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Super 8 Phoenix Downtown in Phoenix, AZ

Super 8 Phoenix Downtown in Phoenix, AZ


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Rating: 1.93

Address: 965 East Van Buren, Phoenix, AZ, 85006

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    Comments (15):

    1. Jenny D.
    One star is far more than they deserve.  The owner of the property spent an excessive amount of time barking out reminders of hotel policy, was rude to guests and his staff.  The stay here felt more like being in prison with the warden constantly in your face.  People in the group that stayed were locked out of the room by management, forced to pay made up fines.  The owner ruined the entire experience.  If this is how customers are treated, this place won't be around long.

    20/02/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    2. Haz C.
    Rude managers combined with a shabby hotel in a sketchy neighborhood.  Apparently these folks haven't realized that we're in a recession and if they want to keep their business they need to cater to customers instead of being rude to them. The manager was one of the rudest employees I have EVER encountered.  I wouldn't stay here again if you paid me.

    22/02/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    3. Scott D.
    My bed was infested with some kind of small parasite. I felt crawling on my body all night, and found small bloodstains on my pillow in the morning. Further inspection revealed tiny, blood-engorged bugs. I agree with the manager that they did not appear to be bed bugs, as they were too small and red, not black. They were also not ticks or fleas. Manager comped us the room, but I slept badly and was horrified!
    Service was polite, but room was shabby, amenities weak, and lots of construction.

    30/08/10 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    4. Jason W.
    Only giving one star for the price.  $60 for a hotel room in Phoenix is a steal but doesn't mean the business has to be happy with that.  Start off with cigarette holes in the bed spread, loud housekeeping yelling at each other at 8 in the morning outside our room.  Also when we asked for an extra pillow my wife was told "oh those are on back order". Are you serious, you don't even have half your rooms rented out and we can't have one extra pillow?  All around if you have the ability to stay ANYWHERE else I would do so. Being in a cheap and poorly run hotel isn't worth ruining your stay in a fantastic city.

    11/09/12 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    5. D K.
    This is an interesting property that is attempting to be nice in an area that is a mixed bag of new/old/and just plain worn out.  The hotel is attempting to remodel and is doing a fair job at it.  The furniture is new, beds new and bathrooms remodeled.  There is a no smoking policy, but the lobby smells like smoke and the manager who talks about the non-smoking policy smells like a giant cigarette.  

    The part where this goes bad is the management.  The main manager does not deal well with the public and I'm really not sure how this place is still in business with him running it.  

    Pay the extra $40 (I did) and stay at the Marriott (Springhill Suites) one block west on Van Buren.  Quiet, clean, big rooms, hot tub, friendly staff, big breakfast, store on site so you don't have to cross Van Buren and worry about the sketchy Circle K across the street.  I do not recommend this NOT-SUPER 8 motel.

    21/02/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    6. Ronald Y.
    The room was not clean.  The hotel manager was extremely rude and aggressive.  

    Simply put, don't stay here.  For the same money, you can do a lot better.

    26/04/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    7. Craig M.
    Other than the convenient location to the Diamondbacks stadium I was not impressed. It's continental breakfast consisted of two types of cereal, bagels and coffee with juices. They put me on the backside in the corner closest room to all the construction. Parking was very limited due to the construction. The window in my room looked into the backyard of someone's home. The AC only covered one part of the room and isn't strong enough to cover outside the bathroom and inside of it. Seeing as it's Arizona it was 110 degrees and the AC is highly needed.

    The customer service was good.

    12/06/10 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    8. Stephen S.
    I chose this motel because it is 3 blocks from downtown. I wanted to be able to walk back and fourth for a couple days. Upon check in I was greeted with zero smiles, and made to feel more like he was doing me a huge favor. The older gentlemen with white hair was very very clear that this was not a "party" motel. And that we will get removed immediately if there was even 1 complaint? I found this interesting since I am a mellow 45 year old who does not appear to be a partier in the least bit. He then went over the no smoking policy and that we'd be charged $150.00 cleaning deposit if we smoked. Even though the office smelled of cigarette smoke. LoL....  And nobody in my family smokes. I simply smiled and looked at my wife and said, "Well, looks like we came to the right place honey"'

    I was utterly disgusted at the layer of filth on the outside of the building. I wiped my finger on the outside windowsill and it turned black. Old gum, some kind of splash stains, trash, all in view on the way to the room.  Every outside plastic trash can within view was barely holding together like they had been run over and stood back up. They are cracked to death and appear to be very old as they are faded?

