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Hawthorn Suites Oakland/Alameda Hotel in Alameda, CA

Hawthorn Suites Oakland/Alameda Hotel in Alameda, CA


Hawthorn Suites Oakland/Alameda is an Alameda hotel near Oakland International Airport offering elegant accommodations in a warm, inviting atmosphere. The hotel's contemporary style features a dramatic, richly - colored lobby and luxurious, full - featured suites designed for luxurious comfort for both business and leisure travelers.

At the Hawthorn Suites, you'll experience comfort and luxury for an affordable price - a total hospitality experience with ultimate value!


Established in 2003.

Built in 2003 and renovated in 2011, Hawthorn Suites By Wyndham is the East Bay's premier business and leisure hotel located in the small and beautiful town of Alameda, near downtown Oakland.


Company Info:

Rating: 3.93

Address: 1628 Webster St., Alameda, CA, 94501
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Comments (30):

1. Maria S.
We have been staying at the Hawthorn Suites in Alameda, California for several years, and find it to be unique among American hotels in the same price range.   The entire property, both inside and out is always "clean as a whistle," and management always seems to be making improvements of some sort, whether it is new interior furnishings, or as was recently the case, repaving the parking lot.  The staff members at all levels are warm and friendly, yet very professional and accommodating.  Also, as long as we have been coming here, there has been almost no change in staff, a good indication of the thoughtful, effective managerial practices, in our opinion.   The hotel serves a really good, hot breakfast, exceptional for an American hotel in this price range, as well as a complimentary dinner on Wednesdays.  While we have stayed at other Wyndham hotels, this one has consistently been a cut above them all.  We feel very fortunate to have found this wonderful, welcoming "home away from home."

06/07/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
2. Mike G.
Can't say enough good things about this place.  Clean rooms.  Friendly staff.  Good breakfast and dinner on Wed's.  Great place to stay.

01/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
3. Jon J.
I stayed here for a month and I loved it, I can still smell the delicious breakfast cooked every morning. The room is very comfortable, having your own mini kitchen and a great cleaning service. It felt like I never made  a mess in the first place! the Manager of the Hotel was a really really great guy, nice and very understanding towards his customers. I stayed here because I went to college of Alameda for a summer. and The Mini Business center in the lobby was functional enough for me to print my work. the facilities in Swimming pool, function room and laundry room were all satisfactory.

Hawthorn is a perfect mini hotel which gave me great service!

17/12/08 | Link | Rating: 4.0
4. Vik P.
Excellent customer services. Staff Was very helpful.  Rooms were neat and clean, AMENTIES were better than average. Breakfast had several options!

26/05/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
5. Lynnette F.
My sister had surgery in the East Bay which required an overnight stay. We chose to stay in Alameda, and rented a room at the Hawthorn Suites.

I reserved the room directly via their website oaklandhs.com and was quoted $149.95, but when we checked out we were only charged $113.95.

Upon arrival we were not greeted, but instead I had to say "good evening" to the young woman "working" at the counter.  The young woman did not seem very interested in her job.  I gave her my last name, spelling it out, and told her I had reservations to which she responded rudely  "I don't have a reservation for you," then she asked where I made the reservations, I told her I made them online directly from the hotels website.  The young woman let out a heavy sigh, rolled her eyes and asked me how to spell my last name, then once again stated there was no reservation in my name.  I asked her if she wanted my confirmation number, she responded "that would be nice" - now let me be clear, she was not being courteous, she was speaking rudely and with a "f - you" attitude.  Upon giving her my confirmation number AND the printed out reciept from the Internet, she let out a few huffs and puffs, then looked again, stating I was at the wrong hotel.  I asked her to look at the paper again, as I was at the correct hotel, she then looked at a small pile of papers next to her computer and said "here it is under the name of Lynnette and Adrianne with no last name," then asked my last name, even though she had it right there ON the paper I gave her, and I had already given it to her twice before.  There were no other guests present.  After twenty minutes of this we were checked in.

