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Sheraton Crescent Hotel in Phoenix, AZ

Sheraton Crescent Hotel in Phoenix, AZ


Enjoy our 342 deluxe and comfortable guest rooms, including several different types of suites. Spend the day at Metrocenter, Arizona's second largest shopping mall. Splash in our outdoor heated pool featuring Monsoon Mountain, a 166-foot water slide. Or stay active with our extensive fitness and recreational options.

If business brings you to the area, our diverse meeting facilities are a great choice for your event. After a long day of meetings or fun, enjoy an imaginative cross-cultural meal at Indigo Restaurant.


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Rating: 2.92

Address: 2620 West Dunlap Avenue, Phoenix, AZ, 85021

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    Comments (48):

    1. Jennifer P.
    On the whole, I'd say this Sheraton is pretty average - not exactly a resort, but not an airport hotel either.  The club lounge leaves a little to be desired in the afternoon, but the breakfast is decent.  Plenty of free parking, and the gym is on the nicer side (individual televisions in the machines!).  Definitely one of the nicer hotels in the immediate area (Scottsdale notwithstanding).  You could do much worse for business travel.

    29/08/07 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    2. Matt V.
    3 stars for the hotel
    -1 because it doesn't live up to a Sheraton standard...

    This is an old run down Sheraton.  Still a nice place to stay, but it needs an update.  

    Nice pool btw...

    07/10/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    3. Hui C.
    The hotel itself is a little bit on the older side with rooms that probably should be updated soon.  The place finally got wireless about a year ago.  There is an executive lounge on the 7th floor for free breakfast and dinner snacks for premium members.  There's a decent sized pool out back that's long enough for short laps.  

    Location wise it is off of 17 and Dunlap so quick highway access.

    But none of these obviously stand out compared to the slew of resorts around town.  However I think the service is very good.  I stayed here for about 6 months or so while I was on a project.  I returned to the place after a year and the front desk still remembered me by name!  Amazing.  Anyway friendly staff, affordable and convenience get this place high marks.

    26/02/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    4. Shannon R.
    Would definitely return to this hotel.  Nice accommodations for my 3-night stay.  Was here on business.  The room was spacious and had a nice view.  Bathroom didn't have a fan, which is always a nice thing to have...but it lacked this feature, unfortunately.  Everything was in fine working order. The bed was very plush and they provided plenty of pillows.  Additionally, the downstairs bar was great and served up some great appetizers and drinks. The entire staff from check-in to check-out were extremely friendly, knowledgeable about the surrounding area, and cordial. The driver, Danny, was extremely helpful in providing good area information. This hotel provides a complimentary service to offer their shuttle to any location within a few-mile radius (I believe 5).  He took myself, and my colleagues, to various restaurants in Phoenix and picked us up very promptly.  
    Only thing I would change is their room key.  It's pretty odd the first time you use it.  Basically, the door handle on your room is obsolete and only there for looks.  In order to open the door, you need to turn the key very hard and push the door open.  A bit odd at first, but like many things, you get used to it.  Would definitely advise updating to using the card system.
    The other helpful feature is their little convenience store/gift shop located inside.  I was able to pick-up juice, a pastry, snacks, the paper, etc. every morning.  They also have a full service Starbucks inside.  
    All in all, a great experience.  Thanks!

    13/08/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    5. Richard K.
    I didn't stay here, but went to a wedding reception instead.  I think the best part about this hotel is that it is really easy to find.  You get off the freeway and it's on the corner.  The catering staff was really cool; probably some of the coolest caterer's I've experienced.  The food was pretty good and the atmosphere was nice.  Usually I get really hot when there is a lot of dancing and loads of people all around, but the temperature was comfortable.  However, we've had some really nice weather here lately, so maybe it will be different in August.

    25/04/10 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    6. Nikki c.
    I have stayed at my fair share of Sheratons, and other higher and lower caliber hotels.  From a Sheraton, I expect a great bed, decent cheeseburgers, room service, and a friendly staff.  I usually get great service, and it's a welcome respite from a challenging journey......

    Then I cam to Phoenix.  The front desk staff when I checked in was snooty and not friendly and very unwilling to accommodate a minor request to keep the charge on the card i used to book the room, rather than putting it on a different card.  They refused to do it.  Here's the ironic thing.  If i had failed to show up, they would have had no problem charging the card for one night's stay, per their cancellation policy.  I am going to chalk up the bad service to one off night at an otherwise reliable chain.

    Here's the other funky thing....The hotel keys were metal, but they don't have grooves like a regular key.  They're electronically coded.  Odd.  Very Odd.

    The best part was I had a HUGE shared balcony off of my room.  Since I was there about 12 hours, I didn't really get to enjoy it, but that would be cool for a longer stay.

    22/05/07 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    7. Ami T.
    I haven't stayed here, but my friend just had a wedding reception here and it was rather nice.  The parking lot was a bit hard to find but plenty of parking in the structure.  The reception area is nicely decorated, clean, and pretty.  The banquet hall was spacious, simple but beautifully decorated tables and linens, centerpieces.  The ceiling had ornate glass explosion style art pieced lights that were very pretty.  It really gave the room a warm glow and a bit of excitement.  The cake was on a small stage which I thought was rather cute and a huge dance floor, with speakers and lights for dancing.  The food was pretty good and the staff was very nice.  Overall a nice banquet place.

