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Radisson Hotel Phoenix City Center in Phoenix, AZ

Radisson Hotel Phoenix City Center in Phoenix, AZ


Experience our Phoenix Hotel's Quality and Convenience
Located just minutes from Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) with easy access to I-51, I-17 and I-10 near downtown, our Phoenix hotel offers a variety of valuable amenities and services. Here, you'll enjoy our relaxing guest rooms, the beautifully landscaped garden, outdoor swimming pools with cascading waterfalls, on-site restaurant, on-site recreation such as a children's playground, beach volleyball court and tennis court, meeting rooms accommodating up to 300 people and convenient access to Dodge Theater, Chase Field, Phoenix Convention Center and US Airways Center. Book online today and reserve a spacious guest room at one of the finest hotels in Phoenix.


Company Info:

Rating: 2.10

Address: 3600 No 2nd Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85013

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    Comments (20):

    1. Jonathan W.
    So, the hotel is fairly nice, the thieves that work there, not so good.  Like so many reviews, this one highlights a single bad experience.  I have to first say that in general this hotel is a good value for the money.   I would stay here again, especially given some of the other sad options in the area.  

    My bad experience:  I left a  wonderful sonicare toothbrush and set of very important prescription (blood pressure - no thing fancy like Michael Jackson) in the room when I checked out.  My bad.  I called hours after I left.  The clerk said he would check on the status of my items and call back.  No call back.  I returned to the hotel that evening before my flight out...  The clerk let me into my room (no one else had checked in yet), my possessions were not there.  I spoke to the clerk on the way out, they said they would check with housekeeping in the morning and call me.  No call back.  I came back and spoke to management the next week, upon my return to phoenix (stayed at the hotel again).  I was told by the clerk she would check with management and call me back (the third time they promised to call), NO CALL BACK!  I checked with management the next morning, they were aware of my situation, had checked with the housekeeping supervisor, and had no information, and no one had turned in my stuff.  Very sad customer experience.  I hope some housekeeper out there is enjoying my sonicare toothbrush  - eww yuk.

    That said, had I not had the one bad experience, I would recommend this place, so hold onto your stuff, and if everything goes ok, you'll have a great stay.

    09/02/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    2. Andrew R.
    Abysmal and outdated accommodations, weak service and completely overpriced. Massive fail.

    23/02/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. A H.
    Even though this is a "downtown" hotel it is a great place for families.  Suites called "Cabanas" are located on the roof with a large open patio area, pool and views of the city.  There is also a pool in the main courtyard with rocks and waterfalls.  The playground is good for preschoolers but older kids may get bored.  The buffet breakfast has all the basics kids and adults will like.  Brian the bartender was a nice guy  .Close to many activities like zoo, stadium, museums and light rail.

    06/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. darin c.
    Is it possible (or relevant) to review potential? I get the impression that like much of central Phoenix, this hotel is in a state of long-term renovation. When it's finished, things could/will be pretty nice.

    First impressions-- a sign visible from the street would be nice. The hotel is located on a poorly lit side street with a temporary banner/sign that you cannot see until you get to the hotel driveway. If you are arriving at night and need a landmark, just look for the adult bookstore sign and turn into the street that looks more like the alleyway behind the bookstore.

    The parking structure is oddly arranged; the closest parking is chained off and the remaining spaces leave you with a wierd vibe, like "...do I really want to risk leaving my vehicle here overnight?"

    My room was nice and spacious, and it had the sleep number bed that Juan L. mentioned in his review. Free high speed internet was a nice touch. Housekeeping must have been messing with me, taunting my OCD vulnerabilities-- 1 complimentary bottle of water, 1 face towel, 2 hand towels, and 3 bath towels. WTF??

    The pools looked nice, with the faux boulder treatment, but strong chlorine smell kept me away. The gym looked decent, but was always closed by the time I got back to the hotel each day.

    The potential part:
    FEZ is just a short walk to Central Avenue if you cut across the parking lot of the high rise office tower in front of the hotel. Right now, it seems a bit sketchy at night but worth the risk for some decent food. I expect this will be a bit better in the future.

    The light rail (when finished) will open up access to a lot of the area. Right now, FEZ, Durant's, and Honey Bear bbq are among place I visited within walking distance, as is the Heard Museum and the Phoenix Public Library.

    I would visit again to see if the hotel (and the area) grows into its potential.