The young lady told us that a complimentary full breakfast was served between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. (it was actually served at 6:00 a.m.) and that check out time was 11:00 a.m (it was actually NOON)

Our room was very nice, clean, and smelled fresh.  There was a "living" area with a sleeper sofa, a chair, coffee table, fan, television and small desk/table, the bathroom was large, and very clean stocked well, including a hair dryer, there was a microwave, small fridge with a freezer, a coffee maker and a little sink with cabinets, the sleeping area had two very comfortable queen sized beds (NOT FULL, QUEEN) a television, a night stand, and drawers, actually there were drawers in the living area as well, the closet was large, there was an iron and ironing board.

For being on a busy street, and a Friday night I was thankful we had a room on the parking lot side of the hotel.  We could see children playing in the street, and having a good time.  After freshining up, we went out for a few hours.

Upon returning, we watched some television, and I did some work on the computer.  They offer free wireless internet for guests which is terrific, of course it's not a secure network, so if you don't have a GOOD virus protector I don't suggest using it.  We did not hear any other guests, but around 10:00 p.m. could faintly hear the television in the room next door.  

We received a few phone calls while there, and one person told us that they advised the woman answering the phone that they were a family member and needed to know our room number ... the woman GAVE it to them!!  This is something that is unsafe, and illegal to do.  I immediately phoned down to the front desk to report this incident, the young lady (same one who checked us in) said "well, she told me her daughters where staying her and she needed the room number" when I asked for a supervisor she told me there wasn't one.  Another person phoned after that and was told our room was not accepting any phone calls!!  

Around 11:00 p.m.  my sister was feeling nauseated, and called to ask if it was possible to get a glass of milk, she was told no.  Now this is something I know IS available, they serve breakfast.I have stayed at Hawthorn Suites elsewhere with my sister (who has stomach problems) and we were given a glass of milk in the past as long as we went to the front desk to get it - free of charge, and of course we tipped.  Apparently this young lady has not been with the company long.

The breakfast was HORRIBLE, with the exception of the yogurt, ice cold milk, coffee and orange juice.  They served what looked, smelled and tasted like cold powdered scrambled eggs, cold potatoes which tasted like cardboard smells, hard "french toast," a selection of instant oatmeal, two dry cereals, some not so good looking pastry, bread for toasting and  yogurt.  

Check out was easy, and done by an even less friendlier front desk clerk then the one we dealt with checking in.  

I did fill out a comment card, and hope this company trains their front desk clerks to be more friendly.  Maybe my expectations are too high with family members in the hotel and restaurant business.

12/10/08 | Link | Rating: 3.0
6. Brooke W.
We had our wedding in Alameda a few weeks ago with Commodore Events. We stayed at Hawthorn and had about 20+ guests stay there as well. Everyone had such a great experience. The staff were so friendly and accommodating to all of us. The rooms are nice, spacious, clean and overall a great bargain for the price. The free parking and complimentary breakfast were a great bonus. We were all surprised with the quality of the breakfast.  We were expecting pastries and muffins but it turned out to be a full hot breakfast. It was overall a great deal for the price of the room.

16/04/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
7. Cori A.
Very pleased with the hotel. Clean and updated. All necessary amenties are available. Free parking and free breakfast in the morning made it even better. Only had one issue, paid in cash and they still charged my card.

09/03/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
8. Thomas H.
I don't enjoy writing negative reviews, but I feel I have to here.   The actual stay at Hawthorne Suites may end up proving to be perfectly acceptable (we'll see), but dealing with the reservations staff and management here has been a complete and utter NIGHTMARE.  

Our family is coming to town this Christmas and we need a room for them.  This past September, Hawthorne Suites was running a special where stays of 5 days or more would qualify for the weekend rate.   Happy with this, we booked for December 24-29.

A few weeks later, around *September* 24, we saw a charge on our card for a no-show.   It turns out Hawthorne had entered our reservation information incorrectly.  (Odd because we made the reservation after an in-person visit where we extensively discussed the fact that it was for a family Christmas visit.)  

We called the hotel to straighten things out.   We were referred to the manager's voicemail.   No one returned our call.   We followed up about a week later.   No one returned our call.   We sent an email a third time.  Ditto.  Finally, we notified the hotel that we were disputing our credit card charge.    Miraculously, they got right back to us and promised to fix the reservation.