    17/03/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Nathan S.
    I have never stayed here. The pool however is quite nice and they even do swim in movies in the summer. my parents use this as their mini-vacation place for the pools and great room rates.

    It is a little older and a little run down but still a very decent place and the staff has always been very friendly when I am there.

    I recently went to the bar there seeing as how I live in the apartments that share the parking lot and had a martini. Never have I had an old guy ask me how dirty I like it nor did I think I would appreciate the question so. "Very dirty," I replied.

    The bartender was a super great guy and chatted with me a bit. He would get 5 stars if the review were for him.

    The gin martini was 7.50 a bit steeper than I generally care to spend by myself in a place that is simply not all atmosphere but what the hell for the occassional after work coctail it will do.

    The bar is small and was not busy at all. I will return but it definately won't be my go to place until I am ready to hit the pool. Not sure if I have to sneak.

    08/05/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    9. Vivian T.
    I was scheduled to stay here for 2 weeks, but decided after 1 to move to another hotel.  Called on a Saturday and requested a refrigerator before Sunday check in.  Then called on Sunday to confirm late arrival due to flight delay and requested a refrigerator before check in.  Arrived past midnight on Sunday, and guess what NO REFRIGERATOR.  The Air Con is extremely spotty - not sure why.  The light overhead in the bathroom is broken, so took shower in the dark, and even after telling front desk to fix it, nothing is done.  Also, needed to make the call to front desk on my cell because the room phone is broken!  I expected a comfy bed, but nope.  The mattress is like the ones you put in a baby crib, thin and not cushioned.  The sheet was too big for the mattress, so it tended to bunch up in the middle of the bed during the night.  The hotel staff really couldn't care less how this property is run.  The sofa seems were coming apart and to me, that's completely unacceptable.  I would have replaced that in my own home.  Bad service on top of  dated ugly decor (red granite, i had enough and left.  Sheraton Crescent charged $80, while the Westin in Scottsdale was $89.   So it was not even cheap!  One has a certain expectation of Sheraton / Starwood properties and this one is an EPIC FAIL.

    30/08/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    10. Danna W.
    This hotel is much classier and more update on the inside than it may appear on the outside, as it is an older hotel in the PHX area. The pool is fab (with water-slide), there is a huge outdoor courtyard (that I hear is great for music or even weddings), and the staff is very friendly and accommodating!

    24/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    11. Paul T.
    I stay at Starwood Hotels & Resorts properties on a weekly basis; usually at a Sheraton or Westin. While I'm generally a fan, this particular property reflects poorly upon the brand. It lacks curb appeal for starters -- the exterior appears weather beaten and drab. While the lobby and bar areas were pleasant, upon exiting the elevator it became apparent that the guest floors were in need of renovation. The room had a newer looking flat panel TV, however, the remainder of the furnishings were soiled and worn. Worst yet, the bathroom and balcony were dirty. There were cob webs in each corner of the ceiling above the vanity mirror in the bathroom and dried mounds of bird poop on the balcony. I uploaded mobile phone photos of the balcony, and cob webs in the bathroom. The icing on the cake was when I went to shower in the morning and found a used, crusty hand towel from a prior occupant draped over the shower curtain rod. It was almost as disgusting as the bird poop.

    23/05/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    12. Taylor S.
    First of all, this hotel needs a refurbishment. The halls and rooms are severely dated      and not really what I would expect from a Sheraton. It looks like they get pretty good business so why not renovate? I honestly won't come back until they make changes.

    01/04/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    13. Rob H.
    Dear Yelp,

    This Sheraton is stuck in 1998.  The staff is very friendly, but the place itself has not kept pace with the progress of the Sheraton brand.  I suppose I can't knock the Southwest decor - after all, it's in Phoenix - but this place just doesn't scream "classy-modern".  The kids may be happy, and the 55+ crowd may be happy, but the 25-40s aren't likely to be pleased.

    And Yelp ... if you ever speak to management ... please tell them that the elevators scare innards out of me.  It's seriously time to ensure that they stop where they are told to and that each floor has a button, rather than a hole for the a button that once was.


    18/01/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    14. Christina R.
    Stayed here for a wedding this past October and my favorite part of the experience was that they allowed my dog free of charge and there's a great dog park around the corner.  They even offered her a doggy bed.

    So that being said, the room was fine, it was clean.  Check-in and out was smooth and everyone was nice.  The pool was smallish, but there was a water slide that they will turn on if you ask.  Unfortunately, it's not meant for adults and there were a couple close man overboards.

    Here's my beef: I road trip a lot and even at cheaper accommodations such as Super 8 they offer a free continental breakfast and free wifi.  No such luck here.  I prefer Marriotts where they offer not only a continental breakfast but often also often offer some happy hour snacks, unfortunately Marriots charge too much for my dog to stay.

    The restaurants in the hotel were not worth the price, and other options were not walking distance.  At least parking was free and there was a mall not too far away.

