize properties in the Hilton family.  

    I want to come back and stay longer because a few days of walking up and down those hills will get my lazy beer-drinking, pizza-eating ass in shape.  This place is no joke!  Up and down and up and down and most of it seems like UP pretty steep hills, but I liked it.  The setting is really beautiful.  I think I saw they have 6 pools.  We didn't take advantage of any of the pools, whirlpools, or the workout center, but we did enjoy walking all over the grounds the morning of the 1st.  

    They will shuttle you around if you need it, but get some exercise!

    Speaking of shuttles, our new buddy, Mike is a rock star.  I called the concierge desk on New Year's Eve to inquire about a ride to North Mountain Brewing, thinking we might have to call a cab, and he said he'd take us and pick us up.  But just in case he was busy for the return trip, he gave us a card for a car service as well.  He was really fun to talk to and I almost wish the drive would have been more than 1.8 miles.  And as promised, after we called him, he was there in 10 minutes to take us back.  He is an absolute asset to the resort.  

    I had splurged because not only was it NYE, it was Mr. M's birthday, so reserved one of the signature suites.  Oh good Lord....I wish I could stay in rooms like this when I travel instead of Hampton Inns with everything crammed into one room.  The Signature suites are almost 1300 square feet, have a large living room, fireplace, dining area, separate bar area, 2 bathrooms, 5 sinks, 2 big TVs, a big bedroom with balcony, a separate seating area between the bed and bathroom, and a really crappy Motel 6-esque shower.  That shower was the only negative.  It took 15 minutes of wasting water to get hot water, and it's just kinda small and yucky overall.  Not what I would expect in a resort.  Everything else was great.  We didn't get to use the fireplace because it was a No Burn day, but that would have been very cozy if we could have.  

    The bed was very comfortable and everything was very clean.  We had a nice breakfast at Point in Thyme the next morning.  Overall I would definitely come back for a longer stay and do some hiking and explore this part of the city.

    03/01/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    148. Roxy L.
    Wow what a disgrace..
    My husband and I picked this hotel for our wedding night because he proposed inside the restaurant and thought it would be romantic.
    Worst idea we have ever had.
    My soon to be husband picked the most premium room, and requested roses candles and what not.
    When we got in the room after our wedding, after such a long day we were just looking forward to relaxing, that never happened.
    We checked in  and we got our ride to the room. First of all, it didn't look like the resort that it advertise sit to be. It looked like a motel.
    When we got our room, we never got the roses and candles that we requested, but we did get a bathroom infested with ants and above the bed on ceiling, big nasty cob webs. I was not comfortable sleeping like that so we called and we were put in another room.
    It seemed fine, I didn't notice any ants or cob webs but in the morning my husband found a cockroach(!!) on the floor! A cockroach ladies and gentlemen!
    Awful way to start our honeymoon worst mistake of our lives.

    02/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    149. Tracy M.
    No way this is a 4-Star hotel!

    Very dated
    Terrible parking
    Lousy internet
    $25 per night non-optional fee for unwanted amenities

    15/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    150. Luis-armando A.
    This was the last stop for our summer vacation before heading home and I'm glad we stopped here. The hotel was extremely beautiful and the rooms were spacious with separate areas to where my wife and I could have some privacy from the kids. They have three pools, and adult only where they serve alcoholic beverages, a family pool and a water park type pool. This was a great rest area for us. We will definitely go back again whenever we get a chance.

    28/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    151. Edward D.
    Came here a few years ago for a company outing. So you know since I didn't have to pay for this, it's going to be a great review.
    1st, even if I did had to pay. This place was awesome. The view, the rooms, the pool, and the service.
    Really enjoyed my time there. I didn't get a chance to try everything, was busy with work related business. The rooms were outstanding, beds were very comfortable. I slept well and had no problem with noise. Everything was clean, and if I needed anything service was fast.
    What I seen of the pool was really nice, they had a couple water slide tubes.

    Overall I had a great visit, never encountered any problems.

    14/07/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    152. Billie M.
    Went during happy hour- the food was good and the service was great. The normal menu items look delish, but too pricy.

    07/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    153. Ramy D.
    Before, I get you annoyed with my "long" blog about this place, lets get to business:

    1) Uncomfortable (the rooms are small including their suits. and the hotel is an out door, making it really hard to navigate on a hot day)  
    2) Food & Services is also bad (the room services is slow, and very unpleasant, meaning your meal will taste, look, and feel like Hospital food. your better off ordering pizza.
    3) Customer services is Awesome, sweet, and super friendly. the lady was extremely helpful, professional, and helpful at the Check-in.

    Alright so, we were here for a graduation party (mine) at the University of Phoenix. We decided to stay "30 mins" away from the graduation stadium so we can enjoy the resort. Well, we (4 adults, and 3 kids) had a really bad experience due to its services and the hotel. The place is an out door hotel, it looks and feels like a "Motel" and not so much like a luxury resort HILTON hotel. We've had better experience with Hilton but this place is Pointe Hilton? not sure what that means but it seem like its part division of the Hilton family.