    09/04/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    5. Roxanne J.
    When we first got here they had a big sign saying something like, please take a cookie upon check-in, but there was no cookies.  Everything in this hotel DATED....stains on everything including shower curtain, bedspreads, towels and carpets.   No towels at the pool.  Not worth it .....no matter what the price is.   The signage is horrible.  Try finding the roof deck pool.

    10/04/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. Quentin R.
    Great price, with help of Orbitz.com , good service, clean, nice pool, restaurant a little expensive,closed to everything central!

    23/07/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    7. Kyle B.
    This is the worst hotel experience I have ever been associated with. All of the following events occurred in early May 2012. When my family arrived the clerk could not find our reservation. I showed him our confirmation numbers for the two rooms and he promptly told me that because they were no longer a Radisson Hotel those numbers did not apply. I told him no one informed me that they changed the brand of the hotel, but regardless I could not have been the only booking that this applied too. I told him our confirmation numbers would and should transfer from the old hotel to the new one. He located our rooms and off we went to move in. To our surprise both rooms we reserved months in advance were already occupied. Back to the front desk we went and the desk clerk suggested we find another hotel.  Not the best offering in the book. After 45 minutes of waiting we got two rooms.
    The rooms we were given were awful.  My advice any room ending in "33" do not stay in, they butt up against the elevators and you will hear them all night long. Our first room, room 233 didn't have a refrigerator, didn't have a coffee pot but had coffee supplies, didn't have a chair for the work center, or hair dryer. Our other room didn't have a remote control for the TV, iron, or alarm clock. Both rooms didn't have any form of hotel amenities book or phone book.
    In the morning I complained of the problems in the rooms and we were able to move to another room away from the elevators. The manager also said he would fix the short comings in the second room we occupied. However this new room didn't have a shower curtain and the door on the cabinet to the refrigerator was held on by one hinge. Further, the first night in the new room a person utilizing a key card entered our room and he was surprised to see that the room he was given was occupied already.  
    That first night in the new room we attempted to order room service; this room had no amenities book so we called down to the front desk to see if someone could bring a menu up to our room. The front desk clerk told us regarding the menu "I am not going to bring one up, you will have to come down to get one." After multiple attempts to make the clerk see that our request was not unreasonable he still stated "I will not do that, the best I can do is to see if someone can do that." We never received that menu.
    After explaining this all to the General Manager and other high level staff the best they could do was to comp. one night's stay for one room. I am in the process of contesting this entire bill and would recommend to everyone too stay away from this hotel at all costs.

    07/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    8. Robyn W.
    Room was ok...nothing special. Staff was nice. Parking garage was very spooky! Pools were not impressive to me. There is an adult store right across the street....weird & creepy. Very convenient location but I won't stay here again.

    14/07/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    9. Keven B.
    When we arrived the man at the front desk was so unfriendly it actually took me back... I can't remember feeling more unwelcome when I checked in ANYWHERE. The carpets are filthy when you exit the elevator to go to the room... but the worst part was the bartender. We had attended our sister's funeral earlier in the day and on our return to the hotel we decided to go to the bar for a bit to wind down... it was 8:30 pm and the bar was supposed to be open until 10:00 pm. When we walked in the bar, it was obvious the bartender was irritated that we were there. We asked if he was still open because of his body language and he shot back something about "for a little while"... when we were ready for another round he was really irritated, although it was not 10:00 pm yet, and a few other people had wandered in... but what he did next actually made my jaw drop. He turned the rock & roll music up so you couldn't hear each other speak... so my sister motioned to him (nicely) that it was too loud, and asked if he could turn it down (it was BLARING) and he yells "HELLOOOOOOO, you're in a BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" at her. It was surreal. After that he turned it down. I think he realized he really stepped over the line... and as we were getting up to leave he tried to smooth things over because he was eavesdropping on our conversation about our sister's memorial... he interjected that his sister was some kind of clairvoyant or something weird like that, and added that "there is something beyond this", and hoped that comforted us. All in all, more inappropriate that I could ever even imagine or dream.
    Checking out was ridiculous. I said I wanted to check out and apparently only the manager can do that. So, we waited and waited and I finally said we didn't have any room charges and they nonchalantly said it was fine then, no need to check out with anyone. It would have been helpful if the useless body behind the counter would have asked if there were any room charges so we didn't waste 10 minutes waiting for the manager. All in all, a poorly run hotel with terrible service.