    Here's the other beef:  We were here for a wedding and the bride and groom specially reserved a suite so that they could party after the ceremony.  About 11 o'clock on the wedding night, which happened to be Halloween and a Saturday, the hotel staff told them to keep down the noise and that everyone should go back to their own rooms.  It was not a loud gathering.  There wasn't music playing and everyone was in their 30s, so we're not talking a crazy time.

    I guess this is more of a quiet old person's hotel so if you're looking to have a few drinks at your fancy hotel suite after a wedding on a Saturday night this isn't the place for you.

    My boyfriend recommends the Bloody Mary's served at the bar in the lobby.

    22/12/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    15. Debbie I.
    I stopped in overnight to see some relatives. I was happy with this Sheraton. The staff was nice, and the rooms were clean, the internet worked ($10 per 24 hour period), plenty of pillows, enough parking in structure and easy to get to the freeway. One thing that I had a problem with was that the room and bathroom seemed smaller than I would have thought for a Sheraton. The room had two double beds, flat screen TV, desk with a chair and a padded chair. I felt that the room needed a small couch. But it was fine for the time I stayed.

    The best part of the stay was the water slide. You have to be a certain height to go on. If you are tall enough it will keep you occupied for a few minutes or all day. It is nice because it is away from the large pool. I would stay just for the water slide.

    02/06/09 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    16. Providing Feedbac K.
    If you are into breathing chemically-laden air freshener, then this is the place for you.  Due to their corporate policy they pump (basically) perfume into their common areas in an attempt to create a "signature scent."  Unfortunately, this makes many of us sick and the scent comes back home with us on our luggage, clothes, skin and hair.  One can move away from someone wearing perfume or cologne, but not when it's being pumped into the room by a machine. Very bad decision and has tarnished the Sheraton brand for me.

    13/06/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    17. Mark H.
    I'm a Starwood Platinum, so I get around to alot of Sheraton properties.  This property, while old, showed some signs of updating.  It's a great location in terms of freeway access and the grounds are quite nice for being located close in Phoenix.

    Front staff was very helpful.  The room was nice with a big plasma but like most hotels, no HD programming.  Not sure why you have a great TV and only offer standard channels.  

    Overall, I'd stay here again.  I would think it's more of a business hotel but it's also a great central location to explore Phoenix from.

    14/01/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    18. Saucy G.
    Quick weekend trip, friend had her reception in the ballroom so for the sake of not being drunk in a strange city, up the elevator we go! It's a Sheraton... i'm always apprehensive about chain hotels...so let's rate it accordingly lol.

    Layout was nice, lobby was very pretty, grounds were gorgeous, everything clean and kept. We had brunch outside at the Indigo Bistro, pretty good. Our room was the average chain hotel room, furniture could afford to be updated, slightly shabby desk and chair. But hey its a Sheraton! Should be used to this if you go to marriotts and hyatts too!

    Reception was very nice, ballroom was big and the food wasn't bad. She didn't have an open bar (uggghh) and the cash bar was limited on what was available. No worries. Walked up the hall to the Indigo Bistro bar and opened a tab. All was right in the world! Until....and this is where they lose half a star (sorry sheraton, one band one sound) the bartender was extremely skeet on the alcohol. My jack and cranberry was juice with a splash of liquor. Long island was a joke. Martinis were the only way to go. If you're going to charge 8.50 a drink can there please be some liquor in it?? Not cool. Luckily it didnt piss me off bc i was happy and sweating from dancing but yeah not cool.

    Upon leaving my room i noticed underneath all the tour guides and room service menus on what i assumed were laundry tags or do not disturb signs, tags for the bottled water my mom and i guzzled when we checked in. The tags were suppose to be for the water, $4 for each bottle. Hmm Sheraton this is where u lost the other half star. A. This is not the ritz carlton, you should be ashamed of such inflation when ur wood furniture is scratched up. B. If the tags would have been on the water bottles i would have ran across the street to the gas station for a cheaper bigger bottle of evian. Smh. Matthew at checkout was nice about it and advised me he would waive the fee.

    Overall i would say stay here! The beds were heavenly! Thats all u should be there for anyway!

    15/05/11 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    19. John R.
    This is place has been amazing for wedding each time I have come. I have had the pleasure to come to this great hotel. Everytime I have come for the wedding I had great food and the ambience of the place was amazing. Enormous rooms that the wedding took place were very clean and elegant. The workers quickly cleared the place from our tables and were always polite no matter how rude the people their were to them. I really enjoyed coming to this hotel. I hope that when my wedding comes up I will be able to reserve a place their and have my wedding.

    31/12/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    20. Megan P.
    at the annual SPG meetings, the Sheraton Crescent gets the "most likely to NOT suceed" review. Couple reasons why this particular sheraton particularly sucks:

    1) The elevators, decor, and just about everything else is old and outdated.

    2) Wireless internet is 9.99 per device per room per day. Yes, so you have to pay 9.99 for your computer, 9.99 for your ipad, and an additional 9.99 if you want  your cell phone running on the wireless.