    One of our rooms (we have older kids with us) reeked of cigarette smoke as we entered. I immediately opened the door and cranked the fan to try and air it out. I noticed the batteries were missing in the smoke alarm. I went to the office to report this and was met with apathy from now a female attendant. She told me she could swap out a room and would call me in 20 minutes. I told her that I did not want to get charged with a smoking violation. We went back and hung out in our other room. DISGUSTING. The corners of the rooms floors are filled with lint, dust, and food particles where it looks to never to have been vacuumed.  Stains on the carpet and chair seating area. There were small chunks of seat cushion under the chair in the corner as if had not been moved or cleaned under in a long time.  When I looked behind the tv cabinet in search for an outlet I saw a former tenants Old Spice deodorant covered in dust along with numerous crumpled kleenex? Seriously?  After walking around the room in my socks for about 30 minutes they were black on the bottom. Gross. I can only guess that the cleaning crew blows through each room doing the least amount of work they can. We found evidence that one of our beds sheets had not been changed.

    After an hour I had never received a phone call that was promised. I went back to the front office for some coffee. The same lady was there and I told her to forget changing our room. And that it had aired out pretty good. I actually just gave up and decided to just try and help my family enjoy our few days here. After dealing with the manager who was very clear that we were here for them, and the condition of the room, I knew trying to get them to see reality would be more frustrating that just letting it go.  So I did. I figured I'd inform possible customers of what they might be getting into. And I honestly hope Super 8 contacts the management here and tries to fix these easily remedied issues.

    Later that night after two of my kids showered. their tub (in room 108, the stinking smoke room that still stunk) did not drain. I walked back to the front office and met the lady again. She told me that they only had 1 plunger and that they had given it to another room and that they were asleep already. I now asked for a new room. She told me she would see what she could do and that she would let me know and call me back at my room. I never heard back from them the entire stay. Not to see if we were ok? Not to offer to replace the missing batteries (code violation)?  

    The next morning we tried to enjoy the free breakfast. Ok at least they are trying I guess. But when the OJ ran out the white haired guy fixed it but did not say a word to us as we said thank you. He really makes it clear that he just does not enjoy people.

    We will never stay her again. And I feel like we should get a partial refund. I understand things happen. But this place is a joke. I would be embarrassed to work here. And I refuse to believe management doesn't know what is going on. Just hard to believe people can just not care.

       After returning home 3 outta4 of my kids developed little red bites along the backs of their necks, on their sides and on our 2 yr old under his diaper on his belly. We determined that they were in fact bed bug bites.  Fortunitely they did not make it back to our house. They did end up going away and have not returned since.

    12/01/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    9. Brendan Y.
    I stayed at the $400/night JW Marriott for business. I stayed the weekend, transferring here. Once you discount the shabby grounds and the surrounding neighborhood, which would make Beirut seem glamorous, the actual room was not that much different than those at the JW. In fact for $90 I got free breakfast and internent -- luxuries that cost $13 ea at the marriott.

    This place is relatively close to downtown. I was able to walk to far side of town and back with little distress. Also, I was able to catch a bus to the airport.

    in short, if you want to stay near downtown and airport, this is a viable option. It is overpriced in absolute terms, but once you consider your options are $200/night downtown hotels or $40/night fleabags down the street, Super 8 is a decent compromise.

    02/04/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    10. Dos T.
    You get what you pay for. If you want a place to sleep while you're in town, this is works. If you can get it cheaper than $90, all the better - but it's a bargain by comparison to the hotels down the block.

    The room is clean enough (but not super clean) - although my friend checked in the day before me and found a large cockroach in his room, along with short curly hairs on his towels. He checked out that same night. My experience the next day was better. The rooms have a large bathroom, mini-fridge, TV with cable, and desk. There's an outdoor pool and continental breakfast, and FREE WIFI - unlike those more expensive hotels down the block.

    There's a gas station across the street for late night munchie runs and last minute items, and it's within walking distance to downtown. It feels a bit unsafe in this area after dark, so use caution when walking alone (there's a few vacant lots on the walk from downtown).