    Anyways, we stayed here for 2 nights and 3 days. They have a coffee inside the hotel which is sponsored by Starbucks. Its not Starbucks, but they use Starbucks coffee. The lady seem always in a Robot mood. Which is not a bad or good thing.

    We also got a Cabana ($80) and enjoyed it. The pools are dirty, harsh to walk and swim in. Their bar experiences and drinks are fast, but tasteless. I was better off making my own drink in my room. Nothing special about their drinks nor worth the money.

    Wow alright enough, I really really hate leaving bad reviews, but a place as professional and big like Hilton its a shame to be served and accept this type of experience especially when you are dropping $700 for a 2 day stay.

    22/05/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    154. Sunny B.
    Had a staycation here for my birthday and we had a fabulous time. Our room was located on the top of the hill so it was quite a walk to the pools, but once we got there the fun began. We were able to check in early and visited the adult pool with the swim up bar. We also walked over to the main pool for the kiddies that had a slide and a waterfall. The lines for the slide weren't too bad. Yes I even enjoy the slides at 38 years old. They even had a cheesy band that played and gave you that real resort style feel.

    The drinks were only slightly overpriced for a resort. The only downfall to this resort is the restaurants are horrible. We went to Pointe in Thyme for breakfast and felt like we stepped back in time. The décor is old and outdated and so was our waitress. She actually explained to me IN DETAIL on how to fill out my slip, where I sign, where the tip goes, what copy to keep.... Seriously like I had never been out to eat before, our table found it hilarious.

    So bottom line, this is a great place for a staycation if you enjoy the pools. The rates were cheap, the rooms decent and clean the rates included 4 bracelets. Insider tip - they have a shuttle that will also take you to the pools at the nearby Pointe. There are tons of places to eat nearby so leave the resort if going out to dinner or brunch.

    22/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    155. Danny G.
    Dated and will be a disappointment to most.  It's ok at best, if you can find a good deal on it and it may be worth it, but the property needs a facelift.  The views are great and you can tell at one point this was a really nice property/concept, but it needs a lot of work to be considered a resort!  Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible, but you wouldn't want to pay top money for it...

    09/02/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    156. Mackenzie F.
    Was there for a work function and from what I saw it was nice, clean, cute and well laid out.  I did not get to see any amenities, but for a conference or work function, they have this stuff figured out. :)

    10/02/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    157. Denise S.
    We live on property at the Pointe Squaw Peak. I have stayed at the tapaio many times but it has been a few years. We did a staycation there weds night and it was not very good. We checked in and they said our rooms were ready but got to the room and there was a maintanence man in it working on something. He left about 30 minutes later. One of the kids took a bath later that night and the bath water would not drain. The maintnace man came and had to sanke the drain . At 2 in the morning outside our room Was a large group of drunk people yelling til almost 3 am. We ate at Pointe in tyme for breakfast and the sever was very rude! I would not go back. It is dissappointing that the place has gone downhill!

    22/05/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    158. Will M.
    Very dated pretty disorganized.  Came for a medium-sized conference in March.

    For starters the check-in, valet process is very confusing. Since most of the rooms are entered from outside, there are multiple parking lots and they try to explain where to go.  So you go check in and then have to put your stuff back into your car and drive up a hill.

    Check in took a while - only one line and no HHonors preference.  They have that old system where you have a room key and a resort key to charge something to your room.

    Place is very old and musty.  Rooms are very Embassy Suites-esqe.  Most rooms are in an outdoor square with the pool in the middle like an apartment complex from the 1970's.  

    Restaurants are ok but look like the 70's and food is average but pricey.  

    I would definitely stay somewhere else next time you are in Phoenix.  Three stars is generous because the views are nice.

    02/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    159. Katie P.
    Not exactly what I was expecting from a resort.  The parking totally overwhelms the whole property.  Parking is very tight and limited.  We were driving a regular sized sedan and felt weird squeezing down the one street they wanted us to park on.  
    Check-in took forever and once we were checked in, we had to wait in another line at the concierge to get directions to our room.  
    It's not walking friendly at all.  Our room had a bad smell, like it was really old. Reminded me of an old apartment building. There is a nice fitness center and the restaurant was good but I wouldn't stay here again or recommend to friends/family.

    06/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    160. Matt L.
    Very great place to stay. I could really see a good opportunity for some fire outs, that overlook the view, for a late night touch.

    Great couple day trip, but nothing more.

    21/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    161. Donna M.
    I booked our company holiday party here this past December and our catering manager Tracy Fox was wonderful to work with. We had a section of the A Pointe in Tyme restaurant all to ourselves. There was a fireplace and a nice patio off to the side. The place was nicely decorated for the season. We really kept the cocktail servers hoppin ;)  The entire staff that took care of us really made sure we had a great party. The food was delicious and everyone enjoyed the meal. A few of us, including myself, opted to book a room in advance, so no worries of calling Uber or a taxi for a ride home that night. The room was small but cozy and had a decent patio view. Overall it was a delightful experience and I hope we can have our party there next December.

    01/04/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0