    3) bathroom was stocked with ONE bar of soap. Thats it. Nothing else. I don't usually like to use that stuff but it's nice to have just in case.

    4) parking: you can valet for an additional $10 or park in a sketchy parking structure that's not attached to the hotel. Also note: this hotel is NOT in a good part of town.

    I haven't checked out pool or workout facilities yet but my guess is that i won't be too impressed.

    Good things:

    -Bed is deece
    -New TV

    15/03/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    21. Summer F.
    My boyfriend, his 13 year old brother & I were in Arizona for a baseball tournament. When we first arrived to the Sheraton we thought that it seemed to be a nice hotel. We were booked to stay here one night. After we checked in we went straight to the water-slide & hung out for a bit. When we were finally ready to go back up to the room we showered & got ready for bed. When my boyfriend and I lifted up the blankets to get tucked in, I jumped so far off the bed & he immediately wanted to know what was wrong... THERE WAS BLOOD that was obviously not ours on the white comforter. We called the front desk right away & my boyfriend spoke to a woman about the incident and she said they would send up housekeeping to change the sheets. My boyfriend then asked what else they could do for us because this is unacceptable. She told him that she would see what they could do and she'd call back in a few minutes. About 10 minutes later housekeeping knocked on the door and changed the sheets (she was just as horrified as we were) and then offered us some clean towels. So we didn't hesitate and took the clean towels. The next morning we woke up to shower and get ready for check out. When I got out of the shower I was going to use my towel from the night before until I remembered the housekeeper had brought us clean ones. So I grabbed a clean towel and unraveled it to dry off only to find... MORE DRIED BLOOD! I was furious. When we checked out I mentioned something to the gentleman at the front desk about the incident the night before (since they said they'd call back and never did) and his reaction was that he was already aware of everything. So then I mentioned what had happened with the "clean towel" also & his response was "That is definitely not one of our standards." I have stayed at plenty of hotels throughout my life & I have never once experienced something so vile and received such poor customer service. Nothing was done to compensate us for the incidents.

    02/04/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    22. Christina C.
    The lobby is very nice, small view of the outside patio. Front Desk staff helpful and nice.

    The rooms are pretty spacious. I stayed in a room with 1 king size bed and there was a sofa in the room as well as a patio with chairs and a table. The view was not much but the room was very well kept and lots of space. Usually you feel a little crampt with a king size bed, desk, and table under the tv but this room was not that at all. Bed very compfortable and had extra large pillows.

    The parking garage is off to the side of the hotel which makes it a little inconcenient if you have lots of luggage to carry.

    I had the chance to walk the property outside and the area was very nice.The pool well kept and a nice size. Also, the tennis courts are a very nice touch.

    22/05/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    23. D D.
    This review is specifically for the convention center - I did not stay in the hotel.

    I keep wanting to think that this is a nice place, and the time and time again I'm brought back to reality.  The bathrooms are ok, and then the screws holding the door handle are coming out making one unsure that you can actually leave.  It has covered parking onsite, but the spaces are so small a modern car can barely fit.  The lobby looks good, and then the garage elevator carpet is threadbare and stained, looking like it has been there for 30 years.  

    It looks like it was remodeled sometime in the 90's, but they only approved 75% of the proposed budget, and then never went back.  They do the minimum to keep it operating, but are blind to remodeling the obvious faults.  

    But nothing, absolutely nothing is as bad as the wifi.  In 2013, they want $10 PER DAY for access to their wifi.  The review would be 3 stars, but they lose a whole star on this point alone.  I can get free wifi at thousands of places in the valley, and Sheraton wants to charge me $10 for access.  That is more than bad, it is offensive.  It is enough to make me look at all Sheratons with skepticism.

    02/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    24. Steven P.
    The hotel has been "Rode Hard & Put Away Wet".  If your room faces Dunlap or I-17 (half the room) then be prepared for the Harley lullaby at 3 in the morning.

    The bathroom could use a makeover, discolored tiles, missing grout, just poor upkeep. This is not the Motel 4 1/2 but it has the feel.

    The meeting rooms where past their prime during the Bush era, Bush 1.

    Charging for the Internet is so low.  I have stayed in some cheap hotel chains that don't charge.

    The parking garage is from the front and the elevators.  You have pull you bags up the stairs if you use the side entrance closes to the garage.

    It is the great staff that it gets this hotel moved up to a two star.

    24/10/11 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    25. Morgan D.
    I went to the worst wedding here.  Yeah, this review is going to make me sound like a total bitch.  I hope the bride and groom never read this!  I felt like a jerk the whole time because I couldn't shut my brain off.  I just kept thinking about how much it sucked.

    First, I'm not one of those girls who always dreamed of the day she would get married.  I used to carry around a briefcase when I was five and Barbie was always single.  Don't get me wrong, she and Ken had some good times but Barbie always had too many admirers to settle down... including my Prince Charles doll, who always cheated on Diana with Barbie.  I share this because you should know I'm not usually into all the lovey-dovey wedding crap and so this review is probably biased.  

    The hotel was under construction, so the bar was closed.  CLOSED!  Oh, the horror.  I had to endure my least favorite part of the ceremony sober.  I hate when the bride and groom use sand as some sort of symbolism that I just don't get.  You know, when they take turns pouring it into a glass and as the sand becomes one so do they... or some crap like that.  