    This is a good deal for a traveler who is going to be out and about. I didn't have a car and was still able to get to the convention center for my conference. I slept and showered there, but that's it. It worked for me, but if I had a few extra bucks I'd probably stay at the Marriott Springfield two blocks away instead.

    20/03/12 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    11. Trudy R.
    I stayed out here last year for the bar exam. The website said that the motel was 5 blocks from the convention center, where the test was being held. Where I'm from, 5 blocks is a quick 5-10 minute walk, so I figured it would be perfect. It turns out that the blocks are bigger in Phoenix, so it was a 25 minute walk. Other than being further from the convention center than I expected, it was great.

    05/03/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    12. Eddie C.
    I needed a place to crash for the night on a drive from Carlsbad Caverns to L.A., I made this booking while I was driving. I stayed here a few years ago and it seemed decent enough. This time it was not. When we got to our room my wife found dead roaches in the bathroom. Big ones too! I went to the front desk to let them know, they tried to give me another room. I told him that I wanted to check out instead. Didn't give me a refund since I booked through expedia. I didn't care, there was no way i was staying in this roach motel. I would rather drive the 370 miles home instead of sleeping in this place. Fortunately I found a Red Roof Inn a few miles down the road for the same price. No roaches there.

    14/09/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
    13. Chris I.
    For the most part, this place is just fine.  Clean room that was upgraded recently (just a guess).  Close to the airport.  Close to the stadium.  2 minor complaints:  1). Pool was slightly yellow.  Room service came by before 9am (on a Saturday morning) and woke us up to clean our room (no do not disturb signs available).

    Other than that, it was part of a good package on Expedia.

    07/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
    14. Maggie B.
    This is really a one-star hotel, but the sweet girls at the front desk were so cheerful and cute that I have to add an extra star.  

    First of all, the smoke smell in the lobby is so overwhelming that I felt sick to my stomach.  I asked specifically for a non smoking room and was told that all rooms were non smoking.  My immediate thought was, "if all the rooms are non-smoking, that means that EVERY SINGLE ROOM is a smoking room."  When we got to our room, I couldn't tell if the room stunk or it was just a lingering of the lobby smell on my skin/hair/clothes.  Short on time due to an unscheduled but enjoyable stop at A & R Bakery & Deli in Blythe, we quickly changed our clothes and headed out to attend the event that brought us into Phoenix in the first place.

    After a wonderful evening with family, we returned to our room.  It was immediately obvious that we would NOT be able to sleep in the intensely smoky smelling room.  I could not even take off my shoes since the carpet had white crusty spots in between the beds.  (Don't even make me THINK about how that occurred or why it wasn't cleaned!)  I called the front desk and the young girl on duty was extremely sweet and apologetic.  She moved us to a new room which was MUCH cleaner and less stinky than the first.  If she hadn't moved us, or if the new room hadn't been so much cleaner, I think I would have just packed my poor mom into the car and made the 6 hour drive home!  

    My advice to Phoenix visitors, avoid this place.  Smokers might not mind the stench, but non-smokers will notice the smell even in the "clean" rooms.  I was irritated that the dry clean only clothes I brought and wore only for about 2 hours to a family event had to be cleaned again due to smelling like cigarettes.  I know that outside of So Cal more people smoke, but this was ridiculous!

    08/10/14 | Link | Rating: 2.0
    15. P C.
    You get what you pay for and you have to fairly compare prices.  My go-to Holiday Inn Express was about full, with rates of over $200 a night, so I felt lucky to be within walking distance of downtown at this Super 8 for about $100 a night on Expedia.
    What you get here ought to be no surprise: the size of the room, the stains on the carpet, the loud air-conditioner, the luke-warm mini-fridge, and the smells that come with a bargain-basement type property as this.
    But, the bed was okay and I was alone -- so the space was okay too.
    Seems like the bathroom was rehabbed.
    The tub made the room, not as a tub, but for the shower. It was giant-sized but best of all was that the bottom was FLAT! You don't have that sensation that you'll slip that you get with a curved-bottom tub.
    Despite the smell each time I opened the door, I was glad to have Super 8 as a place to stay.

    26/03/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0