Only weeks later, after looking through a copy of our new reservation, did we learn that they had rebooked us at a higher rate (not the promotional one we had booked previously)!

So we had to call yet again to straighten it out.  The front desk clerk put me on hold, then told me that she had no record of this promotional rate and that once again I would have to speak with the manager. She transferred me.   But of course, I got the manager's voicemail.   I called right back.  Again put on hold, this time for a while.   Then the clerk told me that because she had been the one responsible for booking the room, it was simply not true that we had ever been given a discounted rate.  Essentially, she suggested that I was lying to her.   I reminded her about our prior reservation, and she suggested I was now changing my story.   No, you are not listening!

Finally, I had to call my wife and conference her into the call (as she had made the initial reservation).   She explained just what I explained to the clerk.   Perhaps the clerk was listening more attentively, because this time, she found evidence of the prior reservation at the discounted rate.   Throughout this entire process, the clerk never apologized or acknowledged her error.

I am sticking with this reservation because it is days before Christmas, this is the most convenient hotel to us, and otherwise this place seems to get good reviews.   But this has easily been my worst experience dealing with a hotel's front desk.

16/12/11 | Link | Rating: 1.0
9. Stephan J.
Clean and newer property complete with free breakfast and wifi.  There is also a laundry facility on site.  It is a great value if you find yourself in the area.

29/08/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
10. Jim W H.
The rooms were clean, spacious, and the bed was comfortable. Loved the location, walking distance to multiple shops and restaurant. I have just become a big fan of Alameda.

Would be happy to return.

27/09/10 | Link | Rating: 5.0
11. Chuck D.
We stayed at the Hawthorne Suites last weekend on a visit to see our daughters in the bay area. Overall a pretty good experience. As usual I asked for the room furthest away from the elevator. Good thing too. It turned out that whenever the elevator door opened or closed it sounded like a VERY loud star trek door, only sorta grindy. Awfully loud. As we were at the other end of the hall we didn't hear it a bit. We had the King Suite and it was large and clean. The little sitting room had its own flat screen so I could watch something while my wife went to bed early. The sitting room even had a ceiling fan since that part of the suite didn't have an air conditioner vent.  After the first maid visit I had to call down to get a new set of towels. I suspect that they may have been waiting for the dryer since the ones delivered were still quite warm. Seems odd though that a hotel wouldn't have enough towels to go around.
Breakfast was adequate and everything expected for that type of fare. Eggs, breakfast meat (sausage/bacon), potatoes, toast, waffle maker, etc. fairly decent quality and the coffee was passable.
The only real downsides were the bed, which was extremely lumpy and the air conditioner was quite noisy and next to the bed. The bed was so lumpy my wife commented that it felt like a dog had chewed up parts of the bed. I couldn't argue. Score 2 for the bed.
Street noise was more than I am used to but we live in the country where only a couple of cars a night come by. Everything quieted way down by 11 or 12.
If you are looking for a good coffee and a heartier breakfast take a walk down Webster toward town a couple of blocks to Wescafe. Good coffee, very good food, and pleasant service. Nice patio in the back too. Try the sticky buns!

Decent food
Nice staff
Walking distance to several restaraunts
Free wifi - I got 10Mb/s - enough to watch netflix on the laptop.

NOISY elevator. Don't forget to ask to be as far away as possible
Some street noise
LUMPY bed but serviceable

07/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
12. Jordan B.
I'm spending just a night here since I have a licensing exam at the College of Alameda and wanted to be nearby instead of making the trek in the morning.  If I ever have a reason to stay in Alameda/Oakland again, this is the only place I trust!  It's  a little pricier than the Inn down the street, but totally worth it.  The rooms are huge, the beds are big and comfy, the TVs are new flat screens, the bathroom is clean, check in was a breeze, the wifi is free and plenty strong on the 3rd floor, and there's free breakfast.  There is some road noise if you're facing the street, but really, there isn't a block for miles where that isn't true.  This is an urban center, not the countryside, bring your earplugs if you're that light a sleeper.  These pillows are excellent.  I thought I was going to have trouble sleeping, but I think I'm going to doze off before I even manage to finish writing this.  There's even complimentary makeup remover with the toiletries!  How did they know I always forget to bring makeup remover?  I might start coming up here for little staycations...