    The wedding was held outside in the garden... the garden isn't actually a garden, they just call it that.  I think it could look nice, but I'm a stickler for detail and I had to keep myself from internally nitpicking.  I don't even want to say what bothered me, because like I said earlier, I will look like a real bitch.  I'll just share one thing.  I couldn't help but notice as the bridal party made their way down the aisle that the carpet was taped down with big chunks of uneven tape.  It seemed like such a lazy thing to do in order to keep a piece of carpet down and it looked horrible. I've seen their website, so I know this place can look better than it did.  Just saying, if you're going for the bare bones- save your money and elope.  Do people not do this anymore?!

    I'm not sure where the reception was held.  It was in a separate building across the parking lot.  Like I said, I think this place leaves a lot to be desired if you are planning on just showing up and taking it as is.  Jeeze, I must have been cranky from alcohol deprivation.

    Anyway, some other details for you in case you're looking at the Sheraton for your wedding.  The food wasn't bad and that was a surprise considering everything else.  They will take care of you there.

    In the end, the highlight of the night was the best man's speech.  The bride's family was extremely religious so it made his speech all the more enjoyable.  You see, the groom was a bit of a promiscuous creature and his best man (and brother) decided to talk about his porn collection and the time he caught him jacking off- IN THE FREAKIN' WEDDING TOAST.  One woman actually escorted her children outside in disgust.  It was horrifyingly hilarious.    

    So, I'm not sure my review is really going to help anyone, but maybe it will at least give you an idea of what a wedding at the Sheraton Crescent might be like.

    Uh, by the way, no offense to anyone.

    29/11/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    26. Cherry D.
    Nice staff but stuck in the 80's and in need of a refurbish for the rooms.  My room has old furniture and a pink bathroom with tarnish sinks.  I was surprised that the walls in the hallway has nicks and gashes and the doors need a fresh coat of paint.

    Even the chair in my room was dog eared and the only new thing was the TV.  

    I will add that they have a tennis court, pool area with a slide and a large courtyard for people to enjoy the hot AZ sun.

    I will say that the beds are to die for!!!  It was like jumping into a cloud so that's why I gave them three stars since I REALLY was unimpressed with the room.  Considering how much the room a night is you could at least get free wifi AND a room that has basic nice furniture!  

    I would expect better rooms from a Sheraton

    05/12/11 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    27. Julie T.
    Disappointing...no heat in the room, pet stains on the carpet, sink backed up....and no one answered the phone when I tried to report these issues. On the other hand, as mentioned below, Steve the bartender continues to provide an exemplary level of service that used to be the norm at the Crescent.

    19/02/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    28. Tom T.
    My stay was from June 5 '14 - June 7 '14. Stayed in room 611...It was very clean and the maids did a great job doing so. I had to switch rooms, prior to getting this room. Cause the previous room was soooo hot I couldn't stand it. They have a water cooling system to cool the rooms(not AC) My biggest complaint is....You have to pay for Wi-Fi in your room, WTF, Who makes you pay for internet service in a hotel nowadays? If  you go to the lobby and its free.. And finally, the food in their bistro was mediocre and was a little overpriced, I wouldn't recommend it unless you don't feel like traveling around. I was there for a training seminar, so after the conference I decided to have a cocktail before going to the after conference dinner with the other colleges. Wasn't too impressed with the bar, either it was a lady of the evening or just a lady looking for some hotel lovin...not sure if the bartender was in on it, or just to lazy to figure out what she was up to.

    09/06/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    29. Patrick L.
    This is squarely a three star hotel but the tiny beds make me drop it a star.  I couldn't stay here again sharing a bed.  Not bad if i was alone but if you share a bed with that significant other find a nother place to sleep.

    The Good:
    - Convenient location (about 15/30 minutes from everything we wanted to do)
    - Inexpensive (we used points and it was about as cheap as it gets)
    - Club lounge (free contintental breakfast each morning and apps at night)
    - Hot tub and pool (no frills but nice enough)

    The Bad:
    - Tiny beds.  We wanted a room with two beds... usually that means two queens beds.  Couldn't move without waking each other up ...
    - Definitely dated ... this place definitely needs an upgrade
    - Patio is kind of ridiculous ... just big enough for one to stand on
    - Half the hotel faces a very noisy street and highway ... get the quiet side
    - Heated pool?  Not so much. The pool was freezing (not usualyl an issue but it was 50 degrees in Phx when we were there!)
    - Service is pretty much lackadasical ... i don't think they care too much that we were there but it wasn't bad service ... just not all that attentive
    - Showers are poorly designed ... evern with shower curtain in the tub water gets everywhere
    - Water slide looks cool but it was closed the whole time we were there with no explanation
    - No upgrades avialalbe for premium SPG members on a weekend?  Really?  Seemed unlikely but that's what they said.  They at least could have put us in a less noisy room.