    02/08/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    10. Eric E.
    1st day here i decided to take them up on their complimentary breakfast. Sat at a table for 20 min without even being acknowledged. there was only 1 other person in the restaurant area and the man and lady never even said hi let alone ask what i wanted for breakfast. Very poor service. I have 4 more days here and not sure i even want to try it again tomorrow.

    01/05/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    11. Peter V.
    False ads, do not stay there. Unless you don't mind a dirty, smelly, overrated hotel. The sheets and towels that were supposed to be white were gray. The place is run down and poorly serviced. The front lobby is clean but once you head up to your room you quickly find out that the place is run down and not being taken care of. I stayed on the fifth floor "cabana suites" and as soon as my elevator opened up on the fifth floor, I knew right away I stayed at the wrong place. The "suites" were nothing more than a room with a tiny bit of extra elbow space that are on the rooftop area with a pool in the front of the room. The pool was NASTY! (see pictures I uploaded) It was green and looked disgusting and when I arrived to take a look, it had an "out of order" sign placed at the entrance. This place was embarrassing! I had told my brothers to book there with me because we thought it was going to be a great hotel based on their website but we were very disappointed again!

    21/05/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Stacy F.
    Not really happy with the accommodations, they have seen better days! I don't like sleep number beds and the cleaning staff would come at random times of the day. I wouldn't recommend this hotel.

    17/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. Courtney A.
    The hotel is set up to be really great, but it just falls flat. When I travel on business, I look for just a few things: free internet, a fitness center, and breakfast if possible. This place had all of the above and was in a good location so I was excited to get a pretty cheap rate through Egencia. But as soon as I got to my room the following happened:

    --Hallway smelled like smoke
    --Tried to plug in computer, 2 of 3 outlets did not work
    --Tried to call to get a wake up call, neither of the phones in my room worked - that's safe!
    --Upon not being able to get a wakeup call and not wanting to go downstairs at midnight, I tried to set the alarm...
    --...which did not work either.
    --There's free internet but the cable on the desk apparently charges you, and the wifi wasn't working very well.
    --Air conditioning was erratic and I was either sweating or freezing all night  despite it being set at the same temp all night.

    A few pros:
    --Continental breakfast was good, had what you would expect
    --Room was clean
    --Sleep number bed is nice
    --Convenient location (despite being across the street from Paradise Adult Store or whatever it's called... gross)

    If I come back to PHX on biz I'll try somewhere else first.

    13/02/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    14. Faaae L.
    When we arrived, the only indication of it being the Radisson was a small sign underneath the Holiday Inn sign on the corner of 2nd ave. we passed up the hotel not knowing the name had been changed just the day before Easter so it's now called Phoenix City Center Hotel/Suites.

    The clerk was not very accommodating and didn't seem very nice. He was nice enough to accommodate our early check in since our flight arrived much earlier in the day and we could not wait until 4  pm. Other than that, he seemed a bit stressed.

    There's a cookie case on the check in counter with a sign that says, "Please take a cookie after checkin" but there weren't any cookies.

    The hallways had dirt spots all over it. It just seemed very Dated.

    The room was decent but small. Either it was small or the furniture was too big for it. They had a desk with a chair that could barely pull out because of the space between the bed and desk. When u push it in, it blocks the walkway.

    The bathroom was standard although for some reason it did feel like the toilet seat was much lower than the standard seat. The towels were worned out and old.

    The room included the buffet breakfast which was decent. No waffles but they did have bacon, eggs, toast, etc.

    Before staying here, make sure to compare to another Radisson as I had much higher expectations because of the reputation the Radisson has. However, after finding out it was no longer Radisson it made a little more sense of why the quality wasn't as good.

    13/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    15. Donata N.
    Stayed here again because of the convenience to the light rail. My husband and I along with 2 friends had tickets to the George Strait concert and wanted to not have to fight traffic so we chose the Radisson. Check in was a breeze and the front desk clerk upgraded our rooms to Cabana suites...free of charge. Once again the room was extremely clean and had been recently updated. Brian down in the bar was great for happy hour..and he has a heavy pour. Check out the happy hour specials, they have a list of specialty martinis for $5. We love this location, sure it's off the beaten path and across the street from an adult bookstore but everyone is always friendly and pleasant and the property is taken care of and the best part it's 2 blocks from a light rail station. Catch it and enjoy a concert or sporting event downtown without the hassle or cost of parking.