28/03/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
13. Jeff K.
Stayed the weekend for a quick SF getaway and found the hotel conveniently located, very clean, and the staff very friendly. The double-queen suite was a good size with two flat screen Samsung TV's. One was in a small living room area and the other in the bedroom. The bathroom was large and very clean, and the fridge and micro were great for leftovers. One small complaint.......try to get a room away from the elevator. The door is extremely loud when it opens and closes. Rooms 122, 222, and 322 would be the rooms to avoid......luckily we were in 204. A great suite not facing busy Webster Street. The other plus is that you are literally 2-miles away from the Alameda Ferry which takes you to the Embarcadero Ferry Building and Pier 41. If you're going to the city, it saves you the horrid drive, parking rates, and it's very scenic.

12/11/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
14. Melissa G.
We stayed two nights here and it was really nice.  Service was great and the room was large, clean and filled with everything you might need for an affordable price.  Good, strong water pressure in the showers, clean hallways, quiet at night and it was spotless.  The free breakfast had a large selection, although I would avoid the folded over eggs with american "cheese" (just my preference for real food -- ack!) and they serve Starbucks coffee for your morning zing.  

I would definitely stay here again.

28/02/12 | Link | Rating: 4.0
15. Drew S.
Really friendly staff and very clean would happily stay again.
Also would easily recommend it to others staying in the area.

18/01/12 | Link | Rating: 5.0
16. Andrew P.
I dtayed here for a couple days and it was Pretty clean and had friendly staff. Their beds are really comfortable and can sleep really well. They have samsung tv's and have all the basic channels. The location is nice because you can walk to stores and reastrants near by. Just don't go to alamedas pizza. I think they reheat their pizza. Anyways, the breakfast is free and is decent. There is also free wifi which is very convenient. So overall, its a hotel that you would like to stay if your staying in alameda, CA for a couple of nights

02/08/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
17. Tom L.

We stayed at this hotel for a sailing school. The rooms are TINY! Housekeeping stole an iPad charger and management never responded to requests to discuss it. Then they charged us $25.00 for having makeup on two towels. This is something that happens at home all of the time and it comes out in the wash. Then, to top it all off, they charged two credit cards for the cost of the stay - one was used for the reservation and we changed to another card when we checked out.


30/03/13 | Link | Rating: 1.0
18. Sarah V.
My husband and I stayed here on a Saturday night.  We were hanging out in the city and needed a nice place to stay.  All hotels in the city are too expensive, especially on a Saturday night, so we opted for Alameda, since it's super close to the city, and what a GREAT decision that was! Hawthorne Suites is a smaller hotel, but that doesn't mean they lack in anything.  Our room had a living room with a tv in it.  And our sleeping area had its own tv as well.  A mini-fridge and microwave are also included in the room (which was great for our leftovers we brought back from Pier 39).  They also provide a complimentary breakfast from 7AM-10AM, which my husband and I did not partake in due to sleeping in.  Last, but definitely not least, was the AMAZING beds and pillows!  Most comfortable bed my husband and I had ever had in a hotel.  So comfortable that when we got back to the hotel room around 10 that evening, we just stayed in and laid on the bed instead of going out like we had planned.  They give you 6 nice, soft, comfy pillows that feel like clouds (I would imagine this is the closest you would get to clouds).  And a first at a hotel for me was that they provided makeup remover wipes!!!  And boy was I in need of those.  What a PLUS PLUS PLUS!  One more thing, this hotel is located in close proximity to restaurants, plenty of them.  So you can get your grub on by simply walking across the street in any direction.  The front desk staff are super nice.  My husband injured himself and got a really bad cut on his foot that night.  The evening front desk lady (wish I would have gotten her name, sorry) gave me plenty of band aids for him.  Oh, and check-in/check-out was a breeze.  If you need a place to stay close to the city, I highly recommend Hawthorne Suites by Wyndham.  You won't be disappointed.