    11/03/13 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    30. Sam F.
    Kind of run down for a Sheraton but decent for a one night stay. The lobby is really nice and the staff were helpful but the room itself smelled a little musty/moldy. The room is big enough for queen sized beds but unfortunately they don't have queens for some reason. Nice big tv but small bathroom. Also kind of loud since it is right next to the highway

    22/12/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    31. Holly H.
    Try the shrimp tacos!!!

    25/11/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    32. Beth S.
    Although I'm a resident of Arizona, I stayed here this past weekend as part of a Convention of about 300 people. We had a wonderful visit. The rooms are clean, the hallways are kept neat without the clutter of room service dishes. The meeting rooms, albeit a little on the small size, were modern, well air-conditioned, and the staff was very available to help with set up and clean up. The food during our lunches was very good....in fact, above average for banquet food. I would definitely recommend the Sheraton Crescent for your convention needs.  I hope we have our event there next year!

    04/06/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    33. Catherine B.
    We stayed here for a conference and really enjoyed ourselves.  The bartender is a class act, we really liked him. The restaurant was overpriced - slooooow service, mediocre food.  Shrimp tacos were AMAZING, but not totally filling.  There is a playground in the sand with sand toys. This part was awesome, EXCEPT, Its in the same area as the pool with no barrier, so very poorly designed for a mom with two kids out there alone.  What if one of my kids fell in? No secure area to set the baby to jump in after the toddler.  I created a barrier with lawn chairs and they showed no interest in heading toward the pool the first day.  Day two I had to go inside cause my ten month old became obsessed with crawling from the play area to the water and the to year old followed.  Overall, better experience than other hotels on our trip!

    17/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    34. Michele R.
    One of the  worst hotel stays in our experience for a property in this class. A  two star rating and not one only  because the housekeeping was good -  room was clean and the sheets and pillows were comfy.

    But maintenance problems were abundant, guest service was poor and local management response was lackluster.  

    We would not stay here again, we would not recommend it to others, and it was poor enough for facility and service that it left us with a bad perspective of the Sheraton brand overall.

    This is not an inexpensive place to stay, with real dollars or SPG points used.  Were it a Motel 6 rate, one gets what one pays for.  But here, the expectation of return for price paid is clearly off kilter in reality.

    There are lots of good hospitality property options in the Phoenix area. This is not one of them. Details follow for how we "got there" for those interested.

    We provided candid feedback on the guest  survey we received from Sheraton not long after our  one night stay.  We itemized the same issues as we'll share here.

    The first local management response we received to our feedback may help explain why service process and maintenance here are poor.  The manager agreed the rooms were in bad shape, that corporate needed to provide the funds to update them, and he hoped we'd stay again.


    Because the deal here is, aging facility aside, it was local maintenance problems that caused our "ugh" response. Local maintenance problems are completely in control of local management through maintenance staff priority setting and supervision.

    As were the customer service problems we encountered fixable through service process and staff training .

    Clearly overdue corporate commitment to property renovation aside, the lack of ownership tone in local management response may help explain why this property is in decline.  

    It helps to set context for reviews we think, so will share that we are Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Gold members due to owning a Starwood (Westin Kierland) timeshare. We stayed at this Sheraton Crescent property using a signficant number of SPG points. In the mode of expecting to get what you paid for, we feel taken to have those points used to return what we'd expect at a low end budget motel.

    Here's just a few of the reasons we were so unhappy for the room: 1) Room air vents were filthy with accumulated dust and dirt.. 2)Paint on ceiling in bathrooms was stained and bubbled. 3) Small and dark shower had heavy accumulation of lime scale on door and crumbling marble inside.

    All of the above could have been mitigated with local management paying attention to maintenance. And we had to wonder...

    ...if the rooms to which they assign "Preferred" guests, which have designated floors and hypothetically are supposed to be better rooms, are in such poor shape, what are the rooms for all others like?

    ...orr did we simply get stuck with a poor room because we WERE SPG guests using points?

    1) It was clear that the front desk staff could have avoided the assignment of this room if they had the correct processes in place and training to do it as the hotel was not nearly full on that day and there were many rooms from which to choose.

    2) In addition, at check in we were pitched an upgrade $15 fee by the desk clerk to move to a larger room.  Which seems shameful bait to us given the SPG policy is for SPG gold members to receive free upgrades on check in when upgrades are available that day. We realize the desk staff doesn't set the conflicting policies, but this is part of the "guests as bait" SPG policies that make us increasingly unlikely to use SPG properties when we travel.

    3) Last, after we returned from dinner I went to the desk to ask if I could get an extra coffee packet for our room .  Informed there were none at the desk, I was told someone would bring extra coffee up "in a few minutes". That never happened, nor did the desk follow up to explain why it didn't happen. Bad form for service process.

    It's a little thing, but it is a thing. A thing that is consistent with apparent lack of ownership at local management level that is mirrored in staff.

    4) Finally, when we communicated to the desk staff on the morning of our checkout how poor was the condition of the room and bathroom, the response was this, "I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your stay."  No commitment to follow up to have the room problems addressed.

    POSTSCRIPT:  Weeks after our stay, a manager reached out with offer to refund our SPG points as apology for the woefully maintained room. Nice gesture.  When after two weeks of waiting, the credit had not appeared, we followed up to learn "ooops...staff failed to take care of this."   That we had to chase the manager on this issue to ensure follow through is consistent with the lack of attention to quality here overall.