    05/02/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    16. Missy K.
    The hotel is conveniently located and has a great set up. We are staying in the Cabana Rooftop Suite and its a nice basic room. There could be some updates especially in the furniture department but the layout of the room is great.
    There is a livingroom and a bedroom that are split by the closet and bathroom. Fridge, microwave, and two 37" TVs. The living area has a sofa that has a pullout, so great for travelling with kids. But the sofa is quite old and outdated itself.
    Our door opens up to the Rooftop patio that also has a pool. The reason I'm giving such a low rating is because the hotel doesn't restrict access to the Rooftop pool and it seems that everyone knows this. There was a huge group of very obnoxious and rowdy drunk people. Having a good time, but with no regard or concern to those who have rooms there. The hotel doesn't seem to have any kind of policy to avoid these types of situations. We were looking forward to a nice quiet evening swim, but unfortunately with the type of activity going on in that pool we prob wouldn't step foot into it.

    I do like the set up and convenient location. A nice renovation would do this property some good. Key entry to the cabana suits would also be helpful.

    We are here for a few more nights, I will certainly update this review if there are redemptions!
    Ok, so I said I would update.  Basically, the hotel itself is nothing special, but it really could be with a nice facelift and some additions to the rooftop Cabana Suites.  Like I said before- the rooftop pool should be restricted to just those that are in the suites.  The hotel could really market those suites better if this was done, as well as adding in nice outdoor furniture around the deck and pool area.  

    The downstairs pools need a total overhaul and update.  The bar/restaurant is set up to be a nice dining experience if some firepits were added in to the outdoor space.  Again, all could be achieved and this hotel could earn much higher points with these touches.  

    The manager apologized to us about the partying that went on on our first nights stay.  And this did not continue the other two nights so that was a relief.

    Nice central location- i've certainly stayed in better but the accomodations are nice and affordable for a downtown hotel.

    23/04/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    17. Aarash Z.
    Now "The Phoenix Place Hotel and Suites)

    06/08/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    18. Richard B.
    This is now a Wyndam hotel. It's horrible, horrible, horrible. I made reservations online and when we got here to check in they didn't have us booked in to correct room. They checked us into another room that was supposably better. We walked in and discovered it was missing the fridge, and that the sleep number bed had no remotes. Called front desk and was told that all the rooms didn't have fridges...although ours had the gaping hole where it was suppose to be. Maintenance brought a remote for the bed. Didn't work. Slept our 1st night on a rock hard mattress. This is the host hotel for Phoenix's Coronation and no one is happy. The hotel staff is pretending to be polite, although politeness doesn't matter if you can't fix the problems. After I return home I will be letting  Wyndam corporate know that these issues need to be taken care of.  Everyone from the GM to front desk needs to be replaced with people that know what hospitality is.

    03/05/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    19. jeanne b.
    Nasty old, nasty and old. It actually kind of grossed me out. Our room door hinges were broken as well. Ladt but not least pubes on the shower floor#

    We left as quick as we could and of course didnt stay the night.

    I am surprised that the Radisson chain would let one of their hotels get this bad.

    It gave me shivvers on how truly nasty it was and I have stay in a lot of hotels over the world.

    16/01/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    20. Rachel D.
    My friends and I stayed here for our weekend trip to Phoenix.

    Service was great. The staff was very attentive and we appreciated that.

    - FREE WI-FI, this is very important; especially when you have to YELP to find things to do in Phoenix.
    - Bathroom was roomy and clean enough for me.

    - The POOLS were great. They have one on the 5th floor & two on the ground floor. It was unfortunate that the waterfalls weren't turned on to make it even more pretty; and there may have been too much shade and not enough lounge area in the sun. However, we were able to swim as late as we wanted to because they don't lock the gates on the ground floor pools.
    - LOTS of seating area in the courtyard. The bathrooms were decent in the pool area as well; they also have a volleyball net and playground for the little kids. Everything was well kept.

    I believe it is essential for any successful hotel to have a restaurant AND a bar in their lobby. My friend and I had a burger and a sandwich from the restaurant and it was amazingly good. The bartender was definitely nice to us (especially since we were all from California AND we were rooting for the Bulls during the Celtics/Bulls GAME 6). Our end tab was unbelievable, especially since we ordered LOTS to drink. Get the margaritas on the rocks- he does a fantastic job.

    The actual location of the hotel is pretty interesting. There is a porn store right across the street. It is also right next door to the Holiday Inn. The Radisson sign is TINY, so you might drive right past it.

    04/05/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0