30/04/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
19. LR H.
Be sure to get the AAA discount to save $$.  I thought this place was pricey for the location but the room was new, spacious, bright, clean, pleasant, with very comfortable beds, 2 tvs, free Wifi, sitting area and a bath!  The breakfast is surprisingly good; hot food in chafing dishes, bagels, cereals, pastries, yogurt, juice and fresh fruit.  
Alameda is a gem of an island with parks, marinas, beaches and between Oakland and San Francisco.  Mild weather, great little restaurants and 25 miles an hour all over the island, it's safe for family bike riding.
This hotel is on Webster; one of the tunnels to the island and across from a fire station, so be sure to ask for a room away from the street.

23/02/13 | Link | Rating: 4.0
20. Jim E.
Hotel is nice and affordable, we had the king suite and the room was nice but the walls are thin, the elevator is noisy and you can hear the neighbors shower. The major drawback to this hotel is not with the property itself but it's location right across the street from the fire station, so every time the fire trucks pull out you hear the sirens. Staff is very nice, and the breakfast was better than expected with Eggs, Bacon, Potatoes and other traditional breakfast foods. So it's a good value for the money if you don't mind the sirens. The property has no pool just a very small spa so I would not recommend it for families with kids that want to swim.

05/11/12 | Link | Rating: 3.0
21. Wendy M.
Have to give them 5 stars!  They were wonderful!  Sarah at the front desk was pleasant and understanding after the Holiday Inn in Oakland treated me like crap, the Hawthorn restored my mood and was more than willing to work with me.  I have to travel to San Leandro often for business and I will say the only place I will stay at is the Hawthorn.  Rooms are wonderful, huge bed, flat screen TV's, mini fridge, great bathtub...  Bath tub has jets!!!  So so happy to have found this place.

19/08/13 | Link | Rating: 5.0
22. Dimitri N.
Staff was friendly and helpful. Rooms spacious and clean. Great selection of restaurants (not chains) walking distance. Much nicer than Coral Reef Inn and definitely worth the difference in cost.  Free wi-fi is nice but a little weak (2/5 bars) reception from my room at the far end of the hall.

10/02/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
23. William H.
My wife and I live in the Bay Area and wanted a weekend getaway.  Everything that was available and decent in SF was way overpriced.  This was our first time at the Hawthorne Suites and we were pleasantly satisfied.  The bed was absolutely comfortable.  The shower was good and hot with plenty of pressure.  The showerhead has a setting I call "Hot Heavenly Mist." We travel with bikes and the suite was plenty spacious so they had a room of their own.  There was plenty of free parking, the wifi and breakfast were fine.  The neighborhood felt safe.  We traveled around on BART and the station was within 5 minutes away. From here there is also easy access for a beach walk, Oakland airport, the Coliseum, downtown Oakland, and Jack London Square.  The only down side was that there's not much of a view, with the upper rooms looking over fast foods or residential areas.

22/09/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
24. Valerie R.
This place is awful. Smells bad. Neighborhood is bad. Food is bad. Avoid this one if you can!

29/07/14 | Link | Rating: 1.0
25. Margie H.
I stayed here the last weekend of Feb 2012 for ImageCon, and was quite pleased.  The hotel is a mere 2.1 miles from the Oakland Convention Center (one way taxi will run you $10).  It's on the newer looking side, and while the hotel is small the room was very nice.

My room had a little sitting area with its own TV, a kitchen (microwave, coffeemaker, fridge, sink) and a second TV in the bed area of the room.  There were NO bedbugs, and everything was nice and clean.  The bathroom was spacious, and the hot water was plentiful.  The AC worked very well, and as an added bonus there were NO impact noises from the upstairs room.  In fact, this room was right next to the elevator and I didn't even notice the elevator noises at all (I bring a white noise machine with me on trips).

Booking through Travelocity made checkin a snap, and checking out was a whopping thirty seconds, just long enough to drop off the card keys.  There are plenty of fast food and sit down restaurants PLUS a Walgreens in the area; for future overnights in Oakland I'll definitely be returning here.