    17/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    35. Diana B.
    not worth the money
    the food and service is awful

    06/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    36. Ana D.
    Love the room, the service was outstanding when we checked in I told the front desk we had just gotten married (that same day) & they upgraded us to the club level. Thank you so much for making our day extra special. At night we received a complementary bottle of champagne. We we're so happy.
    We went to the pool &came back to a very nice clean room. It's also fairly close to a nice night club so we took a cab for a fun night out.
    Thank you.
    I Wil be back & recommend this hotel to everyone.
    Thank u sooo much everyone

    03/08/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    37. Julie B.
    Sheraton Crescent gets a 5 star rating. Rooms are clean, breakfast buffet is plentiful and the staff is superb (except for one nasty waitress in the restaurant but everyone is so nice they made up for her).  If you have to stay in North Phoenix the Sheraton is your very best choice. We have tried 4 others in the same price range and they were horrible.  Stay here. It's the very best you're going get.

    04/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    38. Evelyn H.
    We stayed in this hotel for 2 nights. This hotel was nice if you stay in club level. They have a nice water slide and alcohol beverages in the pool area. The front desk was very helpful with all our requests. They had breakfast and lunch for us in club level with 24 access to water and soda as well as cheese and crackers. I would come back when the weather not 110 degrees. Unlimited time on  wifi and printing was free.

    24/06/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    39. CC B.
    Booked for 2 nights at the Sheraton. Prompt check in. Staff was friendly and informative.  We were upgraded to the club level and literally in the room next to the lounge, so that was awesome. Room was nice, clean, and quiet. Fitness center was great! Had everything I needed for a quick workout. Overall stay was good. Would come back if in the area. Will also be trying out the water slide next time!

    21/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    40. Lori N.
    This is really about the horrible service in the bar area. From the time we sat down to the time we left it was one of the worst experiences we have had. There were only 2 tables that had guests the rest of the bar was empty. We sat down waited for service for 10 minutes, during that time we watched the waitstaff standing around talking and not paying any attention to us or anyone else. We finally had to get up and order our drinks at the bar. Sat back down finished our drinks and still no one came to check on us. After waiting for another 10 minutes the bartender appeared and asked us if we needed anything, we ordered more drinks. The 2nd round of drinks we had a full glass of wine, unlike the 1st and 3rd round where the glasses were less than half full. The second round also tasted much different than the other two, but was supposed to be the same wine. We also ordered meatballs that were raw in the middle, cold wet uncooked meat!! We complained about them and the bartender actually uttered the words, "they cook them that way"!! I couldn't believe he said that, I love my meat rare but raw.. ridiculous!!! We also had to ask for silverware that took 11 minutes to track someone down to get. When we got the check of course the raw meatballs were on the bill and it took another 5 minutes to remove and get our check. This was an unbelievably bad experience, someone needs look into the way the lounge is ran. I would clean house and start over, this staff is a waste of payroll hours..

    09/05/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    41. Tiffany V.
    Stayed here for one night with my boyfriend who booked it with his points. We were here for a wedding held at the Westin that was twice as many points to book and now we know why!

    This place is crazy run down for a Sheraton! We got in early and asked them to call us when our room was ready. At 2:30 we asked if our room was ready and apparently it was but they never bothered to call us. When we finally got there, IT WAS CLEARLY NOT READY! The balcony was wide open obviously to air out the room that reeked of smoke! Smelled like a bbq was going on in there. There was also a large dresser in the middle of the room that was removed from its original location because there was a piece of the wall missing from someone doing pipework behind it. Dafuq.

    He called down immediately and they gave us a new room and upgraded us. Customer service was fantastic on that end. It included free wifi that is usually $10/day, free apps in the club room (we never made it to this), free beverages (water and soda), and complimentary breakfast in the morning which is my all time favorite thing about staying at hotels!

    I woke up early and headed there while my boyfriend recovered from the food poisoning he got at the wedding. I ate a plate of berries, eggys, and a pastry. I also made coffee and we made espressos to go after he finally joined me. There was also all kinds of breads and yogurt and cereal with oatmeal and various toppings.

    The bed was incredibly comfy and I'm glad I didn't bring any of my fancy bath bombs because I would never let more than the bottom of my feet touch that nasty tub. Yuck. Oh and there is a large parking structure and its free parking!  

    P.S. The Westin was incredible! Stay there instead if that is an option.

