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Super 8 Motel - Phoenix West I-10 in Phoenix, AZ

Super 8 Motel - Phoenix West I-10 in Phoenix, AZ


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Rating: 1.90

Address: 1242 N. 53Rd Avenue, Phoenix, AZ, 85043

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    1. Sara G.
    I went down to AZ to take a tour of ASU and then head up to Sedona had to stay the night here. Had no idea it was spring training and alot of places were booked.
    I called ahead they said they had rooms available and would hold one.
    Me and my friend showed up and walked up.
    There was a gentleman smoking outside creepy looking and went into the lobby. Ommediatly greeted by a must smell/.
    Same guy turned out to be the desk clerk and immediatley said no rooms available. I had a hold! he said sorry and we needed to leave!

    Went to the parking lot and sat in the car for a moment trying to lkook up other places, he came up to th ecar and knocked on it said we had to leave immediately!

    As we left we saw him completely leave the property into the truck lot and disappeared, looking to score perhaps?

    21/08/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Christyne B.
    The location of the hotel was good for us because we needed to be close to Goodyear.  It is fairly close to a zoo, shopping mall and CARL'S JR (which in my book is a major plus).  It is *right* off of I-10 and in the opposite direction of the freeway it got pretty industrial but we had Chinese delivered so there was some semblance of life around us.

    The staff were nice enough and even helpful a few times including when we left something in the room and they made sure we got it back painlessly.  

    We did go out and enjoy the pool, which was cooooold but clean and didn't totally reek of chlorine.  There was no hot tub, which would have been nice but we lived and probably so would the next people.

    The room was pretty clean and it had a mini fridge and microwave.  I do have to say that I am a comforter remover (bleh) and the blankets they had on the bed were pretty ragged...not terribly warm, not even close to soft but for $67 a night, I guess I wasn't expecting Cashmina.  The beds *seemed* comfortable when I laid down but a couple of mornings I woke up a bit achy.  That could've been me, it could've been the bed.  I am not totally sure.

    The tub was nice with a slanted back but we had to put some saran wrap type plastic on the drain because it would slowly leak the water and we had to keep refilling it.  Once I MacGuyvered that little technique, we were fine though.

    Overall, we had a nice stay and I would most likely stay there if I needed to be near Goodyear again.  We had no major issues and sometimes that is half the battle.  :D

    25/02/09 | Link | Rating: 3.0
    3. Adam O.
    Given that it was in Phoenix during Spring Training , we were lucky to find a room at all. (luck = +1 star)

    Our luck just about ended there.

    I thought I understood why a front desk clerk would clarify if anyone was allergic to pets.  I thought it was because there was a potential for pet hair that might make someone sneeze.  What I did not anticipate is peeling something off my foot, and then flinging it across the room the moment I realized it was poop.

    I have stayed in a variety of roach motels in my life, and this was a first.  Had it been at all possible to get another room it would have been great, but with no other options... we were stuck in the litter box.

    Strike 3 for Phoenix.

    25/03/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    4. Lauren J.
    Had we had ANY other choices, we would have taken them.

    Yes - we had a roof over our heads (one of the reasons this is 2 stars and not 1).
    Yes - 4/5 of us had a bed to sleep in.
    Yes - it was a non-smoking room.
    And finally, yes - we found (dog?) poop in our room. How? you may ask. By stepping on it and having to peel it from the bottom of my bf's foot then find it again after he heaved it across the room in bewilderment and disgust.

    I can't say the nice man at the front desk didn't warn us.. He did ask if anyone was allergic to pets.

    24/03/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    5. Vonda L.
    Never again will I go here. Got to the room and it had a horrible odor.  Almost like a smokey smell mixed with bad BO. Also the shower had no hot water and no water pressure. I showered at 1:30am so saying that everyone else may have been showering at the same time is not an option. Also it's a habit of mine to pull the comforter off the bed since I know they hardly wash those, when I did there was a huge yellow stain in the middle of it on the inside. Plus gum on the arm of the chair (gross) oh and chips. Not my chips. Chips under the bed where I had stepped on them. Worst stay of my life, I wish I could get my money back. And when I complained about a few of these issues the front desk lady looked at me like I was lying about the smell of the room and she didn't care about the shower issues.

    Do not go here! There are plenty of other hotels in the area. Also I even took pictures of you want to see them!!

    01/10/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. Brian B.
    Complete dump!  I was so tired from driving all day that I ignored the alarm bells in my head going off from the stale odor in the lobby.  $56 for one night stay further persuaded me to agree staying.  The stink when I opened the door to my room was really awful.  It was a dank, mildewy combination of cigarette smoke and bodily excretions of some kind.   I just prayed running the AC would tame it down a bit, but it didn't.  Obviously the was a previous smoking room that hadn't ever been cleaned up.  The TV was a cathode ray tube museum piece.  Cigarette hole burn throughs in the bedspread.  When I sat on the bed, I felt it sag seemingly to the floor as it folded up on either side me like a taco shell.  This was the most disgusting place I've stayed in a long time.  I will say the wifi worked, but I was so anxious to get away from the smell that I didn't use it - just slept and left early to get away as fast as possible.  BEWARE!!!

    20/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. James I.
    This stay was everything I could ask for.  Room was very adequate, quiet, and clean.  No extra charge for parking, ice, breakfast, wifi, or pool.  Wifi worked just fine.  Breakfast was good enough.  AC blew f'ing cold all night.  I got a good night of rest and headed out in good shape next day.  Very convenient area with lots of business and gas available.  This spot has several motels next to each other and is a very good target if passing though Phoenix.

    10/06/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    8. Duane D.
    On my cross country road trip unfortunately you get tired and have to stay somewhere....there are a few motels in the vicinity but i like this one because of the lighting in the front.  I have my truck filled with all my belongings and i needed the safest place i felt to park.  That is the only plus..the night manager is the rudest jack off on the face of the earth...first thing he asked me was where am i coming from...i stated San Francisco area..going to NC...he automatically assumed i was gay...because when my GF walked in tje lobby..he said...oh....i thought you was riding with your other type of girlfriend....i het the key to my room and it smelled like somebody was actually smoking in there..thats how bad it was....i asked for a non smoking room and he told me all the non smoking rooms was filled....i know with the 4 cars in the parking lot....the room...semen filled bed sheets....hair from the other guestbin the shower...toilet that hasnt been cleaned in 3 weeks...the smoke detector wires that hanging from the ceiling. The floor that hasnt seen a vacuum in 5 months...who knows what was growing in the freezer the tv from 1982...this motel is definitely a spot where truck drivers brings hookers not a place to stay if you looking for a nice night of sleep if you traveling

    21/08/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Gayle-Ann J.
    What a dump.  We were on our way home and wanted a hotel close to our son.  Well we picked the wrong hotel.  We checked in and went to our room.  No shower curtain and someones dirty clothes in the bathroom.  They gave us a different room. This room had mildew on the shower curtain, a hole in the tub and the toilet set was cracked. If we could have left without losing our money we would have, $85.00.  We decided to go out for dinner and when we came into the lobby it smelled like burnt cabbage. The hotel staff couldn't have cared about anyone one.  We were disturbing them from their private calls and eating.  Forget breakfast.   Please don't stay here.  Wi-Fi didn't work either.

    14/03/15 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    10. Trevor S.
    Clean,  hot water, room smelled like pot at first but then again it says St patties day.

    Lots of truck parking,  washer dryers

    Checked in at 4am check out at  11am.

    Did find one live and one dead pincer bugs provide due to building age.

    18/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0