24/04/14 | Link | Rating: 4.0
26. Patrick L.
The people that run the hotel are super nice. My home was flooded and we will be staying for several weeks. The lady that check us in, had to change my rooms about 7 times to match us with a good fit. We needed rooms joining since we have a big famliy. She took a lot of time to accommodate our needs. Then the place we were boarding our cat could on keep him a couple of weeks then I had no place for him. Even thought it is not hotel policy to allow pets, they were going to make an exception due our circumstances. The rooms are and hotel is very clean.

23/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0
27. Ashley Z.
Cozy and nice room. Plenty of space for a party of five.  The staff was super nice.  We would definitely come back. :)

14/04/15 | Link | Rating: 4.0
28. Lucy K.
This hotel is really just okay.

When you check in, you get a check in offer of 10% off your room rate and a welcome bag. The lady had no idea about the 10% off and refused to give me the discount. She did give me a welcome bag which contained 1 bottle of water, 1 bag of m&ms and 1 bag of chips . ummm thanks I guess?

Upon checking in I asked for a wake up call for 7:30 that following morning.

NEVER GOT OUR WAKE UP CALL! Thank God I wasn't depending on you guys.

Elevator is dreadfully slow. We had a room right next to it and I wasn't bothered and hardly heard the sound of it.

The hot tub and fitness room are small and pretty basic.

The rooms itself are okay. It has a little living room with an additional TV which I can imagine as being good if traveling with kids. Nothing special in the rooms that would show they had been remodeled recently. The lay out of the tv in the bedroom was actually weird - not centered and instead against the wall to the right. because of the positioning of the closet. Weird.

The breakfast they offer isn't half bad. Eggs, Sausage, Pancakes or French Toast, Waffles, Yogurt, Cereal, Juices, Muffins, bagels, danishes etc. A little bit of something for everybody. Unfortunately the coffee was ALWAYS empty when I went downstairs and the in room coffee is probably some of the worst I have ever had.

Parking is great and free. Never had a problem finding a spot at any hour. Just fair notice they are all compact spaces and I feel like no cars are compact anymore so it will seem like everyone is parking like a douche bag.

The neighborhood itself is great. Cute and quaint and gives you a small town kind of vibe.

26/08/14 | Link | Rating: 3.0
29. Lea B.
I love Alameda's restaurants and bars, but live about 30-45 minutes away, so someone always ends up playing designated driver on the way home unless we wanna pay for BART and cabs, which adds up fast. So for my BFF's birthday, I decided to treat to a hotel for the night so we didn't have to worry about it.

This Hawthorn Suites is in a nice location, not as much going on as downtown on Park St., but still a variety of places to walk to, including Yokohama, where we had sushi. Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge is about a mile away, so we did take Uber there and back.

The hotel is nice, opted for this one over a more motel-ish one near downtown and others further away by the airport. Staff were fine, not overly friendly, but fine. Suite was nice. Did find at least one pubic-looking hair on the bed, but scooped it up with a tissue and got over it. Clean otherwise. Didn't use the shower since we were just there for the night. It's nice to have a mini fridge, and I believe there was a microwave too. Noise level was fine, didn't hear much in the halls, maybe housekeeping in the morning, but it helps that the TV/couch/sitting area is sort of separate from the bed area, so you're not right next to the door.

We did go down for breakfast around 9:30, and there was still plenty to eat, and lots of people. Breakfast was fine, nothing to brag about, but nice to have the option. It was also suffocatingly hot/stuffy in the lobby/dining area, we were so relieved when we got back in the cool elevator. The room did get a bit stuffy during the night, so was up and down a few times to knock down the A/C temp a little (this was in April, not summer, btw), but we were also probably hot from burning up all those sugary tropical drinks all night long.

I like that check out time is at noon, and that parking and wifi are free. All-in-all, not a bad spot to stay.

16/04/15 | Link | Rating: 3.0
30. Dana B.
I stay here for business at least 3 times a year and always have a great stay.  The staff is always friendly and helpful. The breakfast is ok, and there are plenty of eateries for dinner and lunch.

The room are clean and well maintained. The only real drawback would be that the BART is not within walking distance, but other than that, great place to stay.

01/12/14 | Link | Rating: 5.0