    11/03/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    42. Diane B.
    I don't stay at Sheratons very often. Never been a big fan. I stayed here because it was the best hotel in the area given I was using points on this rare occasion. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I understand from my friends who live in Phoenix that the hotel is situated in a fairly seedy part of town. However, if you stay within the hotel and not walk around the area I think it is fine.
    My room was very nice for the points and supplemental price I paid. I had a lovely view of the pool which I visited during my stay. The pool was good. The only suggestion I have is that it should have been serviced by someone to pick up glasses and such left on the tables so someone else could use them.
    For lunch I had room service which was the fish tacos. I think that was the best meal I have ever had in room service. At a Sheraton in Phoenix! Amazing. I had dinner that evening at the hotel with a friend of mine. This was on Saturday, October 25th. The service we received was so disappointing. The food was fine but our server could not have been more lackluster. I would also say that was the case with the bellmen who took my bags at check in. I have never had anyone to be in such a hurry (it wasn't busy at all) that they had to take the bags before I even finished the check in process. It would have been nice if he had waited and walked up with me and showed the features of the room. I had the occasion to see him later and mention my thoughts and it was clear this was a nice young kid who had never been properly trained.
    Overall, I would say this hotel is a solid 3. Much better than I had expected. I would stay here again.

    07/11/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    43. Tom P.
    Rough stay at this place.  Out of the gate I stepped on a nail in their pool area necessitating a tetanus shot since I haven't had one in about 15 years.  Would be nice if they kept the pool area free of traps in the future.

    Next we had dinner at the Indigo cafe located in the lobby area.  My advice is to Indi-go somewhere else as it took 30 minutes for a server to show up at our table and then an hour for our food to arrive which consisted of burnt salmon and rubber consistency chicken.  Fuddruckers and Dennys are luckily located right across the street.

    The room itself wasn't bad but the problems mentioned above ruined the stay overall.  Would not really ever want to go back.  :(

    29/10/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    44. Jade W.
    This review is for the Indigo Restaurant. A business colleague invited a group of folks from my work to have lunch here. It was pretty nice inside and well taken care of for an older building. We had our own dining area and a long table that seated approximately 20 of us. The servers did a pretty good job handling the large party and kept my water and iced tea refilled. I ordered the pulled pork quesadilla. It came with sour cream, salsa, and guacamole. It was decent, although I much prefer Cafe Rio's sweet pork quesadilla. I would not seek this place out on my own, but it was fine for a business luncheon.

    17/01/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    45. April A.
    This place just emits first class all the way...from the beautiful courtyards, to the amazing lobby and the Indigo Bistro. Came here for a preschool conference/seminar and it was held in one of their corporate conference rooms. It was very elaborate and roomy. Perfect for the conference. We had lunch at the classy Indigo Bistro. Our food was prepared just right and very delicious. I had the Grilled Chicken Sandwich with lettuce and tomato. It was one of 3 items specially prepared for participants at the preschool conference.

    I recommend coming to this hotel for a stay or even to hold an event at.

    10/01/15 | Link | Rating: 5.0
    46. Michael Y.
    Don't stay here. Seriously, find another place to stay. The staff doesn't care about your business or what type of room you booked. We booked a king bed on a club level and ended up with two very small queen beds on a non club level, which is important only because it means we don't get breakfast. We learned about the breakfast thing later, but when we objected to the Queen room the staff was quick to mention that the king room was a preference, not a guarantee. They made no effort to try and make it right, which is simply not acceptable.

    Make it your preference to choose a different hotel.

    20/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    47. Kanani J.
    Not worth the $$ at all. We booked several rooms for spring training weekend / 8u boys travelball baseball tournament... We PREPAID for our rooms before hand... What a hassle once we arrived. Some of us, had trouble with them charging our cards AGAIN, I didn't have a problem until I checked out and the front desk woman proceeded to argue with me about prePayment ... Thank goodness for the competence of the woman next to her who actually read the notes in their computer. 20min later...
    Our room was nice , minus the fact that the cabinet were the mini fridge probably once was - was empty! We have a 13 month old who needs milk to go to sleep so the lack of the fridge was so inconvenient!
    Another family we traveled with- got stuck in their rooms restroom . The door knob wasn't working , so maintenance came and tried to get him out without any luck... Came back a while later and ended getting him out. Imagine if it was a small child stuck in there! Wow!
    There were extra charges on our final receipt , from the poolside cabana- which we didn't even visit on the day stated you think they would check Id or confirm a last name when charging to the room.
    The kids had a nice time on the water slide and the breakfast buffet workers were super nice. That's were the two stars came from other thank that- this hotel is NOT worthy of a return visit!

    29/03/15 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    48. Leah I.
    From the outside, the hotel looks old and due to its location I assumed the hotel wasn't going to be very nice. I was pleasantly surprised by the spacious room and the nice, open lobby and bar area as well as outdoor tables and fire pit.
    It was nice to have a hair dryer in the room as well as a little tub of shave cream, Q-tips, cotton squares, mouthwash along with the standard amenities of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion.
    The hotel participates in the Starwood Preferred Group's 'Green for a Cause' program which allows you to get $5 or 500 SPG points per day you don't have housekeeping refresh your room. We participated in this program for two days which is great for us, and the environment.
    The lobby is a comfortable place to check your email or do work with the free wifi. Sound carries a bit over the big lobby so headphones may be helpful in order to concentrate.

    There are some cosmetic repairs that could have been done in the room and hallway: touched up paint on the interior of the bathroom door; repainted the exterior of the room doors.
    Can be a bit noisy depending on where your room is. Our room was on the west side of the building closest to the I-17 and the car traffic was loud even with the sliding glass door shut.

    12/01/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0